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ONSLAUGHT: Cameron Cruise vs. The Sergeant


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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
(The Sergeant is fresh off of his loss at UNLEASHED and though he is not happy about it, there is that same look of determination in his eyes that he has had since day one of stepping into an EPW ring.)

(He's standing outside of a bookstore just moments after an autograph signing has ended. The autograph signing is just par for the course these days as EPW goes on a major PR offensive, trying to keep the fans behind the amazing wrestling product that is brought to the masses on a weekly... er... monthly... um, well maybe quarterly basis.)

(OOC Note: Shut up and don't stifle my creativity, people. You all know that it's hard for this military man to think!)

(It looks like Sarge has got something to say...)

The Sergeant: It looks like everybody's favorite combat tested, mother approved rookie is back on the EPW House Show circuit after another loss to "Phenomenal" Frankie Scott. I know everybody expects me to call it a cheap win for Frankster, but how can anybody call it a cheap win when the two of us were in a match where anything goes?

You're right. Nobody can say that... so I'll just give the veteran bastard his props for beating me, the little rookie that could, in one of the most difficult matches of his life. What he's going to do when he takes a step up the ladder is beyond me. Good luck to him with all of that.

As I was saying, I'm back on the EPW House Show circuit which means another Onslaught. I have a little bit of experience in these Onslaught shows... undefeated by beating the afore mentioned Frankie Scott and the infamous Boogie Smallz. Both moderately strong names to have on the "I Have Beaten You List".

I'm not one for statistics, so I'll leave the rest to the internet geeks.

(Sarge looks over his shoulder, as he knows there were more than a few internet geeks at the recent autograph signing.)

Next up on the list of Onslaught opponents will be Cameron Cruise. It's a name that I've heard thrown around backstage often, but I'll admit that I don't know a ton about the guy. The only thing I know is that the two of us are coming off of tough losses and are looking to rebound on the smallest stage of the all.

I don't know what kind of skills Cruise will bring to this fight. With Sarge and Cruise in the ring, it could be a techincal wrestling fans delight or it could prove to be a brawling extravaganza. Regardless, there is no doubt in my mind that the man you see before you will be there in the end with his hands raised as the victor.

Is it because I'm an arrogant S.O.B. that needs to be taught a lesson? Is it because Cruise's head just isn't in the game? Is it because The Sergeant knows something nobody else knows?

Well... no, no, and maybe.

I'm not arrogant, and I'm pretty sure that Cruise will bring it when he steps in the ring with me. The problem is when you get down to the last question. It seems that I do know something that nobody else who competes does... or at least I know something that they won't admit.

People mock the rookie. People say that I don't have what it takes. People use large objects to pin me or land a pair of brass knuckles to my head... maybe an occasional chair shot or two to the back. But people don't acknowledge to pure talent and potential that is this Iraqi War Veteran with a competitive spirit and a desire to entertain the fans.

I know I've got it... it's time for me to get in that ring and show the world!

Combat Tested.

Mother Approved.

Cameron Cruise is the first step in my quest to reclaim some of my dignity!

(Scene fades...)


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
"The Sergeant."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise on the front porch of his Jacksonville home, resting in a hammock, his feet elevated and in a relaxed position.)

CRUISE: This is who I've been put up against in EPW's latest claim to the "Screw Cameron Cruise" Sweepstakes since I lost the Intercontinental title...and no Beau...



(Cruise sighs and continues..)

So tell me something Sarge...I've faced off against "Commandos", "Insurgents", "Intruders", and probably quite afew more of the like, in my time in this business, and not really ONE of them has impressed me.

Why should I take you for being any different??

Sure, you've had a heck of a start in Empire Pro, and believe me...that's all well and good..

But other than the fact that you went to Iraq to defend our country and came back a hero...

But why the hell should I be impressed by what you bring to the table??

You defeated Frankie Scott and Boogie Smallz.

(Cruise smirks.)

