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Randall Beetwix.


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Jan 30, 2010
Well, then, here goes nothing.

NAME: Randall Beetwix
HEIGHT / WEIGHT: 5'11" / 218lbs
DATE OF BIRTH: 18th December 1966

ENTRANCE THEME MUSIC: "Exit" by The Black Crowes

He looks like SilverHAWK from ACW, but with slightly thinner hair and a scruffier beard that's almost auburn in colour. He also has an extremely wide and goofy smile on his face every time, unless he's being very serious or if he needs to crap bad. Not too muscular, but it's not as if he has a bulging gut. No visible tattoos or piercings. Chest is a little bit hairy.

White knee-length fighting shorts with red trimming down the left side and the word 'SURVIVOR' in black running down the right side. It's his favourite show ever. Both knees are supported with white knee braces (the type that Steve Austin used to have) and white boxing-ish boots.

Most of the time? Honestly? No change from the above; just the addition of a black tee-shirt usually with the image of several DC superheroes on the back.

Straight-Up Wrestling --> January 2000 to May 2001
Detroit Championship Wrestling --> August 2001 to April 2002
The British Wrestling Alliance --> September 2002 to November 2003
Ringside Pro Wrestling --> January 2004 to May 2006
Warrior's Wrestling --> July 2006 to October 2007
West Coast Wrestling Union --> November 2007 to May 2008
Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling --> August 2008 to December 2009

All-rounder with a penchant for high-flying spotmonkery, and often targets different body parts in a seemingly technical way.

Asai moonsault, Pescado cockscrew, Fisherman's suplex, Springboard missle dropkick, Knife-edged chop, Snapmare takedown

BeetDOWN --> Bridging dragon suplex, usually delivered out of nowhere and without much warning. It therefore does not require much groundwork in order to make the impact any more effective. If Randall attempts this finisher when he's exhausted, the bridging pin obviously doesn't come into play and BeetDOWN thereby becomes a set-up of sorts for a submission finisher.

THE PROPHETIC FINALE --> Double-underhook DDT. This is the most dangerous move in Beetwix's vast arsenal. He uses this usually on bigger opponents or if he really wants to put someone away for good. Ever since Randall started using THE PROPHETIC FINALE as his ultimate finisher (1997), nobody has ever kicked out of it. And it will stay that way. End of story.

He may be an old git, but Randall Beetwix acts like an overgrown child. No, he's not special or whatever. He just has this overwhelming zest for life and refuses to accept old age like everyone else. He's into various pop culture phenomena and will constantly be talking about comics and television shows and whatnot. Three-quarter of which nobody will really catch. He's also got this thing where he's semi-prophetic, so he can predict certain things. Oh, and he makes jokes. A lot. Some of which are actually quite funny, but not in a traditional way. He likes to kid around and generally have a blast of a time.

Beetwix is what you can consider a veteran in the business. His formative years in the industry were spent being fed to the rising stars and the established champions, and Beetwix rarely complained. After all, it was enough to pay the bills and support his minimalist life. Until he got his girlfriend pregnant, of course. With new responsibilities on the horizon and having no other skills to fall back on, Beetwix decided he would make a name for himself. Over the years, Randall Beetwix has been honing his craft and trying his hardest to climb up the ladder. His biggest break would come in Ringside Pro Wrestling, where under the guise of a semi-prophetic comedian, Beeetwix rose to the top of the card in almost no time at all. Everything was going well -- a gimmick that worked for some odd reason, the adulation of many a fan, income that was only promising to get more lucrative to go hand in hand with better top-card programmes. Then, Beetwix got the best news ever. He would be given the chance to headline the company as its Heavyweight Champion. Unfortunately, mere days before the title switch was to be decided, RPW was declared bankrupt. Beetwix never got his opportunity to be the top dog. Ever since then, Randall Beetwix has been floating around, finding whatever work came his way with his semi-prophetic comedian gimmick... determined to find a way to get back to the top. Randall was hungry. He almost tasted success, and he liked it. Randall Beetwix needed for luck to shine on him again. He simply needed it to.

Due to an incident that occured when he was just a couple of years young in the industry, Randall Beetwix will never agree to a powerbomb spot. Therefore, he will make sure to tell the person he's working with on any given night that there are to be no executions of any powerbomb of any sort. The spot may be teased, but that's it. And no, Randall Beetwix will never change his mind on this matter.

Would I need to provide any samples or anything of that sort? Just let me know, and I'll dig 'em up.
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