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Jan 1, 2000
(CUT TO: Bobby Jack Windham standing in the windswept West Texan plains.)


Ah want ya'll to think about that word for a minute. Ah want ya'll to think about what it means. Ah know, ah know... it's a big word, and ya'll are the products of New York City area schools, where they ban prayer from the classroom but let homosexuals work as teachers, so you might not know it... but if, by some chance, ya'll do... ah want you to think about it.

(Bobby Jack pauses.)

Good. Because right now, ah will tell you what the word Per-suh-cue-shun means to me.

It is what you fans... and everyone associated with Next Level Rasslin'... is doin' to ME.

Ah want ya'll to think back t'just a few beeks back, when ah made mah professional 'rasslin debut. Ah took on someone by the name of... well, ah can't remember raht now. But as ah was beatin' this poor chump within an inch of his lahf... ah decided to take the microphone and offer a PRAYER. Because that's why God and Jesus gave me the many gifts that ah have... to use the spotlight ah have been given as the next member of the Windham dynasty to spread his message and to testify about his love and righteousness.

But as ah was doin' this... one of ya'll hopped the railin' and tried to ATTACK me from behind. And as this was all occurin'... the rest of ya'll CHEERED.

(Bobby Jack chuckles.)

Hell, that didn't even happen to mah cousin Troy until his third or fourth year in the sport. So why... why did this happen?

Because that fan... and all of ya'll in the arena... and all of ya'll watchin' at home... are SCARED.

And what ya'll are scared of... is THE TRUTH. Ya'll recognize in me that, frankly, ah am better than you. Ya'll will never know what it is like to be named two years in a row the Lubbock Avalance-Journal's West Texas High School Athlete of the Year. Ya'll will never know what it is like to only lose ONCE in four years as a collegiate wrestler. Ya'll will never know what it is like to be inducted into the Texas Tech University Hall of Athletes. Ya'll will never know what it is like to be given a one million dollar contract by a fledgin' rasslin' promotion BEFORE YOU EVEN TURNED PROFESSIONAL.

But what ya'll CAN know... is that while ya'll will never have what ah have... you CAN follow mah example. You CAN listen to mah empowerin' message of Christ's love. You CAN leave the godforsakin' hellhole that is New York City and live in this blessed land of West Texas...

You CAN have this... and you KNOW you can have this... but instead of recognizin' that ya'll are the social equivalent of gum on the bottom of mah rasslin' boots and CHANGIN'... ya'll instead want to attack me.

Ya'll instead want to PERSECUTE me.

(Bobby Jack pauses.)

Mah savior Jesus Christ... he was persecuted, too. And he looked in the face of this persecution, he bore that cross, he dropped it three separate tahms, he was nailed to it... and he died... and then rose again... all for our sins and salvation.

Me? Heh. My cross to bear is tryin' to teach ya'll the proper way to live your lahves. But ah ain't gonna let ya'll put a crown of thorns around mah head...

Instead... ahm gonna FORCE you t'put a big gold belt around mah waist.

(Bobby Jack pauses. He then gets on one knee.)

Dear God and Jesus... thank you so much for givin' me the ability to testify on your behalf to people who have rejected your name. But, Jesus, ah will perservere, just as you did, through the unjust prosecutions that they have put upon me. But, Jesus, ah know through my prayers and dedication to your message, that ah will be rewarded. That you will make me a champion here in Next Level Rasslin'. And, with the spotlight and public adulation that comes with such a powerful position... that maybe, just maybe, these sinners and derelicts will open their ears... and their hearts... and will accept you as their savior... after they have been forced to accept me as both their hero... and champion.


(Bobby Jack lifts himself up. FTB)

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