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Poser Request Update!



Well, I kinda expected this to happen, but was hoping it wouldn't. I've been receiving a lot of poser app requests, unfortunately, a LOT of them are from people who apparently are NOT active rpers of any FW Central leagues. I don't particularly like excluding anyone from this, however, this was in a sense, MY WAY of giving back something to FW Central for providing a consistent source of enjoyment and relaxation.

(flashbacks of that guy who said "baseball been berry berry good to me" on the original Saturday Night Live cast immediately comes to mind) :)

So, unfortunately, for now and until further notice, this will be a "members-only" type of app, a service "solely" intended for "active rping members" of FW Central and its leagues.

In order to sort out the actual FW Central members from non-members, I've added a field where you need to select which league (s) your wrestler is currently involved with (which I will be verifying before I start creating the poser).

'Nuff said....


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