As far as I'm concerned, Frankie Scott is anything but "Phenomenal" hasn't been a legitimate draw since the days of NthWA...

(Cruise crosses his heart in tribute to the fallen Owner Chad Dupree and company and continues....)

CRUISE: And the Boogie Man isn't much of anything but a glorified JUNKIE.

So I ask you again...

What makes you different from all the others??

I mean...you're combat tested and your mother approves of what'cha do for a living..

All that's fine and dandy.

But you don't even KNOW me...and you think that it's gonna be that much of a guarantee in your mind that when it's all said and done..

It's YOUR hand that's going to be raised??

The you best do ALOT more askin' 'round about what I bring to the table and that you have to worry about in the ring.

I acknowlege that you've got skill, hell, it's in the record books now as far as what you've done...

(Cruise gets out of the hammock and runs his hand through his hair.)

But you're gonna need alot more than what you've got to impress me.

Otherwise the result is going to be nothing short of a REALITY CHECK that you...and your mother I suppose...just...won't like.



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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
(Now back at his house for a break before his Onslaught match with Cameron Cruise, Sarge decides to cut a promo...)

The Sergeant: My rookie year still isn't complete, but you'd think that I have been around long enough for people to understand what I'm all about. Regardless, it seems that every person I've been matched up against - no matter what organization - has misunderstood a catchphrase that I live by.

All of you fans know it, so I shouldn't have to repeat it again... but you know I'm going to.

(Short pause...)

Combat Tested. Mother Approved.

(Sarge nods a few times as he continues...)

Four simple words that mean a lot to me. If I were to define myself, those four words would be the words I would use.

Most people tend to view their true self through the experiences that they've been through. My experience has been combat... and lots of it.

Now, I don't expect somebody like Cameron Cruise to understand what I am talking about... not in the least. I'm sure he appreciates the fact that I've served my country, as do most of the opponents that I've squared off against. It just doesn't really seem that he and the others understand that combat is different than competing in a wrestling ring. It molds you into a new person and changes your perspectives on just about everything in life.

If you are strong, both morally and physically, then it will make you stronger with a more stable set of convictions when it comes to right and wrong. Combat will make you view things such as life, religion, money, and family in a completely different light.

(He looks very solemn, as this is about as close to tearing up as Sarge has been on television...)

Basically, the do-gooder that you see standing in front of you today is a product of that. I stepped into the fire and came out as a more competitive and willing to help. That says a lot for my character as a human being... not to mention a wrestler.

I'm Combat Tested. Don't take it as arrogance or a youthful level of ignorance. It's just that I'm proud of my past and use those experiences to push into the future.

(He wonders whether or not he's explained himself properly. It's really hard for the soldier in him to convey the exacts of what combat is...)

As far as the mother approved part, well, it's about as simple as A, B, C. I'm not talking about my mother, bless her heart. I'm talking about mothers around this country and across the world.

When they see little Jimmy, Billy, Jennifer, or Sue watching these athletes and celebrities on the television, they're looking for a role model. One that can show their kids how to grow up and be responsible, productive members of society. Now I'm not saying that I am the best role model in the world, but when it comes to the world of professional wrestling, O'm just about the best choice that they've got.

They aren't getting model citizens when they watch a Slambo the Friggin' Clown or an Adam Benjamin. That's for sure.

(He chuckles to himself...)

They've got the Sergeant, a man who makes due with the hand that's been dealt to him and strives for better things in the future. A man who fights the good fight. Mother Approved.

Cruise, I know this has been long winded and that you're probably going to step up to the microphone and tell me that I haven't told you a thing and that it doesn't change the result of our upcoming match. That's cool. I understand that. I came off shooting my mouth and I can expect that much from a veteran like yourself.

But you know how this wrestling thing works. We come out here and shoot our mouths off before stepping into the ring to put up or shut up. I just wanted to let you know where this man here is coming from before we get into the ring at Onslaught.

