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Re: Chad Server Annoucement...


Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Re: Chad Server Annoucement...

Chad asked for anyone who noticed anything missing to post and say so...

And ... being that I'd hate to skip out on a obvious joke ... I must post and say ...

"I've found something missing ... the CSWA!"

(rim shot please... )

And also sense I've already told one bad joke ... (REALLY bad) how about an equally bad call back ...

"Is it time for the over/under?"

And as I know this isn't very funny ... I really just wanted to post something ... for maybe once again my Blackberry can be greeted with such lovely emails as ..." (Enter Odd Screen Name) has replied to your post on FW Central" or whatever it says ...

So, reply away ... and let the witty banter begin (since I sure as he'll didn't kick it off just now) ...

I'm starting to feel like a BOOST mobile commercial when I log on to FW Central ...

"Where ya' at?"

(**** yeah ... three ****ty jokes in one post ... top that **** fellas ....)

-B Dub (-ah-you, a, d, e.) ...(make that four ... **** drunk dialing ... say no to drunk posting.)

*( ... 4, and 5.)

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