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OSS Stats


Jan 1, 2000
"The New American Stud" Brandon Mueller
"Fabulous" Frankie Fargo
managed by "Manager of Champions" Calvin Carlton

THEME MUSIC: "Draggin' The Line" by Tommy James
OSS BIO: Calvin Carlton has always had big plans. The son of Bel Air, California's richest black woman, Carlton has wanted to conquer the wrestling industry since his childhood. Using his momma's money and influence, Carlton got a job as a C-Grade announcer in the early days of NFW. Scrawny and meek, Carlton was pushed around by wrestlers and other personalities. Then,he decided to enact upon his plans. He convinced WildStar -- an in-ring technical legend who was going through a losing streak -- to allow him to manage his in-ring career and the business portfolio of "Five Star Enterprises" -- WildStar's partnership with a tag team called The New Oblivion Express. Carlton soon manipulated his relationships with the three of them, jettisoning the NOE back to Japan after a loss to The NFW's Showstoppers Ryan and Lincoln, then the industry's hottest young babyface tag team. Calvin was bent on their destruction. Creative differences with WildStar soon emerged, and Star eventually fired Calvin from managing him and retired to become a color commentator.

Calvin then enacted on his plan to destroy The ShowStoppers and also pry the NFW World Tag Team titles away from them and HellMachine. HellMachine, comprised of two other Japanese-based wrestlers, were managed by Doc Martena -- a fiesty heiress whom connected with the fans. Calvin does not feel women belong in the so-called "Sport of Kings" and was also bent on her destruction, referring to her constantly as a "slam pig rape whore." Many, including Martena, believed that sub-consciously, Calvin was upset in having a domineering mother and took out his rage on other women.

Calvin's plotting led him to bring into the NFW The Original ShowStoppers -- "Fabulous" Frankie Fargo and "The New American Stud" Brandon Mueller. Fargo and Mueller got their start in various Southern-based regiional wrestling promotions in the early 80's and held various tag team titles in their day. But then, tragedy befell the team -- Fargo was arrested and incarcerated for nearly 15 years on unclear charges, but he maintains he was charged for "crahms ah did not commit." Mueller fell off the wayside and ended up as a Sonic Drive-In manager in northern Mississippi. Carlton used his momma's power and influence to have Fargo freed from jail and reunite with his former tag team partner.

The two made their debut by attacking The ShowStoppers from behind, labelling them as "horse swindler plagarists." The two also attacked HellMachine, agreeing with Carlton that women have no business in this industry. This set off a three-way feud that was perhaps the best feud in the early days of New Frontier Wrestling. The rivalry was intense and personal -- with family members being attacked, elementary schools vandalized, restraining orders filed and gallons upon gallons of blood spilled. The Original ShowStoppers -- or The OSS for short -- eventually ended up winning the NFW World Tag Team Championships and never lost the titles.

Brandon Mueller is known for three things -- his long, beautiful, well-structured bleach blonde mullet, his silence and his mastery of the art of tag-team wrestling. Mueller never speaks but is known for his high-pitched weasly cackle, especially when he spraypaints OSS on other people's property. He enjoys vandalism, underaged ring rats and his Conferderate Flag pick-up truck.

Frankie Fargo is very loud, obnoxious and grating, speaking with a thick delta drawl. Fargo has underlying anger issues -- he grew up impoverished in rural Mississippi in a broken household with an alcoholic, one-legged Vietnam War veteran father, he is angry at the development of the "New South" which does not respect the traditions of yesteryear, and he is also angry at how pro wrestling has evolved during his incarceration -- particularly tag team wrestling.

What they lack in mobility and athletic ability -- the years have been rough on them -- they more than make up for it in intelligence, experience, technical ability and the love of a good, old-fashioned ****kicking. Calvin, desptie his small and weak frame, has also proven himself to be an excellent ring general, capable of devising strategies which ensure his charges victory.

All three men are also known for their synchronized Fargo Strut -- a dance move Frankie claims to have invented. They are also known for wearing bowties and tux-tails at all times, particularly in Confederate Flag colors. Calvin also frequently dresses up like Robert E. Lee.


FROM: Tupelo, Mississippi
6'5", 255

1. Old-school left hand punch
2. DDT
3. Spinebuster
4. Textbook Southern Dropkick
5. Delayed vertical suplex
SU: Gordbuster
FIN: Mississippi Mudslide TR Leg Drop

FROM: Grand Gulf, Mississippi
6'4", 240

1. Old-school right hand punch
2. Karate chops/spin kick combo (ala Tracy Smothers)
3. Gordbuster
4. Rolling elbow drop
5. Delayed vertical suplex
SU: Ninja kick to the stomach
FIN: Double-Arm DDT

Double Slingshot Spinning Gordbuster (Strut Your Stuff)
Extra Impact DDT (Mueller closelines Fargo who drops a DDT)
Blastoff From Huntsville (Rocket Launcher)
Tupelo Kung-Fu (Double karate attack)
The Original Mississippi Mudslide ShowStopper (Mueller off the top with a legdrop while Fargo hits a backbreaker.)

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