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Repeat Performance


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Apr 16, 2004
Fade in to Tom Adler watching footage from the 3-Way Belt On A Pole match at Fish Fund

It seems that somebody... not sure if it was a fan or the powers that be in this federation... has decided that the Gentlemen himself deserves another shot at my belt.

Well, whomever pushed the button... they're right! What... does it suprise you that I'd come out and say it? Well, it shouldn't. I said right after Fund that I had no problem with Stanley and that if he decided he wanted a shot somewhere along the way, he'd get one. And, he is.

Although, I find myself wondering... what's it gonna be this time? Steel Cage? Lumberjack? No... those are too normal for a CSWA Presidential Title match it seems. Maybe Merritt will shove us in a Greased Pig match. You know... we beat the snot out of each other while chasing around a slimy pig with the belt wrapped around him? Or, how about a Jumper Cable on the Testicles match. I'm sure that'd sell big. SURELY this isn'g going to be an actual WRESTLING match this time, is it?

All sarcasm aside... Lawrence, if you think I'm gonna come out here and make threats and throw around insults... you're wrong. I've been in the ring with you. I know what you can do. I'm not stupid enough to take this match lightly. I'm sure there are some... perhaps yourself included... who may even feel that you should have walked out of Fund with this strap. Lord knows Buckley doesn't mind singing that tune. Whatever. I had a match to wrestle. I wrestled it, and I walked out with the belt. If there's a problem with how that happened, I suggest it be taken up with Cruise, because the referee wouldn't have been out of position if he'd stayed in the back where he belonged.

In any case... Lawrence, I'll just put it like this. You come out here after nobody has seen hyde nor hair of you for the last several cards... and accepting a match with somebody else who's spent months searching for his smile or whatever else he lost besides the world title... and already promising title shots.

That's fine. You promise Deacon whatever you want. But, don't expect me to help you keep 'em. I've got an agenda... and losing this to you isn't on it.


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