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Rage vs. Cruise



(The scene opens up to a dressing room scene. In the room we have Token, Steve Hotbody, "The Truth" Tommy Rage and "The Rant" Ricky Gant wtih bottles of champagne spraying each other. )

"The Truth" Tommy Rage: Damn that was too easy. I knew that Boogie Smallz wasn't smart but this was just way too easy. See boy you just found out what happens when you mess with this group of guys right here. Now that I've got this belt around my waste I'm sure I'll have a bunch of losers gunning for me, but lets face it... that's just the way we like it.

First up is Cameron Cruise. I've heard of you... never been too impressed but at least I've heard of you. CSWA, GXW... at least you pick the right places to hang around. Of course you're stepping up to a whole new world right here. You're about to learn the truth when you step into the ring with me. You're going to find out what this group of guys is all about.

This isn't the CSWA where you get a year or two to prepare for each opponent. Hell this isn't even your typical GXW expierence. The guys you see before you, Hotbody, Token, Gant and yours truly will own the GXW. You've never seen a kliq like this before. And I'll give you an omen of things to come... we are just the begining. We have tricks up our sleeves that will make people piss themselves.

So Cameron bring what you've got, hell bring help... because you'll need it. And too Mercedes after we finish smacking around Cruise... maybe we'll show you a good time if ya know what I mean.


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