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ONSLAUGHT: "Ice Cold" Sanket Desai vs. Foxx



[The promo scene opens up in the exceptionally large hotel room of Sanket Desai. Sanket is waiting for Bri to finish up in the bathroom for he is about to meet with EPW owner, DanRyan. The entrance to the little bathroom is open and the camera zooms in on Bri wearing a white tee shirt that reads New York with some blue jeans with white K-Swiss. The bathroom is clean and white all around except for a small rug. It is very much drenched and it is apparent that someone had very recently taken a highly enjoyable shower. The camera comes out of the bathroom before focusing on Sanket Desai who is wearing a large black tee shirt, big baggy blue jeans, and a pair of black Nike shoes.]

Sanket Desai
Come on we don’t have all day.

Hold on, I’m brushing my hair.

Sanket Desai
You’re hair looks fine, we have a meeting scheduled and I’m already late. I don’t want to put on a too dreadful of an opening impression on the owner or he may just extract me from my match.

Okay, I’m done, happy?

Sanket Desai
Yes, now I’m happy.

[Bri moves out of the bathroom in a beautifully stunning black dress as the two leave their room and head out a lengthy hallway heading to the front exit of the building. They eventually come to the outside meeting a large black limo that is established to transport them to Mr. Ryan's office. Sanket and Bri step into the vehicle and Sanket let’s the driver know that he can go.]

Sanket Desai
So what do you have on this guy Foxx?

He’s pretty big around the locker room from what I got, he’s actually going after the TV Title. With a win over you he’s sure to get his second shot at it.

Sanket Desai
Too bad I’ll have to crash the party in it’s tracks just as it’s heating up. If he wants a shot at that title he’ll have to beat me and there is no way that I’m letting him do that. He can go out and beat someone else to get that title shot but it won’t be off of me, that’s sure as hell in stone.

Glad you’re so confident about that. Good luck.

Sanket Desai
Ha, who needs luck? My debut match in the EPW. The first match in what will be a quick climb to the top of the pole in this federation. A man by the name of Foxx will oppose me soon through.

Foxx…Come the night of Aggression, you are going to understand that you were very unlucky to be stuck in the squared ring with someone as fine as myself. I don't care how long you've been a part of this, or any federation for that matter because the fact of the matter is, I'm better than anybody that this business can toss into the ring with me. I am sure you're walking into this match thinking that it's just another newbie that you'll walk in with and squash. But that's just not going to take place because before we really get into detail, I'll tell you this right now, I’m no rookie. I will go to all ranks and to all lengths to gain a victory over the man across from me.

Tonight I plan to make an example of you. Tonight I will lay you out and force you to tap out as a warning to the other members of the EPW. I don't want to talk about you any longer for I have more pressing matters. Right now I plan to let my in ring skills do the talking. See you in the ring, Foxxie.


League Member
Feb 1, 2005
About an hour's drive from Detroit, MI...
Fade in... Foxx gawks at the television, slack-jawed as Sanket's final words splurge from the television. She doesn't even bother to get up from the armchair she's sitting in. She simply turns her head...and stares at the camera.

"Did he... ...Did he just refer to me as a man? ...I...I think he did..."

Her expression recovers...instead replaced by extreme anger.

"How dare you?!"

Her fist slams down on the arm of the chair with a soft, fluffy noise.

"I wait all this time for the man with a funny name, because I didn't know if he was male or female and here I am being called a man. You need to do your homework better, buddy, or your career is gonna be mighty short in this business. My extra baggage is ABOVE the waist, not below. Sheesh...what self respecting man would have a wrestling name like Foxx. ...On second thought, don't answer that."

She waves the subject away with her hand.

"But at least you got one thing right and better one than none, right?"

"I did in fact just mess up my second opportunity at the television title, but as I said in my brief monologue in Mike Ever's general direction; I'm comin back into this refreshed and renewed. Sure I lost another chance to prove to myself that I can surpass my limits, but I lost to a superb athlete... A superb human being. So despite the loss I have a new hope."

"You sir, are my first step to climbing my way back up the ladder yet again. If I fall again...I'll know I'm still not prepared. Til then, I'll just keep climbing. Whether you're just a stepping stone, a high rung or chopped liver is up to you."

She shrugs apathetically as she gets up and walks toward the camera.

"Not only do you come off as a rookie, you come off as an arrogant rookie with a bad attitude who needs to be taught some manners. I have no dreams of totally demolishing you and taking home glory and fame. I always go into a match expecting a struggle and that's usually what I get. This certainly won't be any easier for you than it will be for me though. It's time to cut that superiority complex down a few notches. Prepare for a match, cuz that's exactly what I'm bringin and none a your suckin up to Mr. Ryan is gonna change the odds."

She grabs the camera and looks straight into the lens.

"You were expecting a man, but you get a woman. Don't let it throw you off your game, cuz your game is my game too. And please... Don't call me Foxxie again."

She pushes the camera away with an exasperated sigh as she turns and walks back to her seat. The scene fades to black.

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