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OOC - What is CAWO

The Minstrel

League Member
Mar 6, 2012
Hey all,

First, allow me to provide a little background on who I am. My name is Patrick. I entered into UltraTitle 2012 with John McDonough and was in a couple of feds here around that timeframe as "The Minstrel" and "The Ravager" Reed Cromier. I thought posting here about my new project on these boards would clear up some questions and maybe raise some interest in it, as well.

Some time ago, I used a text-based program called TNM7, which allowed me to act as a booker for mine own promotions made up of real or fake wrestlers. As I could work on TNM7 at my own leisure without the pressure of deadlines and I was at a much busier time in my life, the program became the perfect way for me to get my e-wrestling fix without the obligations of joining an e-fed. From that program sprung the CAWO - the Council of Affiliated Wrestling Organizations.

The CAWO, as it existed then and now, is what I refer to as an umbrella federation. It is most similar to the old-school NWA or what existed in the e-fedding world in the late 1990s and early 2000s as the NWC or WfWA - I believe some of you were from that site when I was active in 2012. This is meant to be a coalition of several smaller federations that operate mostly independent of one another with their own rosters and titles, but you also have an overarching federation with grander titles that creates a forum for these different rosters to interact on a larger scale at inter-fed shows and pay-per-view events like the inaugural show "Red Dawn."

The rosters of each federation are made up of mostly loosely defined characters that I either invented or borrowed, in derivative or whole form, from my e-wrestling days many moons ago. They have gimmicks and very loose back stories that I am looking forward to exploring in this more descriptive format than what TNM7 offered. The rosters will likely be posted this evening in each region's subforum and I will add descriptions of each character as I go along. I am eager to produce content and I think the content will help shape the characters much better than some very brief roster page description.

I also have a schedule, which I will be posting that will show when and in which region the CAWO-wide titles are going to be defended. It will also show when the CAWO-wide and interfed events are going to take place. The schedule will go up after the results of Red Dawn are posted - Night 1 is nearly complete.

As I explained In-Character, each regional federation will have its own "weekly" program and special events. I place "weekly" in quotes because there is almost no way any person could reasonably produce four weekly shows in a week's timeframe. These weekly shows will have segments, but the matches will most likely be in summary format with a main event or key matchup written in play-by-play format. I am shooting to have all four weekly shows completed in a three week timeframe IRL, but some IC weeks will be longer than that IRL. The larger CAWO events and regional special events will be in play-by-play format.

I have received a few private messages with people asking about what exactly the CAWO is and whether it was a fed that people could join. I just wanted to clear up exactly what it is. It's sort of a self-contained e-fed/personal writing project, which I hope you will read and enjoy. I will accept defunct or current characters and plug them in as I go along, but I can make no promises about pushes or even utility. I have about a "year" of material outlined. There is room for tweaks, but again, I make no guarantees. In short, it's not a public e-fed that you can join and participate in. Maybe one day, I will relinquish some control, but for now I am a total control freak over this personal project.

I hope you won't hold that against me AND I do hope you will read and enjoy. Any constructive criticism is welcome via PM and I will have a OOC discussion thread here for any readers to chime in.


Staff member
Jun 26, 2009
Goddammit, you had my idea.

Just curious, does Denny know you're using JW Oswald?

Not that I care or am I looking to narc you out, I'm just curious.

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