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Pro Wrestling's SJH


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
RING NAME: Pro Wrestling's SJH, a.k.a. Shawn Jessica Hart, PhD., the Phenom, the Prime Minister of Gettin' Sinister, and/or Jam Master Jiggy
AGE / DOB: 33
HEIGHT: 5'11"
WEIGHT: 210 pounds
APPEARANCE: Think Tom Cruise from the movie Magnolia... after an all night smoke fest, with a touch of soul... or something to that effect.
PERSONALITY: A connoisseur of the one-liner, and an ever-unorthodox, always intense, win the match first, tap that ass second, and save the whales third, verbal tirades aplenty, keen fashion sense, rock out like there's no tomorrow, I'm gonna beat you so bad your neighbor's brother-in-law will feel it kinda guy.
BACKGROUND / HISTORY: Shawn Hart debuted in 1998 as a Bret Hart/Shawn Michaels parody character in Ray Pruit's Fatal Championship Wrestling on the P* Circuit, home to such feds as the CSWA.

Hart's career began in 1999. Between 1999 and 2001, after a brief stay in Chris Knipe's NDW promotion in early '99, Hart joins the IWF and its 'Softcore Revolution'. During his time there, he held the Entertainment title, the Eastern title, and the Tag Team titles with the company's Franchise KRoW. Other IWF highlights include wrestling and defeating then IWF champ Jean Rabesque, teaming with KRoW in a long-time feud with another IWF champ Suicide (S/Ulysis Solian), facing Larry Tact in a School Yard Brawl, as well as competing in the company's first, last and only Swimming Pool match. The low point of Hart's IWF career came when his mother revealed during an interview that his middle name is Jessica.

In 2000, in the weeks leading up to an episode of the World Wrestling League's 'Salvation', Hart steals a pair of silky underwear from the 'Queen of the Ring' Lindsay Troy. On the show that followed, Hart defeats Troy in an Evening Gown match. The great equalizer came when Troy stripped Hart of his attire post-match, revealing a lacy black thong and matching bra underneath and fueling speculation about the Phenom's... erm... orientation. Hart would get the last laugh, however, as he claims to have retained possession of Troy's panties to this very day. In a matter of 3 weeks, the Phenom captures World titles in 2 upstart promotions (eWu and CWWF), as well as the WWL's Television title, defeating such stars as Rage (Scott Riktor) and Suicide en route and making him a triple champion on FW Central. Hart signs with the Legacy of Champions (LoC).

In 2003 and 2004, Hart defeats Doc Silver to become the WFW and BAD Heavyweight champion. As the leader of Black Tom Williams' League of Extraordinary Champions (with Brandon Thomas, Alexander Jerusalem, Jason Fosters, and the Normans) Hart wrestles Legacy champion Scott Riktor to a no-contest. He is not given a rematch.

Moving on to 2006, Hart makes it to the final of LoC's 'Or Die Trying' tournament, with Ryan Billows taking the other bracket. The winner of the bout was to be named #1 contender to the Legacy title. However, due to a newly-drawn clause in his contract stating he would never face Billows in a one-on-one wrestling match again, the Phenom refused to compete and demanded he be awarded the title. What he got instead was a spot in a Fatal Four Way match at Revelations with Billows, Ray Chavez, and the newly-crowned champion Sylo. Unfortunately, Hart fell prey to a Grade 3 concussion on Violence 25 and was pulled from the match, inadvertently causing the '6th Man' controversy heading into the No Turning Back PPV. SJH also appears in nbW. Everything there goes to Hell as a result. At the end of 2006, SJH leaves nbW for 'greener pastures' and, in a matter of weeks, captures both the New ERA World Heavyweight championship and the Empire Pro Television title, marking his first title reigns in over two years and making him a double champion on the FW circuit.

In 2007, Hart reaches the Final Four of the TEAM Invitational Tournament, defeating Decapitator Diamond, James Irish, Promo, and Beast en route to winning the Portland Region, but has his run cut short by Ulysis Solian. SJH becomes co-holder of New Frontier Wrestling's Television title with Joe the Plumber, but is unable to defend his share of the belt when he becomes distracted by Will & Grace reruns. He is subsequently stripped of his share of the title. Having lost both of his TV titles, SJH goes into semi-retirement, starts drinking again, and directs his first adult feature film.

In early 2008, The Phenom makes a brief return to wrestling with the Pittsburgh-based One World Coalition (OWC). Weeks later, he captures the promotion's Heavyweight title, only to be fired from the company a mere four hours after his championship victory. In late 2008, Hart reappears in EPW and, along with Kin Hiroshi, Cameron Cruise, and Jared Wells, becomes a charter member of the faction that would go on to dominate the Empire for the next year and beyond, the Anthology.

Hart has one of the best years of his career in 2009, capturing the Legacy title in LoC, the World Heavyweight championship in New ERA, and the Intercontinental title in Empire Pro where he helped form the promotion's answer to Anthology, HOPE. Finishes the year as the #2 ranked wrestler in the world according to the WWR. Begins work on an upcoming musical release.

Hart debuts in All-Star Championship Wrestling in 2010 with a win in the End Game match, making him #1 contender to the ACW title. Loses in his championship bid to Alias at Wembley Stadium, but returns to the venue weeks later for A1E's Bloody New Year and wins their Pier Six Brawl, making him the top contender for the A1 title. Participates in the War Games match at the Sin City Showdown, pitting EPW stars against the grapplers of New ERA. In the match, he becomes the first man in over two years to pin the shoulders of EPW Champion Sean Stevens and is the last surviving member of Team NE before falling to HOPEmate, The First. Becomes the #1 ranked wrestler on the WWR weekly listing. He beats Rocko Daymon to capture his first A1E Heavyweight title. In the month following, loses said title and abandons studio work on his upcoming album, citing "Veronica Mars withdrawals". Suffers various injuries, leading to the loss of his EPW Intercontinental title as well.

Finally, in 2011, wrestling through injury, loses his New ERA Championship to the First. Reappears in ACW to face one of his old backstage rivals, Lindsay Troy. Is announced as a competitor for the first season of The Circuit.

HOMETOWN: Orlando, Florida
RING ENTRANCE: SJH appears in various rock star and hipster outfits of various shine and color (although his actual wrestling attire is usually jet black and taxicab yellow) and occasionally drives (badly) to the ring in a golf cart. Also known to carry a Gene Rayburn/Bob Barker-style microphone. Plays to the crowd like the badass Playboy he is.
New ERA CHAMPIONSHIPS: New ERA Champion (x3)
WRESTLING STYLE: Technical/Catch Wrestling/Lucha

1. Standing Dropkick
2. Diving Elbow
3. Axe-Handle Smash
4. Moonsault
5. Plancha
6. Missile Dropkick
7. Flying Elbow
8. Big Splash
9. Knife-edge Chop
10. Flurry of Punches
11. Superkick
12. Eye Jab
13. Back Rake
14. Low Blow
15. European Uppercut
16. Bionic Elbow
17. German Suplex
18. Hanging Vertical Suplex
19. Implant DDT
20. Tombstone Piledriver
21. Side Backbreaker
22. Russian Leg Sweep
23. Fisherman's Suplex
24. Snapmare Takeover
25. Headlock Takeover
26. Jawbreaker
27. 80's Style Arm Drag
28. Catapult to Ringpost / Turnbuckle
29. Reverse Chinlock
30. Side Leglock

SETUP MANEUVER: Hart On [Diamond Cutter]
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