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puffs of smoke



A darkened room is the setting for today's presentation. Well, that's not exactly correct...there *is* light in the room but it's the glow of television sets.

The room looks to be very spacious and one wall is bright with the light of what appears to be 10 large television screens. Each screen flashes images of a particular GXW wrestler. The persons being shown are not important at this juncture so their names will not be revealed. The images flash in a quick fashion, match after match. Every now and then interviews will appear but then it's right back to a match.

In the center of the wall of screens is a large chair. However, only the back of the chair is shown...well that and a marble table to the right side of the chair. Through the glow of the television screens we see thick wafts of smoke. A closer inspection of the table reveal an ash tray with a large cigar resting on it.

A perfectly manicured hand appears from the person seated in the chair. His fingers slowly grasp the cigar. It soon disappears to the front of the chair and puffs of smoke raise in the air.

A deep resonant voice is heard but the man's face is still not seen.

"These are very talented individuals we have targeted."

{another puff of the cigar is taken as more smoke rises in the air.}

"This will not be easy...but it will be done. Soon they will all fade like..."

{long pause}

"puffs of smoke."

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