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Couple of things:

If you're desperately looking for a match that I haven't put on the lineup yet, e-mail me immediately. See below for why....

I'm currently planning on PRIMETIME going up in-between the next two ON TIMEs. ON TIME should be posted over the weekends (Saturday), so that means I'd like PT to go up the middle of the next week.

I've already talked to several of you about angles and writing, so things should be moving relatively quickly. Currently, the angle deadline is going to be Friday. Roleplay should continue until the card goes up, or until I move this forum into the archives.

Also, while I won't always solicit 'segments' (interviews, etc.) for PRIMETIME, you're always free to submit them. You should expect that PT should be more match-heavy then the ON TIME ratio, but that doesn't mean there won't be any segments. Basically, PT should look very similar to the way it normally does, just expect matches to be slightly shorter in order to facilitate getting the cards moving.

I'll try to update the Main Event page tonight with the current lineups. I'll also put the deadlines on the calendar that's available above. Once I've done all that, I'll put an announcement up on all forums.


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