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Renovations... (Family Business pt.3)

Danny Collins

League Member
Sep 4, 2004
(The scene opens inside a large building, only a few things are in the area, a bar, some chairs, and an old table. The camera pans around to see some builders looking over plans on the wall.)

Voice: Welcome to my hall.

(The camera turns around and we "The Definitive" Danny Collins standing at the bar.)

Danny Collins: So glad you could make it. Welcome to my place. At the moment its not much to look at, in fact, at the moment, its just an old dusty hall. But, that will all change soon. See renovation is in progress, which is why the builders are here, and seeing as its a sunday, these buggers are charging me big bloody bucks. But, I don't mind, because as soon as this place is finished, it will be looking excellent, and I encourage as many people as possible to visit, whether you an EUWC Wrestler, or a fan.

(A buzz sounds from behind Danny, and he turns and looks at a monitor, to see Staci Seamore standing outside. Danny smiles and presses a button on the wall which opens the, allowing Staci to come in, she walks up to the bar and begins to speak.)

Staci Seamore: Hi Dan, just came here to get a quick interview if that's ok?

Danny Collins: When have I ever said no? Sure, go ahead.

Staci Seamore: Great, first of all, the place is really coming along well, after what you told a few of us backstage at Main Frame, you seem to have done allot so far.

Danny Collins: Yeah, well at the moment we have done a couple of things, the walls were in a bit of a state, so we have had them filled and cleaned up. The old dank carpet has been pulled up, but we found more damage underneath, huge cracks in the floor and such, so that's now been sorted plus, we installed a few hidden cameras around the place, and one at the front door, so I can see that everyone is playing snooker, and are not here for other reasons.

Staci Seamore: Other reasons?

Danny Collins: Yeah, well, the whole meaning of this place is to play snooker obviously, but some people come here to deal drugs, or sometimes, take them. And since the police are not allowed in here without a very good reason, they take advantage.

Staci Seamore: That really happens?

Danny Collins: Yeah it happens, its only a small amount of people who ruin it for the others who are here to actually play, but as long as them people are still here, its always going to be a problem.

Staci Seamore: So what's next for the Hall?

Danny Collins: Well, we are expecting the carpet men to turn up within the next hour, they will be laying my new Royal Red Carpet. Then we will bring in allot of the new furniture, and in a few days, the snooker tables should arrive, then the pool tables. And after we have all that, we just have to decorate, painting and pictures and such. Then we will put in the finishing touches, I know allot of the lights need changing, that will be done also, as well as a total change at this bar, allot of the stuff here is very old, and needs to be fixed or changed for something new.

Staci Seamore: Well, I for one will definitely visit once the whole place is finished. But onto another subject, your match at Blood Bath....

Danny Collins: Staci, as much as I would love to talk about it, this is neither the time nor the place for it. But, I will say this, if Taylor thinks that going to Europe impresses me, he's very wrong, especially since he went to Scandinavia. And what about all the silly jokes and stupid little innuendoes, not to mention his song! Damn, if Taylor thinks this is a joke then maybe he should look again, or maybe go and join the circus or something, because this is not a laughing matter.

Staci Seamore: Well, I guess that's it then, good luck with the plac....


Danny Collins: Oh bloody hell, who's this?

(Danny turns to the monitor, and looks at it, to see his twin brother, Donny Collins.)

Danny Collins: Oh, its Donny.

(Danny presses the button again and lets Donny in. Donny comes through the door and looks around a little, before saying hello to the builders, and then approaching the bar.)

Donny Collins: Hey bruv. Hey Staci, what are you doing here?

Staci Seamore: I just came to get a few words with Danny about the place.

Donny Collins: No doubt you slipped in a question or two about his match at Blood Bath?

Staci Seamore: Actually, I did.

Donny Collins: Yeah, you guys always do that.

Staci Seamore: Well it is my job Donny.

Donny Collins: Oh yeah, well, fair enough then.

Staci Seamore: What about your match with Eric McRae?

Donny Collins: Ha, Eric McRae is a little ****e bag, I plan on beating the living hell out of his idiotic Texan ass! God he is so stupid. It pains me to even speak of his stupidity.

Staci Seamore: Really, how?

Donny Collins: Well it seems that every time I watch a promo by him, or hear him talking, my brain starts to hurt I sup....

Danny Collins: Hey Donny?

Donny Collins: Yeah?

Danny Collins: Haven't you got work to do?

Donny Collins: Haven't you?

Danny Collins: Exactly my point.

Donny Collins: (Looking confused) Huh?

Danny Collins: We are partners, which means when there's work for me, there's work for you.

Donny Collins: Ummmm.....

Danny Collins: Staci, I think you should leave now, its time for Donny to get his hands dirty.

Donny Collins: WHAT?!

Danny Collins: Hey, don't complain man, a little bit of manual labour never did anyone any harm.

Donny Collins: I bet it has!

Danny Collins: Oh shut up Don. Staci, thanks for coming down here to see how things are going, we appreciate it.

Staci Seamore: No problem, I guess I will see the two of you at Main Frame, bye.

Danny Collins: Bye Staci.

Donny Collins:(Looking annoyed.) Yeah..... Bye.

(Staci leaves and Danny turns to Donny.)

Danny Collins: Don, cheer up, bloody hell.

Donny Collins: Its not my fault I can be lazy on sundays, after all it is the day of rest!

Danny Collins: Don't give me that crap, you have plenty of time relax, your just very, very lazy.

Donny Collins: You might be right, but I still don't want to do it!

Danny Collins: Well, we all have to do things we don't want to, hell, I have watch Sean Taylor promos at the moment all the time, do you know how annoying and boring it is? All he ever does is praise himself and make jokes!

Donny Collins: Lets just get on with, Mum said she would cook a sunday roast for use, but we have to be there at four.

Danny Collins: Ok, that gives us two hours, lets get to work.

(Danny leaps over the bar, and hands a hard hat to Donny, before placing one on his own head.)

Danny Collins: Lets do it!

(Danny walks away as Donny stays in the same place, still looking at the hard hat in his hands.)

Donny Collins: Damn work....

(Donny places the hat on his head and forces a smile, before following his brother, as the scene slowly fades.)

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