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Jan 1, 2000
245 pounds (with 3.4% body fat)
"Take No Prisoners" by Metallica

POWERMASTER BIO: In the NFW's first season, a mysterious force descended upon the world and took it by storm. This being was called PowerMaster. A Greek Statue come to life, PowerMaster claimed to exist off of a diet of 10,000 "carbz" a day primarilly coming from a variety of Met-Rx protien supplements and energy bars. PowerMaster also claimed knowledge of "fokrucity" -- a mysterious lifeforce taught to him by a variety of so-called "man-gods" which gave him immortality. And PowerMaster also knows of the powers of "aggro-intenzity" which gives him strength and power mere mortals can only dream of. No one is sure where he came from -- he has claimed to have resided simultaneously in an icy archipelago off Antarctica, a Tibetian mountain cave and in Norsgard, home to various Norse gods and also has claimed to have been alive for 20,000 eons. All they can be sure of is that PowerMaster will always bring x-treme aggro-intenzity and fokrucity to all those around him. He also may or may not be able to teleport and/or transform himself into a gaseous vapor form.

1. Running Closeline off the Ropes
2. Double Axe-Handle
3. Big Boot to the Face
4. "Channeling Aggro-Intenzity" -- PowerMater, when cornered or hurt, has a unique ability to stop feeling pain and to charge himself up with an adrenaline rush unknown to most mortal men.
5. Various punches, including a discuss punch.
SU: Gorillia Press Slam (also used as a finisher)
FIN: Big Splash after bouncing off the ropes several times.

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