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Our Hero??


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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: The camera view is from inside a Delta Boeing 737 passenger plane. Overhead, a voice is heard "Ladies and Gentleman, please raise your tray table and insure your seat is in it's full, upright, and locked position. We will be landing in Seattle in approximatly fifteen minutes. The view turns to look out the window seeing the Space Needle and Pugent sound in the background against a grey sky. Light rain splashes off the window as the ground grows closer. CUT-TO: The airport terminal of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Passengers are exiting the terminal gate meeting friends and family. The camera zooms in on a lone man as he comes through the door. Shane Southern smiles as a young boy, no older than ten, comes up to him for an autograph. Southern signs it and give the boy a rub on the top of the head. As the boy walks away Southern's face becomes sad and detached his gaze fixated on the boy. There is no fanfair, no greeting for Southern as he finally turns left, adjusts the carry-on bag hanging from his shoulder and walks down the hall. CUT-TO: Southern sitting in the back of a taxi cab staring out the window. The only sound is that of the windshiled wipers of the yellow cab whipping back and forth across the rain soaked glass...}}

SOUTHERN: " How longa' ride to tha' hotel buddy? "

CAB DRIVER: " Be about thirty minutes with this traffic. "

{{...Southern sits in the cab silent another few seconds, then pulls out a letter from his shirt pocket and begins to read it silently. A kids voice is dubbed over...}}

" Dear Mister Southern. Mah' name is Jesse. I'm ten years old. Last year they told me I had leukemia. I just got done takin' mah' last chemo treatment last week n' I was wonderin', do you think I could come see you wrestle Evan Aho for the World Title up in Seattle? I promise I won't be a bother. My mom says she can't take me 'cause it would cost too much for a plane ticket and tha' seats are already sold out. But I know you can help me Mister Southern. You can do anything. You can win that title. I could cheer you with all my might. And you can ask my momma', my voice is VERY loud. Please write back Mister Southern. N' if ya' can't do it, it's OK, I'll be watchin' on tha' satalite cheerin' you anyway. Your friend, Jesse Morgan. "

{{...Southern folds the letter and puts it back in his pocket. He then pulls out his cell phone and speed dials a number...}}

SOUTHERN: " Yeah, it's me. Did ya' get Jesse n' his mom set up at tha' hotel? ... Room 803 huh? ... Ok, what about tha' tickets? ... Great. ... Could you call 'em n' tell 'em I'll be there in 'bout thirty minutes. ... Yeah. ... Thanks Jen. By tha' way, any messages or anythin'? ... ... Really? ... Yeah, well I'm on tha' plane as soon as tha' show's over. You can tell 'em I won't miss it. ... Yeah, thanks. ... Bye. "

{{...Southern hangs up the phone and takes a deep breath, then lets it out in a big sigh. He puts the phone back in his pocket, leans his head back and closes his eyes...}}

SOUTHERN: " Party's Over. "

{{...FADE OUT...}}


League Member
Jan 1, 2000

{{...FADE-IN: An outside shot of the "Holiday Inn - Seattle".
CUT-TO: Inside the hotel, Shane Southern is exiting Room 836, he turns momentarily and says "See ya' at the card Jesse" to which is replied "You BET Mistah' Southern. THANKS.". Southern smiles and closes the door. His face immediatly goes from smile to frown as he leans against the opposite wall and takes a deep breath. As he takes a step, we hear the almost sickening sound of bones cracking as Southern's knee pops and he winces in pain.

"It's been five years. When's this thang gonna' stop hurtin'?"

Southern walks to the elevator and looks at his watch. He frowns a
bit more as he realizes the time, pulls out his cell phone and speed dials a number.