(He takes a long pause and thinks deeply about his words before trying to convey the right message to end his promo...)

This time around, let me close on a better note. You deserve that much. So... let's do this the right way.

Cameron Cruise, may the best man win.

(Sarge holds his fist straight out in front of his body in a friendly gesture before the scene fades...)


I spoil things.
Jan 1, 2000
Merced, California USA
OOC: Hey Sarge, I owe you one hell of an apology for the lack of focus in getting this RP out, Real life stuff came into play, and I couldn't sit down long enough than just to check email. Hopefully this makes up for it.--Tom

"I apologize Sergeant...perhaps we did get off on the wrong foot."

(Fadein, Cameron Cruise, dressed in blue jeans and a black Empire Pro T-Shirt.)

CRUISE: The name is Cameron Cruise and I've been in this business for over ten-plus years. I work my ass off in and out of the ring and appreciate it even more.

I've competed in Barb-wire matches and Triple Flaming Table Matches.

I've Driven a man twenty-feet off the stage and I've been pushed off in the same manner in a cage match.

I've traveled to places all over the world in the efforts to perform in front of Kings and Queens in Europe...to giving the fans what they deserve in wrestling Alligators in Florida and Kangaroos in Australia, all the way back west to performing in front of Ozzy Osbourne's family and Rod Stewart and his wife to Playboy Bunnies and Hugh Hefner inside the imfamous Grotto.

Now as far as a mother's approval...sure.

Sometimes that occurs.

But not most of the time.

See Sarge, I can understand where you're coming from in where you want to entertain the fans after a successful career defending our country.

You want to give back and in a way you've found it through wrestling.

However, you've got yourself a double-edged sword my friend.

Alot of women, most of them mother's....DON'T approve of their children making the long trek across country lines to foreign lands and it's because of the simple fact that they don't want to see their child perish.

There's also alot of women...most of them mothers, who don't approve of the fact that their little boys go off and get beat up in the middle of the ring because they think they can make an easy career of entertaining in front of a couple hundred every few months, and get the big bucks right away.

But it isn't their call is it??

See, you call competitor's like Adam Benjamin or...Slambo the Clown...bad role models because of what they bring to this business....a wrestler who's finally had his breakout year...and well...a Clown gone insane....but what about you??

Kids aren't as amused as we were in the day Sarge, they see a man in uniform such as yourself and sure...they see a man that's done well to defend the freedom our country rightly deserves...

But they also see a man that's been forced against his will to end the life of another one.

Not Cripple.

Not bruise or lacerate.

They see a KILLER.

(Cruise crosses his arms over his chest and slowly paces back and forth in front of the backdrop.)

You ever see "Full Metal Jacket" Sarge??

'Cause I'm damn sure half of these kids have already, and DON'T like the image of a man trying to win a contest that's just come from somewhere in the world where he's had to take a life.

You want to select a role model from this company??

Then by god you better look around before you start whistling "Reveille" and pumping yourself up.

But allow me to finish here pal, not on a bad note, but on one for you to think about.

I've been wrestling in this business for over ten years, and I've almost been through it ALL, and to everyplace in the world that you can imagine.

I've been booed, and I've been cheered on relentlessly.

But it's been not of my past and what I've done with it to get me to where I needed to be now...

Oh no...

It's because of what I've done NOW and how it can TAKE ME to where I need to be LATER.

Not with a gun, but with my offense...my own...hand-to-hand-combat skills, if I may.

You're a still a rookie and even at that you're one that hasn't been afraid to admit it...like other people in this company...so I give you props in that you know where you stand.

But I'm not a rookie and this isn't my first go 'round in this business.

You wanna shake my hand and offer up a friendly courtsey in "May the better man win"??

You might be looking right at him.

Not because of an Overconfidence, no sir.

Not because of any possible "Luck" that may occur.

Uh uh.

If it happens at Onslaught, it's going to be because you were just given a REALITY CHECK about this business that you just...won't...like.


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