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PRIMETIME in Richmond: Unified Tag Semifinal -- North Carolina Bear Project vs. DDP


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Mar 17, 1988
The longest forum title in history gives you the first semifinal in the Unified Tag Team Tournament. Justin Voss and Scott Riktor have done the unthinkable and teamed up as the North Carolina Bear Project, but now they take on the team of teams in Dirk Dickwood Presents.

Who can move onto the finals, capture the Unified Tag Championships and possibly the "express pass" to the UNIFIED World Title.

Roleplay runs through ​March 9.
you're up.


The REAL Funk U. T-shirt
Aug 26, 2008
[FADE-IN: on JUSTIN VOSS standing before a CSWA background in the studio. He stands there about to address us before he turns and looks at the sign behind him. The smile on his face spreads a little wider across it. He’s wearing a sleeveless, white Vossylvanian Viper t-shirt, with a golden silhouette of the snake coiled and ready to strike with a big, bold, black “V” behind it. He wears golden Ray Ban classic sunglasses and khaki chinos. He turns back to the camera and begins to speak.]

“When I was coming up in this industry there were two pinnacles that everybody wanted to climb to the top of. One of them was a wrestling organisation that was built for the fans. The other was the SEE ESS DUBYA AY.” (thumbs at the banner behind him) “And those pinnacles fell to nothingness and we were left clutching at what was left around us. That’s not to say what was left over wasn’t good... but I’m telling you a giant hole gaped within the Sports Entertainment industry after what nobody could argue was a boom.

“See, I came in right on the tail end as the boom began to peter away. Because what goes up MUST – COME – DOWN! Just ask Hornet. Just ask any Windham there ever was. It’s the basic theory of relativity. For every action there is an equal and OR greater reaction.

“And when the day came that they were going to pull apart those golden gates to the CSWA once again I KNEW I had to get involved. I just KNEW that I had to be part of the new guard. The guard that took that legend and made it a reality for a WHOLE – NEW – BREED of fans.”

[Sweeps his hands out from his sides as if offering himself as evidence.]

“So here I am. I stand here before you not only as a changed man but as a man who will bring change to the CSWA. I’ve held titles in other promotions. I’ve been entered into Halls of Fame and had matches of the year. But never have I ever done it on a stage as grand as the stage I plan to OWN here in the CSWA.

“And to do that I’ve joined forces with Scott Riktor. A man who ruled the Internet fandom with a bear suit. A man whose legacy is all his own and is one to be admired. And whether you think we’re the Odd Couple or the worst fit for team ever we’ve shown you... ALL – OF – YOU... that the North Carolina Bear Project are going to win those Championship belts, defend them, and take that UNIFIED Championship away from Dan Ryan.

“We didn’t join together to take the tag division by storm. We didn’t come here to change the history books for tag team wrestling.” (shakes his head)

“Both of us, Scott and I, have an agenda. A personal agenda. And it just so happens that our paths are lading to the same destination but the only way we can take that golden ticket all the way to the very end is to join forces.” (pushes out a hand and brings it close to his body, closing it into a fist) “And that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’re the number one seeds in this tournament NOT because of who we are or what we once did but because of WHAT we can do.

“We took apart Team V.I.A.G.R.A. We took apart Aerial Express. We’re gonna take apart Dirk Dickwood Presents and whoever else stands in our way after that speed bump.

“When two men are so focussed toward a common goal there is little that can stand in their way.

“When Justin Voss and Scott Riktor stand together as a tag team to get our shots at the UNIFIED Championship NOTHING can stand in our way.”

[Grins. Removes his shades – showing the serious eyes.]

“Dirk Dickwood Presents... it’s just a shame that things have to come this way. Your tag team career is just starting out and you’re seeing success. You’re seeing the wins roll in. Getting your first taste of gold. You’re living a dream so many other men wish they could live but unfortunately sometimes those dreams turn into a nightmare.

“You see, Dirk Dickwood is a spoiled little man so ingrained with the political turnings of this very world he sees everything he touches as a position of power. He’s an opportunist, brother, and believe me... I know all about being an opportunist.” (thumbs himself in the chest) “That was the very nature of the beast I once was. So I know that path he’s leading you down. I KNOW what happens to you once your use to Dickwood outstays its welcome.

“Because all you are is pawns in his little game of thrones as he tries to strangle whatever power he can from your position. He’s short in stature and smaller in character. He’s a coin. Two-faced." (holds up two fingers) "And you might flip it a few times and find you’re ahead, brother, but there will come a time when tails never fails and you two will be on the receiving end of a screw job you’re both too stupid to see coming.

“That’s how a man like Dirk Dickwood works. I’ve been that man. I’ve been the coin. But I was a one-sided coin. A sleight of hands. The coin always landing on the side I wanted it to land on. I relied too heavily on the Ace up my sleeve and I never really saw the game for what it was. Never enjoyed the thrill of the chase.

“So, DEE DEE PEE... enjoy your time in the sun because the sun is setting. And it’s going to come at the hands of the North Carolina Bear Project as they move onwards and upwards toward THEIR day in the sun. When it radiates its UV light from the UNIFIED Championship."

[Puts the sunglasses back on his face. Grins wickedly.]

“When one of us becomes the UNIFIED Champion.

“And that’s when your fairy tale ends." [Dikembe finger waggle] "There’s no happily ever after. Just two bears, Goldilocks... and you’ll wake up on a pile of broken chairs telling Dirk This bed’s too hard. And you’ll know the Cinderella story ends without glass slippers and without your Prince Charming.

“So when we see you at Primetime you’ll know for a fact that you’ll be falling back down to earth, to the bottom rung of the ladder, and attempt to ascend toward the light once more, little moths, because we’re BRIGHT – AND – SHINING!

(lowers the shades, looking over the top) “And we’re just... getting... warm.”


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