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Open Contract


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Niagara, ON, Canada
(FADEIN: THE MONSTA BOYZ sitting in the bed of the Monsta Truck, the GWE Tag belts slung over their shoulders.)

BELLOWS: Is it me, or has this fed fallen asleep? How long has it been since we've had a show? Two months? Three? This is the same fed that used ta take shots at Greensboro for being inactive.

FARRELL: What da hell happened?

BELLOWS: No idea. But I'll tell ya what. One of these days we're gonna have another show. I dunno 'bout you, fat boy, but I didn't go through all the trouble of winnin' these titles ta sit here and let 'em waste away.

FARRELL: I hear dat, playa. Ain't nobody gonna say da Monsta Boyz ain't fightin' champions.

BELLOWS: So it's like this. We're issuing an open contract for the next GWE show. The Monsta Boyz defendin' the gold against any two guys on the roster. Regular tag team? C'mon in. Two singles wrestlers? Happy ta have ya. We'll take on anyone, period, 'cause we're out ta show the world that the Monsta Boyz are the GREATEST tag team in history.

FARRELL: Not dat dere's any doubt.

BELLOWS: Answer the challenge, kiddies. Ya know ya wanna.



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