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P* Classic finals results

The Great Eye

I came to cut you up
Jan 29, 2004
(FADEIN: Reggie Schrader sitting at the PWC studios desk)

SCHRADER: Well folks, tonight may have been the ending of the Prodigy Classic, but it also may have been the most controversial finals that The Circuit will ever see. The night began with Joey Melton and his Corporation hitting the ring to talk big about the beating they put on Hornet and how the finals wouldn’t even take place.

Then out came Mark Windham who dove into the ring and was in the Lion’s Den, battling everyone except Melton who decided that avoiding this fight would be for the best. The brawl spilled to the floor and then to the back and Windham held his own against the overwhelming numbers against him.

At this point Melton was alone in the ring and the MSG crowd started loudly chanting for Hornet to arrive and kick off these finals, while everyone waited for music to hit on the PA, it wasn’t Hornet’s theme but rather “Only Happy When It Rains” and that brought forth Doc Silver and his infamous Goon Squad.

Doc then grabbed a mic and told Melton that he and his group might have given some seed money for this tournament, that it was Doc who owns PWC and runs the company and that for ruining his finals, Melton was going to catch a beating.

The Goon Squad, led by Bloodhunt, hit the ring and begin attacking Melton, who was quickly beaten down. Soon Bloodhunt had Melton on his shoulders for a Headshot when a voice yelled for the attack to stop. It was Hornet who was in the crowd and somehow had gotten his hands on a mic. The crowd roared for Hornet as he stood among the fans, his face bandaged and bruised, his left arm wrapped up and a neck brace showing the damage he’d suffered from the attacks from earlier in the week.

Hornet said he didn’t care about Melton’s actions before the match, this was between them and he didn’t want any help, he told Bloodhunt to put Melton down and let Melton and him settle it themselves.

The crowd buzzing, Doc appeared stunned and not sure what to do before finally telling Hornet he’s to noble for his own good, and ordering Bloodhunt to Headshot Melton, which Bloodhunt gladly did. At that, Hornet charged towards the ring and the Goon Squad and Doc bailed. Doc yelling to the time keeper that both men were in the ring so he should ring the bell.

Hornet backed away from the fallen Melton, refusing to win via the attack of the Goon Squad and waited for Melton to get to his feet. The crowd flipping out and getting loud with chants for Hornet as Melton slowly dragged himself up. Finally the two men stood eye to eye, and it looked like they might shake hands, but then Melton spit in Hornet’s face and the brawl was on.

Melton worked Hornet’s neck with Neckbreakers, neck vices, and other moves that have the word neck in them that I didn’t even know about till I saw this match, while when Hornet had control, his plan was simple, beat the hell out of Joey Melton and make him pay for what he did earlier in the week.

Melton then got a chop block in on Hornet’s leg and shifted his attack from the neck to the knee, trying to soften up Hornet for the figure four leglock. But while Melton was successful in damaging Hornet’s leg, getting the hold on was another matter completely, as Hornet caught Melton with inside cradles and upkicks to prevent and frustrate Melton’s attempts to secure the submission.

But then after gaining control, Hornet missed a Hornet Splash and finally Melton was able to lock the hold on. Hornet thrashed and flailed as he was stuck in the middle of the ring. The loud crowd got to their feet roaring for Hornet to rally, and he did, finally flipping Melton over to reverse the hold and put the pain on Melton’s legs.

Melton escaped but Hornet beat him to the punch and then started taking control and now Melton was the one being battered and beaten and then Hornet looked to secure the Scorpion Death Lock on a man he’d fought against and alongside for nearly two decades. Melton did everything he could, but in the end he got caught in the middle of the ring in the Scorpion.

Melton fought to get to the ropes, but just as they were inches away, Hornet pulled him back to the center of the ring, Melton fought again and met the same result. Finally he could take no more of the hold and tapped out, seeing Madison Square Garden into a frenzy.

WINNER OF THE PRODIGY CLASSIC: Hornet at 32:50 (Scorpion Death Lock -> Tap out)

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