SHANE SOUTHERN: " Yeah, me again. Look I'm just gettin' outta'
Jesse's, you think it's too late ta' call... ... He did huh? Did ya'
tell 'em I was sorry? ... 8:00 AM ta'morrow? ... OK, that'll work. Why don't ya' send him n' autographed picture or somethin' too Jen. ... Thanks. ... Ok. Bye. "

{{...Southern hangs up the phone and closes his eyes for a moment,
then focuses in on the camera...}}

SHANE SOUTHERN: " I'll bet yer wonderin' why I'm doin' this.
No, better yet, you're probably thinkin' to yerself, why is he SHOWIN' it ta' me? Well tha' CSWA's gotta' camera attached ta' MAH' ASS justa' 'bout twenty-four seven since I've been granted this title match, so I ain't got much choice in tha' matter.

{{...Southern, absent mindedly, switches subjects in mid-thought...}}

" I'm damn near thiry years old. I've sacraficed family, friends, and
mah' own HEALTH ta' get ta' THIS POINT n' I'm spendin' mah' time in tha' company of ten year olds with CANCER. What tha' HELL am I doin'? "

{{...Southern, realizing what he's saying, switches gears again
and looks away from the camera, almost as if he's talking to himself...}}

" But I'm not in this biz'ness fer me ONLY am I? Nah' I never once
strapped on a pair of wrestlin' boots 'cause I wanted ta' win fer ME. No, ever' time I come out from behind that curtain I'm there for tha' FANS. I do what I do, 'cause little ten year olds like Jesse can escape tha' pains of thier REAL LIVES for about ten minutes n' cheer for a broken down ol' southern boy. "

{{...Southern focuses back on the camera, his eyes burning with a

" Is it all worth it? Sometimes I have ta' question mah'self. But in
tha' end, I always come back to tha' same answer. HELL YEAH it is. Ta' wear that CSWA World Title 'round mah' waist...ta' give tha' fans that have pulled for me tha' last eight years a reason ta' be PROUD...it's all worth it. Finally, MAH' fans, tha' SHANE SOUTHERN MARKS, will be able ta' talk ta' other wrestlin' fans n' mention mah' name alongside Hornet, Guns, Adler, Flair, AHO and many others. It's notta' big thing ta' most, but ta' those who really care, it's like your favorite team winnin' tha' SUPERBOWL for tha'FIRST time. It's an exclusive club, one that makes ya' proud ta' be a member. "

" But tha' big question is...Can I do it? Can I beat Evan Aho
straight up, one on one, no interferance? I honestly don't know until it happens. I've done it before, but we all know that was a tainted win so you can just chuck that one out tha' window n' start fresh. There's no rivalry here, no animosity, no hatred. This is about tha' furthest thing from Troy-Eli ya' can get...save ONE thing. "

" Intensity. "

" It's what defines guys like me. I'll be tha' first ta' admit I
ain't got all tha' best tools anymore. I've slowed down somewhat and don't attempt as many high flyin' moves. But I'm smarter than yer average bear {{...grins...}} and TWICE as ferocious when I step n' that ring. I've got years of experiance on mah' side ta' make up fer it. "

" I don't toot mah' own horn here fer ego. You fans, you wrestlers
can judge Shane Southern on what I do inside tha' ring. All {{...sweeps his hands in front of him...}} THIS media circus n' what-not, it's not what makes me who I am. It comes as part of tha' business, albeit an' unenviable part sometimes, but part none tha' less. What I want ever'body ta' understand 'bout me BEFORE I step inta' that ring for tha' World Title that Shane Southern IS who he is, belt, or no belt. YOU PEOPLE made me, and I'm gonna' do mah' damndest not ta' let ya' down. "

" Evan Aho, I'm not gonna' stand out here in fronta' tha' world n'
say all tha' old cliches like "Bring your A game" or "Get ready for tha' fight of yer life." Hell, I know you and I EXPECT it from you each n' ever' time. No, Evan, I know yer ready, so I've only got ONE more thang ta' say to ya' until we meet inside tha' ring..."

" Party's Over. "

{{...The elevator door opens, Southern walks inside and the camera
goes to follow, Southern just stares at the camera and shakes his head "No" as the door closes in front of him. FADE OUT....}}

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