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Plett's Potty Mouth


The Godfather
Staff member
Mar 17, 1988
(Hornet's backstage in Vegas in a room designated for taping. He starts cutting a promo for PRIMETIME in Seattle.)

You know, "Wicked Sight," for a self-proclaimed FREAK who tries to be cool by wearing a pot necklace, you sure do seem to go in for 'causes' a lot. It's like you have diarrhea of the mouth... you open up, and you just can't help that what comes out smells like crap.

What is this week? Are you gonna live in a tree to protect the environment? Maybe you'll starve yourself to protest world hunger.

Or maybe you'll take on a truly idiotic cause, like trying to divide the roster by teaming up 'young' versus 'old.'

Evan told you that's not the way he thinks, Plett. But maybe that's because he's actually shown that he can get the job done and become a champion. You'll have your chance to that at PRIMETIME, won't you?

You'll have your chance to 'put a stop to people like me,' like you tried to do with the mistaken Forsaken. You'll have your chance to 'deliver.' And you'll even have your chance to 'get revenge' for Lawrence Stanley...even though he hasn't once asked you to.

But that's part of your problem, isn't it, Plett? You run around coming up with 'causes' so that you don't simply sit down and smoke yourself into oblivion. Today your cause is saving the honor of Lawrence Stanley... and yesterday, it was 'defending the honor' of the CSWA in that outback promotion, the GXW.

And where did that 'cause' get us all, Plett? It led to Evan Aho getting suckered into a one-time return to the GXW, and then getting screwed over by its management and by Dan Ryan. All because YOU decided you needed to pick up an extra paycheck by touring over there and running your mouth about how big and bad you are as a CSWA superstar.

If the world were fair, YOU would have been the one getting your butt kicked in front of the fifteen screaming fans that were in attendance. But you weren't important enough, were you? They decided to go after the CSWA World Champion and 'stake their claim,' so to speak. (Hornet grins.)

Aho has enough on his plate defending the World Title without you inviting every hobo and has-been from the outback to jump on him. But I guess you didn't think about that, did you?

No, you don't THINK about much...you just run your mouth. You think you've got enough 'expertise' in the ring that you can say anything you want and get away with it...without having to deal with the consequences.

Ahh, I can hear the screams from you already, Plett. But what about YOU, Hornet? What about me? I've always taken my lumps... and I've always backed up what I had to say. When Jim Williams came for my head because I told him to his face he was psychotic... I took a branding iron to the back, but I ended his career, didn't I? When I decided Mark Vizzack wasn't the right man for the CSWA World Championship, not only did I say so, but I took the title away from him. And when I spoke up and said that Chad Merritt was a money-hungry megalomaniac, at least I stood up and took action.

But you, you're the worst kind of activist, Plett. You talk all you want to make yourself feel important, but then your ADD kicks in and you move on to the next idiotic thought running through your synapses.

It's time to grow up, kid. It's time to realize that there are consequences to the J you talk.

And like any good father, I believe that if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. To take it down South, get ready for your whoopin, Mikey.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jun-16-02 AT 04:58 PM (EDT)][font color= black]Standing before a CSWA backdrop, "Wicked Sight" Mike Plett is clad in typical attire, with a clean shave and a defiantly "babyface" look about him.[/font]

[font color=red]MP:[/font][font color= black] I come here, I wrestle, I give my body to the fans, and I try to take it upon myself to make sure that everyone who deserves a shot at the top gets it. If they don't want it, that's fine by me. But it's all about the numbers, whether it be paycheck or partners, and it's a dog-eat-dog world out there, Hornet.

Causes? "The Great American Hero" is questioning my causes? Let's talk about causes, Bugbrain, let's talk about sins of the past. If you really wanted to take a stand against Merritt's tendency to be a megalomaniac, you'd have quit. You're one of the greatest draws the CSWA has, even to this day. What you did was politics... you hid it under the guise of "making a stand" so you could shock people. You formed the ClaimStakers with Eli Flair and Mike Randalls just to add it your resume...

