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ONSLAUGHT VI: "The Sensation of Innovation CJ Carnage vs. Mojo Massey


CJ Carnage

“I just.. Uhh..”

“..want to dedicate this one to Lindsay Troy.. Congratulations on keeping your Title..”

Oh yeah. We in the know have come to call it the controversy of CJ Carnage.

Call it bold, confident, stupid, whatever. Call it what you will.. But watch with open eyes and listen with open ears and keep an open mind of the effectiveness of the eccentric method. In case you haven‘t forgotten, I am the Narrator and You.. My friend.. have come along for the ride, so to speak; to see the story, the action, the drama, and occasional suspense.. But let Me make one thing perfectly clear at this moment: Failure is not an option in the mind, body, soul, or religion of CJ Carnage. There is no quit.. There is no stop.. Hell, He cant even slow down..

..if CJ makes a move, 9 times out of 8 it is premeditated, calculated, well thought, scouted-out and planned. In other words: There‘s a reason why CJ Carnage is more than a Young Veteran and Expert of the Squared Circle.. There’s a reason why He is Class A Championship material..

“Even if you would have lost.. You‘d have still been a champion to Me.”

..if you cant see that, then you‘re just hiding your eyes from reality.

[Fade in.]

[The heat of the floodlights pouring down onto the stage was getting to Him.. He could almost feel the shower of incandescent radiance making Him most uncomfortable in His position.. Looking out into the audience with anticipation.. The camera briefly searching out into the seats and then turning back to the stage.. there she sat next to the podium; her legs crossed under the skirt that draped just below the seat of the folding chair and no further. The camera refocuses on Him, CJ, standing behind the wooden podium. (The podium has a EPW Logo on the front) He reached up with one finger and picked at His shirt collar trying to allow more circulation..]

“Come on now, I don‘t have all day.”

[His statement draws a few unexpected laughs from the audience of press members.]

Thinking to Himself: Laugh? Why laugh?

[After a few moments, everyone has piled in, but the entirety of the crowd barely takes up two rows..

CJ is a bit frustrated, granted. The history of His wrestling career has Him used to full houses, fan access events, five star hotel accommodations, first class airplane rides, His Jet Black ‘86 Corvette.. And the attention of media. He’s used to press conferences with standing room only wondering how He plans on defending His World Title.. And It is completely demoralizing to see all of about ten people.. Maybe 2 of the 10 might remember who He is.. And the other 8 really don’t give a ****..]

“This is it?”

[There’s a faint murmur in the crowd.. Or shall I say, small group.]

“Alright..” Sigh. “Let‘s begin.”

[There’s a brief pause.]

“It‘s a pleasure to have you distinguished members of the Press here tonight in regards to My first Match in Empire Pro Wrestling, which will be on Onslaught Six where I will be in a One on One match with a one Mojo Massey. I don’t know what to say.. Its been some time since I‘ve been in a ring competitively.. But My level has always been well above anything Onslaught can throw at Me. I‘ve stayed in shape, allowed past injuries to heal and I‘m in what I would say is the best shape and form of My life. My Brother owns a gym, as some of you already know, where I can and have been wrestling outside of the National Spotlight so any.. ‘ring rust’ as people of the industry might call it will only be a matter of a couple.. warm-ups.. And I’m thinking Mojo Massey is just that. Questions?”

[One person raises His hand.]

“Yes, you. Right there.”

“Who are you, again?”

“CJ Carnage. CJ is My name.. Carnage is who I represent.”

[There are a few laughs again.. CJ keeps asking Himself.. What‘s so damn funny?]

“Alright, alright.. Mister Carnage. Why did you come to Empire Pro Wrestling?”

“I wanted to get back in the business, and EPW is where I am confident I can win.. As well as boost the company. Possibly. But its more about Me and My girlfriend then anything.”

“Well, you certainly seem confident.”

“That I am.”

[CJ looks around the room.]

“Any more questions?”

[No hands are raised, there is a slight cough but nothing else.]


“Well yeah, I have one. I have a fantasy EPW Wrestling team.. And I only have five-hundred dollars left.. Who should I buy? Lane Stone or Bloodhunt?”


“..or I could get both You and Massey and be almost guaranteed a win. I think that‘s what I‘ll do.”

“That‘s all you‘ve people got to ask Me is stupid **** like that? **** you. I‘m out of here.”

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