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OOC: Tag Team Inv. Rules and Specifics


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Sep 24, 2005
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As you have all read in the In-Character post, I am putting together what will be known as the MCW Tag Team Invitational. I am aiming for this to be THE tournament for tag teams on the e-fed circuit. If you have a tag team from your fed that you feel belongs in this tournament, tell them to get in touch with me so that I can get them signed up.

Tournament Rules

RP LIMIT: CHANGE!!!!!!! The RP rule has been changed to reflect a growing concern about the original rule. Now, the RP limit is TWO (joint or separate... it's up to the team) no matter if there is one handler or two.

RP CYCLE: 7 days. After that, we will go into a card writing cycle for 7 days.

Stacking IS allowed. Since there is a maximum RP level, this should not be a problem.

Creativity is encouraged, but stay within the logical confines of your respected character.

No plagiarized or rehashed material!

Tournament Results

All results shows will be written as a shortformed card. This is a perfect way to keep the tournament moving with minimal hickups, and I want to display this style of match writing for many of the fedheads around the circuit so that they can see it in action.

Segments will be accepted if anybody feels this would be beneficial for their characters whether they are still in the tournament.

Tournament Prizes

This is where many of you should be paying attention! I have a deal worked out with Posers By Lebron so that the tag team that wins this tournament can have a character of their choosing be "Poserized" (a 3D graphical representation of the character). This will be OF NO COST TO YOU! FREE!

Also, a trophy image will be made with the tag team's name and the date engraved. The image will be FREE for you to keep and use as you see fit.

Another added benefit will be that you will be logged into the record books as the MCW Tag Team Invitational Tournament Winners!

Other Information

I wanted to make note that there will be other matches on the tournament cards, so send in those ideas for matches!

Tom Holzerman and TEAM are taking the role as In-Character Financial Partners along with my blog - The Inadvertent Nerd (link in signature).

This is a great opportunity to have a blast and to get tag team e-fedding back on the map!

How to Participate

Send your tag team and bio to my PM box or reply to this thread!

Once the tag team names have been finalized, a challenge thread will also go up!

Get to submitting!
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