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PRIMETIME in Richmond: Greensboro Championship: Cameron Cruise vs. Kevin Watson


The Godfather
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Mar 17, 1988
Two "pre-boot" champions battle for the new Greensboro Championship in a twenty-minute Ironman match. The man who retired the Greensboro Title, Kevin Watson, takes on the last Presidential Champion, Cameron Cruise.

Roleplay runs through March 9.

@TSiegel and [MENTION=225]BWade[/MENTION], you're up.


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
"What to do, what to do, what to do..."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of a 'CSWA Primetime' white backdrop, dressed in black slacks and a sports coat, and a blue undershirt with matching Anarchy-style shades.)

CRUISE: You see, things have been different since the last time excursion CSWA was running full steam. Ol' Hornet is still here, still involved, and if Hornet gets into something then it has to work because those who are in the know...know that the one thing that's constant about him...

(Cruise smiles)

....is that Hornet wins.

He's here though, and the usual animals are back to run the asylum...so-to-speak...but the oncoming difference is that this isn't about 'Your Boy Troy', as he likes to call himself, as well as a dozen other names, and instead...my...AHEM...'other boss' is in his place as the man on top of the mountain.

And that's fine. Dan Ryan wouldn't be Dan Ryan if he wasn't walking around with something flashy to appease people with, on top of the other six or seven titles he's probably got at the same time at other parts of the country or even Europe.

But he's not the man I'm after this week, no sir....that auspicious gift belongs to YOU, Kevin Watson.

The fact is that rumor has it...when they asked you to pick someone to compete against, you told them my name and my name only....and the fact is that I'm a little flattered.

It appears it's your birthday wish come true, come early.

You see, you can call it confidence after beating Mark Windham or whatever you like Kevin Watson, but the writing on the wall is clear as crystal; the CSWA recognizes YOU as the last ACTUAL holder of the Greensboro Championship title prior to CSWAs' return to prominence.

I'll bet you're itching to get to the ring though, and I'm no different, I live to push myself and my opponents to the limits and beyond when it comes to competing in the squared circle. Men like GUNS, Kin Hiroshi, and a slew of others have held that title in the past, and inscribing my name next to it would be a great honor, even if it has to be at your expense.

As for my methods for training for this occasion, preparing to take on a man such as yourself, to come out as the CSWA's newest and next Greensboro Champion??

(Cruise flashes his million-dollar smile)

Elementary, my dear Watson....and that's a REALITY CHECK that you just...won't like.



I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
"Twenty Minutes."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise in front of an Airport terminal, dressed in a white sports coat, with a matching white undershirt and slacks and dress shoes, his hair slicked back with white matching Anarchy-style shades. With his luggage sitting next to him, he taps his gold Rolex watch afew times, even bringing his watch to his ear for a second, hearing the tick-tock of time passing.)

CRUISE: That's all we got, Kevin, just TWENTY MINUTES to show the ENTIRE WORLD WATCHING, that one of us is better than the other.

Twenty minutes to pin each other as many times as possible for three seconds.

Twenty minutes to yank on a limb or a skull as many times as possible to make the other slap the mat twice.

Twenty minutes beat the EVER LIVING HELL OUT OF EACH OTHER...and the winner receives something special, something only one man can hold, and at the moment only Dan Ryan and Blaine Hollywood have no interest in.

The fact is Kevin...K-9...whatever it is you like to be called these days, there's so much that I'm capable of doing inside that ring.

I've spent time in the ring in instances where I've spent the better part of an hour BLEEDING...and still managed to escape a pin, avoid being counted out or tied up in knots, before turning things around to come out victorious.

I said before, you were CSWA's LAST Greensboro Champion, so you know what it's like to hold that title high, to walk to the ring with that belt wrapped around your waist, the blue-collar Champion of the CSWA.

But the question I have for you Kevin, is do you even know what that means??

To defend a title night in and night out, knowing that after one defense, you're gonna have to defend it again less than a week later??

I do...obviously not with the Greensboro title, but I know that feeling well, why??

Because people around this end of the business...whether they love or hate me...they KNOW me.

In the last ten to fifteen years, up until recently of course...you've had a sporadic appearance.

Whether it's in the ring or in the gym...I show up EVERY NIGHT.

Twenty minutes, Kevin, twenty minutes to either pin me, make me submit, or for ten seconds at the very least KNOCK MY ASS OUT...that's all you got.

Neither of which is a simple task, not for you, not for anyone.

That...my friend, is a REALITY CHECK that you just...won't like. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a plane to catch that's leaving....

(Cruise takes a glimpse at his watch)

Wouldn't you know it??




Grandma Took Me Home
Jan 31, 2004
Road to Richmond Redemption

“Dramatic … opening.”