You took the title away from Vizzack because you didn't think he was the right man? I've never minced my intentions, Hornet, I'm hear to give the fans of the CSWA, the GREATEST fans in the world, a stellar performance... I'm here to deliver, and nobody delivers quite like I do... I'm here for all the other FREAKS, to show them they can be at the top of the ladder. But you hide everything you do, you mask it with a righteous reasoning. You took the title from Vizzack because you can't STAND to not have the gold around your waist. The United States title, as presigous as it is, is a step down for you, but you NEED it. And you're going to run me down for motivations?

Young vs. Old? Not at all. How about Egos and Politics vs. Athleticism and Talent? How about Has Beens vs. OUR TIME? How about the "inner circle and their adopted stepchildren" against the most exciting talents on the show? When ratings slip, the answer is "Put this guy that's had his chances already in a match". And they slip and they slip until NEW BLOOD gets the chance to shine. Deacon got his chance and he was one of the greatest champions this place has ever seen! Evan Aho got a chance and you see how he's run with the ball... He doesn't have any reasons but wrestling, wrestling the best, and that's fine for him. But when the politics of it all catches up to him, and he doesn't have the chance to wrestle the best anymore, I can't have any sympathy for him, Hornet.

Young vs. Old? I'm sticking up for Lawrence Stanley? I never said once I was doing ANYTHING for Stanley, and we've had our differences in the past. Am I against Stanley? No, he's proven himself to be worthy of the main event, he's shown time and again that he could be world champion, but where is he now? Does the "committee" give him any match that could put him "back in the hunt"? Of course not. What I'm trying to do by sticking up for the "other half" of the locker room might just help him out, but I'm not doing ANYTHING for Stanley unless we sit down and talk about it. Having to go through politics to get the breaks you deserve isn't the greatest feeling in the world, but I stay here because I owe it to the people that made me, not the CSWA heiarchy but THE FANS. You, though... you're the best at those very games. You've got it in the ring after the years, and you've still got it backstage. I respect that... but I won't stay down. I'll come back again and again, no matter what may happen, come back to do what I love.

I had no reasons to make this personal, Hornet, but you came out of the hole running your mouth, taking shots at me, blaming the GXW on me. Maybe this pot leaf ought to be around YOUR neck, Wasp... what the Hell are you talking about? I went into the GXW, doing what I do here, giving performances night and night out for the fans... and they booed me. For no reason, Hornet, they booed me. I asked them why I can do what I do here in the CSWA, and be one of the hottest items in the business... Why Wicked Sight can entertain the CSWA at the highest levels, taking on the biggest names, and get a pop - why I give my time and my body to the fans, and the GXW couldn't support me? I'd walk into Paducah or Little Rock for a PrimeTime card and hear fifteen thousand people screaming for me to deliver... and then I'd hit Anaheim for a GXW taping and the GXW fans didn't think I was EXTREME enough, Hornet.

I said it a few weeks ago, and I'll say it now... the hunger of competition is what drives me, and unlike Evan Aho, I'm willing to do what it takes to get the opportunity to do that... the world deserves to see who's BEST, not who gets paid the most. This was about our history, and the United States title, but it wasn't meant to be personal. You brought up the Forsaken, and how it was a failure? Maybe it wasn't... maybe Kendall Codine was too chicken **** to get the job done, but I'm still here defending my territory, aren't I? I'm still here, winning titles, beating the best this industry has to offer, aren't I? It wasn't supposed to be personal, Hornet...

... And then you had to make it that way, and disguise what you're doing with what you say you're doing. Just like you took on Vizzack for your ego... Just like you supposedly took a stand against Merritt, you're running me down to feed yourself and directing the negatives away from you, and onto me... The GXW infiltration is as much Merritt's fault as it is mine, but you wouldn't dare bring that up.

Everybody can believe what they want... but I'm going to the ring with only one goal in mind, and that's to deliver the best show of the night, whether it's win, lose or draw, it doesn't matter, because I'm going to try my damndest to win the United States title from a man that's let his ego get just a little bit out of check.

[font color=red]CUTOUT[/font]

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