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Remembering the Future


Jan 1, 2000
(Cue up: “The Clarity” by Sleep.)

(Fade in on the elaborate goat-head tattoo backpiece of EL CABRÓN, clad in his black and red-trimmed pants and horned facemask, who stands facing away from the camera.)

El Cabrón
Let’s just cut right to brass tacks, shall we?

(He nearly pitches himself off balances as he suddenly whirls himself around to face the camera, gazing at us with clearly reddened eyes.)

El Cabrón
This mask isn't meant to fool you… and I know there are some of you out there who know who I am. But for the many of you out there right now thinking to yourselves, “Who the hell is this dude in the goat mask?”, allow me to give you fill you in on the important details, so we’re all up to speed…

For over a decade, I have traveled this planet as a nomad, a mendicant, and a warrior… a man of many names and many faces. Some of those names and faces have found bursts of fame and notoriety… but to fully fathom the extent of my work is beyond anyone’s ability to comprehend… let alone my own! So many matches… so many federations… from sold-out capacity-crowd football stadiums, to crowds of ten to fifteen in foul-smelling high-school gymnasiums.

I could spell the alphabet twice over, using all the abbreviations of federation’s I've been in. There might even be a slim few of you who remember I was once here before… in a stretch of my career when I was hitting both the canvas and the bong in great enough quantities that much of my work became something of a blur, and I really wasn't aware in an overall sense of where I was and who I wrestling for. Needless to say, it wasn't Erik Black’s time to set himself upon the New Frontier… but my greatest success to date?

(He smiles a bastard’s smile.)

El Cabrón
Surviving this long, without the majority of you knowing it.

But truth be told, I’m a man who looks BEYOND the limits of success and failure… wins and losses. (scoffs) These are the concerns of mere CHILDREN! But me? I’m not child. I’m a full-blown SAGE, dude… a high-flyin’, kick-boxin’, dope-smokin’, dare-devilin’, pro-wrasslin’ PROPHET of the ring!

...yeah, I know what you’re probably thinking. You’re like, “Uhh, that’s it? You just described, like, HALF of New Frontier’s roster, bro!” But FUGGIT!! I didn’t finally creep my way back into NFW for the sake of being unique! If anything, all it says to me is that I should fit right in nicely with this place!

But NOW you’re all probably thinkin’, “Okay, then what’s with the MASK, then? What’s the POINT if you’re not going to hide your identity?” (arches eyebrow) But I DARE YOU to ask yourselves… who says its my identity I’m trying to hide?

Before all those names and faces… before anybody ever KNEW the name “Erik Black”... there was just this mask… and a dumb kid from central Indiana with crazy notions of going to places and doing mind-blowing things. This mask, this symbol of the GOAT… it began everything. Everything that has led to right NOW, here in New Frontier.

And the man that gave me that mask? The man that pulled that dumb kid out of the muck and set him on the path of ALL-KNOWING TRAVELER?

(He steps over a few paces, and the camera follows… until he comes to a stop next to REY AMARILLO, standing motionless like a yellow obelisk in his shimmering robe, black spiral on his mask bearing down on the camera.)

El Cabrón
This man? (chuckles) He wears no mask.

Tell ‘em, Rey...

(The camera closes in on Amarillo. We can’t see his eyes, but the way his head remains deliberately pointed at us, we can almost feel as though he sees our own.)

Rey Amarillo
Every win is fleeting… every success, obsolete over the passage of time…

Who will remember the day LOS OLVIDADOS came to New Frontier? Who will remember their victorious debut at Brawl 73, at the Deep Ellum Fairgrounds? Who will look back on that match as the first sign of things to come?

At present, perhaps a daunting few… but what about the future?

(His head tilts to the side, ever-so-slightly.)

Rey Amarillo
Every man’s future is the same… and in our future, only nothing will remain. Because nothing lasts forever… every memory eventually fades… and all will one day be forgotten.

My partner and I keep this in mind as we leave behind Dallas and go into Houston. We leave the past behind us and look ahead to the next challenge. We understand it’s not about what we accomplish, but why the two of us set about doing it. We fight for more than just preserving a legacy… a way to live in the future while holding onto the past. We fight for something deeper… a force of nature that goes beyond a futile grasp at immortality.

The desire to fight…

El Cabrón
…and the desire to FLY HIGH...

Rey Amarillo
What those in Dallas witnessed in the early matches of Brawl 73 was merely a glimpse of things to come. But a glimpse isn’t much… and if you blink, you may just not see anything. Others are just plain blind. Such as our next opponents. Does anybody truly believe men like the SHADOWRUNNERS to be able to see things that the rest of the world has yet to see?

El Cabrón
I dunno, man… those outfits looked like some pretty high-tech shit.

Rey Amarillo
Perhaps no more than any rational-minded person could believe the two of us, I suppose…

But regardless, we’re indifferent to whatever the future may bring. We only live in the present… one match at a time. And right now, our concerns are only Doug Mayfield and “Just Diesel” Mark…

El Cabrón
That’s right, broseph… we have to give them something to tell their friends when they return to the future, timeline successfully restored. We have to give them something they’ll never forget…

Rey Amarillo
Like I said, cabrón… everything is eventually forgotten.

(El Cabrón begins checking his pant pockets.)

El Cabrón
Kinda like my wallet...

(The black spiral on Rey Amarillo’s face dominates the focus of the screen as he turns his head at the camera, lulling us one step closer to the void.)

Rey Amarillo
But I can assure you, what we bring to the Shadowrunners in that ring, will be remembered… by them, and by New Frontier… well into the future.

(Slow fade to black.)

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