Kevin Watson stands holding the “old” Greensboro title in the rear of some run down recreation center, high school gymnasium, or something constructed of center block that appears to have been originally painted in a year long forgotten. Clad in his normal garb of hooded sweatshirt and jeans that one could joke where from the year before the wall was painted.

“Twenty minutes,” Kevin remarks with the slight hint of a smile. “That is all we have, Cam … twenty … minutes.”

His best attempts at holding back what began as a hint of a smile give way as Kevin chuckles at Cameron Cruise’s attempt at reverance.

“Really, Cruise? Really? Come off it!”

Kevin produces and lights a cigarette. He pulls in the first drag inhaling deeply as if it were the cure for cancer. Irony.

“According to you, Camalot ...

Well … once you were finished dropping names and assuring your nose firmly planted amongst anatomy of company assets …

The “auspicious” gift of battling a former Presidential champion is mine, all mine. And while I enjoy your sarcastic hyperbole; I can’t help but to worry about the depth of main event delusion you have fallen into.”

Kevin draws, once again, from his cigarette and exhales as he continues his monologue.

“You were a second or third tier champion, depending on who you ask, who barely managed to hold on to his belt amidst the Gold Rush and couldn't last beyond that of the lowly and might I add … newly crowned Greensboro Champion.

A month ago your interest in the Greensboro title could, honestly, be measured in the amount of respect you … actually ... command in these circles. That is, of course, not to be confused with the amount of respect you seem to think you truly draw or deserve. And “the fact is that rumor has it” you’re only interested because your … AHEM … other boss isn’t.”

With another long drag from the aforementioned cancerous carcinogen; Kevin continues his rant as the smoke escapes from his lungs with each word.

“And at the risk of getting in a he said/she said with you; I’d didn’t ask for you, ‘brother’. I was asked to wait … and give the other champions a shot at what is ALREADY mine after they walked away from what was once theirs. Get your “rumor has it/fact is” facts straight, CeeCee.”

With the burning ember and ash breaching the filtered gate, Kevin insists on one last abbreviated drag before relenting the butt to the earth. He drops the refuse and snuffs the would be flame with his boot.

“Matter of fact … ‘the fact is that rumor has it?’

The only thing, beyond the syntax of that phrase, that I question more is why I agreed to begin with. I don’t have anything to prove to the CSWA, to HORNET … and certainly not to you, Cruise! I was given a second chance during the Gold Rush and I secured my spot and came out every night and performed. I never lost and this belt was never taken from me.

Hell, I ousted JA, took his title and outlasted you and Kin Hiroshi. So for all intensive purposes, I’ve already proven which of us is best suited to carry the other Greensboro/Ironman title.

You ever wonder why the Presidential and United States titles were never reinstated, Cruise? Why; the title you last held reminds retired and the ‘blue collar championship’ was raised above it?

The second the doors slammed here I moved on … but I never put the belt down. Five years after I secured it; I went blow for blow on national television in the ULTRATitle and I still hadn't put this belt down. I was keeping the CSWA name alive three years past the closure. I can’t say the same for you or the majority of the cast of clowns that last took up residency here."

Kevin scratches his scraggly beard as he continues his wordy response.

"While you were off glad handing your ‘other boss,’ I was in the trenches. You want to know if I know what its like to have to go out and perform each and every week?


I know what it’s like to go out and go from bell to bell; EVERY night.

While you’re in the ring; I’m in the ring. While you’re in the gym … I’m in the ring. When you’re at home having a cheat day stuffing your face with Dan Ryan flavored ice cream and watching Troy Boy’s newest Lifetime special event premiere… I’m in the ring.

There are no days off, Cruise. Just because I haven’t ran in your overpaid/under wrestled circles - hardly makes my work sporadic.

The only downtime I’ve known in the last three years is the drive from one town to the next. One poorly marketed and underpaying event after another. And the CSWA hasn’t changed that. I’m not giving up my spot on the independent circuit when the chances that what’s gone on before won’t just repeat itself in some form or fashion. So while you juggle whatever dubious duties are required by your 'other boss' with wagging your tail at the old guard here; I’m still out every night doing what I do and have done for the last nineteen years!

I’ve got three years of nonstop competition built up and what I may lack in image, flare, or marketability; I make up for in stamina and prowess inside that ring!

Almost feels like maybe they taylormade this new championship for the old champion doesn’t it, Cam?

So, like you said more times than anyone would care to hear your voice … we’ve got twenty minutes.”

Kevin pauses for a second and cracks half a smile.

“I think, I’ll see if I can book a indy gig for afterwards. Two Greensboro title belts should really up my guarantee.

And by the way; people around this end of the business … ”

Kevin motions back toward the building that plays as his backdrop.

“Don’t know you.”

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