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Pietske & Insurgent vs Dakota Smith & Blade


Active member
Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
From the MCW Arena just outside of Los Angeles.

Two enemies battling over the North American Title enlist the help of other combatants.

RP Deadline is Tuesday - July 11, 2006 by midnight Central Time.



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May 25, 2006
Detroit, Michigan
(We fade in to Coney Island in New York for the annual 4th of July hoy-dog eating contest. 7 competitors, all wearing numbers, prepare for the big event)

(The #3 contestant, Pieske looks to the camera and yells)


Referee- Ready? Set. GO!!!

(Pieske rockets off, eating 3 dogs at a time and by the 9 minute mark, he has eaten close to 40 hot dogs. At the end, when it is all said and done, that little Japanese kid-you know who he is... defeats him by a half of a hot dog. The timer goes off but Pieske continues to eat. He is eventually pulled off of his plate by 7 security guards.)

Guard- It's over.

Pieske- I won?

Guard- You lost, the little Jap over there beat you.

(Pieske quickly grabs 4 more dogs and eats them.)

Pieske- Are you sure?

Guard- Positive.

Pieske- Damn dirty little son of a *****!

(Pieske proceeds to powerbomb the kid through the table)

Pieske sits down and decides to talk to the cameraman.)

Pieske- Big night coming up, you know? Gonna help Insurgent win and all this. First night of in ring action for the big Pieske! I get to prove that I am the best athelete in MC-dub! I am not just a manager, I can wrestle too. Dakota Smith and Blade better watch out and all this. I'm in fightin' shape now. Lean, mean and close to 600 lbs! I'll squash your face and eat your children and talk about your momma and all this.

(Pieske eats 2 more hot dogs)

Pieske- These are MY protein shakes. I-

(Pieskes phone starts to ring)

Pieske- Hello? No. I cannot talk about that right now. No! I CANNOT TALK ABOUT MY CHILD PORNOGRAPHY RIGHT NOW!!

(Pieske realizes he just yelled his buisness out and looks worried)

Pieske- Eerrr... bye then.



League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Fayetteville North Carolina
Triple threat times three....

We fade in on Dakota who appears to be deep in thought as he comes into closer view of our camera… Next to him stands none other than Rico Suave; while Dakota is sporting his usual solemn demeanor, Rico is grinning from ear to ear… Rico is about to speak but Dakota pushes him back and stares at him for several seconds; Rico moves further back away from Dakota’s reach… Dakota then faces the camera…)

DAKOTA: So now the MCW finds it in their infinite wisdom to team me up with the man know as Blade… A man who I took my anger on not so long ago… A man who I am sure has not forgotten that night; a man who most likely is looking for payback… And that is your prerogative; it is your option to decide if you get some payback… But before you make that decision add this to the equation…You better lay me out for the count, ‘cause I will come after your ass Blade and I’ll make sure that I will leave you without a shadow of a doubt hurting, real bad… Face it Blade, you were at the wrong place, at the wrong time… Fate can be a b(bleep)h at times… Suck it up Blade, chalk it up to experience, but like I said before that decision is up to you… (Smirks deviously) So choose wisely…

(Dakota pauses and slowly begins to pace back and forth… Rico follows him with his eyes…)

DAKOTA: So here we are, going up against some obese piece of s(bleep)t and none other than Insurgent… (Again he smirks) Fate has really been cruel to you, hasn’t it Insurgent; first you get screwed out of possibly winning the NA title and now this… Having to team up with a 500 lbs plus pedophile; whose only two interests in life are food and what appears to be a fetish for young things… Don’t know about you Insurgent but I hate individuals like that, so don’t be too surprise when I take your partner and beat the living crap out of him… But let’s face facts here Insurgent, Blade and Pietske are nothing more than excess baggage… Now the way I see it, this might turn out to be a triple threat match in the sense that not only will I be facing you and your obese partner, but my so-called partner as well… You see Insurgent, it is very obvious why they decided to have me partner with Blade, very obvious… But the choice is his; he can either be part of the problem or he can be part of the solution… Either way, I give a rat’s ass about it… Two on two, three on one, it makes no damn difference to me… Insurgent, the possibilities and probabilities of you coming out on top that eventful night were not really all in your favor, true you had your moments when it would have appeared to you that way and to most of the peons out there… It was all an illusion Insurgent, you were baited into an illusional void where the obvious was obscured from you… But hey; I know, you saw it differently; well so did Justin and look what it got him… (Smirks) But then why am I telling you this, you already know firsthand what it’s like to be on the sticky end of a s(bleep)t stick… Insurgent, hopefully this time around, fate won’t screw things up and let us settle our little rivalry one on one… I’m just as curious as you are to know, how it really would have turned out had not Justin screw you the way he did… Hopefully at Center Stage I will be able to once and for all convince you that Zero Hour was no fluke… The way I see it Insurgent, they were nothing more than events that no matter how you would have tossed the dice, the end result would have been the same… I would have come on top, no matter what freaking monkey wrench was thrown into the mix…

(Without saying another word he turns and walks away; leaving Rico behind; he smirks and turns to the camera…)

RICO: Well there you have it… Dakota is not much in the talking department, he believes that his actions speak volumes and I agree… In order to understand the man, you have to be able to decipher his words… Because within those words is the key to enlightenment… And speaking of enlightenment, I am going to enlighten you all with some words of wisdom, hopefully you will see where I am coming from and if not screw you… Now first and foremost, MCW bad mistake teaming up Dakota with Blade or for that matter teaming him up with anyone… Dakota is a lone wolf… Had he felt compelled and or the need for a tag partner, he would have brought one along with him to the MCW; comprende!? No!?
Well come Center Stage you’ll understand perfectly why Dakota should be left to his own devices… Blade I would seriously heed Dakota’s words; he is dead serious… I am going to let you in on a little secret Blade; Dakota is hoping that you turn on him… Pietske, at Center Stage you will come to realize too little, too late that size nor girth mean crap to him, the bigger you are, the more punishment he will inflict… You’re a bigger target with a bigger bull’s eye on you… Now Insurgent… (Smirks) I know that you’re dying to get you hands on Dakota again as is he… He wants to once and for all lay to rest the unanswered questions that linger in his mind…

(Camera begins to fade, on a laughing Rico Suave…)

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