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Paddy McDowell

Paddy McDowell

League Member
Apr 4, 2010
The Land Down Under
Hello there.

Name's Austinn (Two N's or I bash you). I've been efedding for about... three years now I think. I'm a relative new comer and just wanted to have some fun 'cause that's kinda what the whole hobby is about, isn't it? ISN'T IT?!

I like joking around, wrasslin', the interwebz, ponies and video gaming. SNES FTW... I wasn't exactly just the regular NES guy. I was born and raised in Eastern Australia but since I don't have one of those cliché accents, I guess you wouldn't be able to tell. I'm not really quick to anger and would be happy to be friends with you (unless you're a no good jerk). But seriously, I don't get easily angered and I'm always positive about meeting new friends through this.

I'm gonna end up handling Paddy McDowell (hopefully) and I hope to really interactive with this fed and really bring some life to the boards... or threads... or sub-boards, whatever the hell you like to call them.

So that's basically it for now, see you when I see you.

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