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Psycho v Doe


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(Once more the camera opens on a laughing Psycho rocking back and forth in his darkened safety He pounds his hand upon his skull as he mutters to himself)

Psycho: Doe A Dear a....DOE...DOE...DOE...

(He snaps his fingers and his eyes flash bright as he looks into the camera)

Psycho: John Doe...now I remember you and while you might not remember me I KNOW you remember my brother. I mean all we have left of him his a memory and while I'm quite fond of mine, but I imagine yours are not so fond. After all he was a brutal violent man in that ring and probably made you pay hell once that bell rang.

(He brings up his finger and swirls around a toe-tag)

Psycho: see when I think of the name John Doe all I can see is the unknown corpse laying on a cold slab.

(He stares at the tag and laughs)

Psycho: Did you know you can buy these on Amazon? Much like life can be they are cheap and disposable. John you have chosen that name of an unknown body, someone no one has claimed and nobody cares about)

(He laughs coldly)

Psycho: You can bet you life that I will treat you when that bell rings, I will continue my bloody warpath all the way TO....

(He covers his lips and rocks back and forth once again)

Psycho: I almost let the cat out of the bag...I Need...need...need To focus. Sadly for you John you are next and line and there is no stopping me. You've been quiet up until now and I suggest you stay that way. Because if I have to silence you

(He looks at the camera and gives it a cold blank stare)

Psycho: Well John you saw what I did to Marx and that pervert Peter File...I Have thrown the rules out the window and my limits of violence are boundless. The MAN chaos might be did, but the choas itself will not be stopped. I will carry his flag.

(He stops and shakes his head before his voice grows strangely calm)

Psycho: Does that make me crazy?


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