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Only The Strong Will Survive


League Member
Jul 1, 2002
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Sep-03-02 AT 05:26 PM (EDT)](PRIDEIN to Aelieas Fierte sitting down lacing up his boots in a local gym. Next to him, his loyal island friend Gabriel who has been in the US throughout Aelieas’s stay in the Americas. Aelieas is about to get ready to practice and strength his wrestling ability in the ring when he notices the camera crew is around. Aelieas does a head motion to Gabriel letting him know about the camera’s and Gabriel smiles. Aelieas finishes lacing up his boots and once again stares into the camera, starting up his promo.)

Aelieas: The world and life in general are tough cruel places to dwell in, behind every corner hatred roams free and bad decisions get made with every breath taken in. Its times like these that people must come together, and let their self-pride ring through everyone who seeks to destroy that person’s foundation. It is things like this that my tribe has based its morality on, stuff like no matter what the problem or person ,to keep your pride and you will always live on. But then again they’re always black thorns such as 'The Apocalypse' Gabriel Poe who wants to keep reminding you of life’s negativity and grind into that life is not worth living.

(Aelieas pauses for second, watching some of the indy wrestlers go at it in the ring before starting up again)

Aelieas: Gabriel Poe, what makes you think you think you even deserve to be in the same profession as me? When I look at you, I think Mr. Boo hoo, lets try to gain sympathy and pity from the fans, when they could care less about you. Maybe if your parents or anyone for that matter cared for you, then I wouldn’t have to listen to you cry about how much you suck. Cause to put it frankly, you got about the talent of a GUNZ which speaks for itself and you got the charisma of a prisoner awaiting his death on death row.

(Aelieas looks at the clock on the wall above the lockers, pausing for a short second.)

Aelieas: Poe, you don’t even know what you got yourself into. You like to talk about fate and destiny, well you signed yours away when you picked up that pen, and signed your name on my open challenge. I don’t know if it was that pure excuse for an angel Miso who probably wears 39 cent poorly cut wings taped onto her back or you just trying to convince yourself that you were a half-decent wrestler, but you made a mistake getting into this match. Don’t worry Poe, I will Écrasez Votre Âme.

(The Scene fades with Aelieas and Gabriel getting up to go train in the ring.)


New member
Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Too bad, Weak one, you shall Fall ...

{Drayton Hall. The oldest preserved plantation house in America is the setting for ‘The Apocalypse’ Gabriel Poe and his promotional spot on CSWA against his opponent in Charleston Aeliaes Fierte. Standing on the porch of the second floor right above the main doorway, Poe looks out into the vast field where a memorable war once took place.}

GP: Drayton Hall. A landmark in anyone’s eyes. A true example of European and African American craftsmanship. This Georgian-Palladian architecture has survived the test of time over and over again. Six hundred and thirty acres surrounding one home surviving numerous hurricanes and earthquakes, Revolutionary and Civil wars, generations upon generations of visitors who have view, worked, or even lived in this grand structure … it has survived …

Too bad the same cannot be said for Aeliaes Fierte when he faces his worst fears in The Apocalypse in Charleston.

{Poe moves towards the right and looks out towards another set of fields.}

GP: Why has it taken so long for me to respond to your ridiculous allegations Fierte? Perhaps if they were not so moronic I would have said something sooner, but even I, Gabriel Poe, have a sense of humor … due to popular belief … and had quite the amusing laugh after hearing what you considered me to be … how did you put it? Oh yes … one who tries to gain sympathy and pity from the fans. Mr. Boo Hoo …

The most hilarious moment was when you THOUHGT you knew who you was dealing with. Saying that my parents obviously didn’t care for me. If you did do research then you would’ve known that my parents DIED LONG AGO YOU HALF WIT!

{Poe takes a moment to gain his composure. Brushing his blue hair away from his eyes he looks back towards the fields.}

GP: But you didn’t know. Understandable. This only explains where your head is at considering you think it shall be an easy time in our encounter. You say you have the talent of a … what was it? A guns? This is supposed to frighten me? This is the thing that is supposed to make me fear going to the ring and facing you? Your comment alone is the VERY THING YOU BASE YOUR EXISTENCE UPON in which I should be scared?

Fierte … you lost to Radder. That alone tells me you are lower than pathetic and definitely not even considered a real threat.

I understand that you would love to make a name for yourself against the likes of me and that’s understandable. Many have tried. Even Sean Stevens tried, but he fell to my feet like many others have and just like you will in Charleston. It is understandable that, if you win this encounter, you feel that your star will skyrocket into the heavens, but it is a shame that I will bury you in HELL before that can even happen.

No Fierte … I’m gonna have to do the world a favor and snap your spine in to making one less threat on humanity. Or, at the very least, rip out your larynx so that your ability to speak will become non-existent.

Your words … they are so … futile.

{Poe then makes a move to go back inside Drayton Hall, but stops and turns back towards the camera.}

GP: If I signed the contract Fierte then I must’ve known what I got myself into. The question is … do you even know what awaits you?

Hitching a ride on an ‘angel’ with thirty nine cent wings glued on their back is NOT in your future, but then again, with ‘The Dark Lotus’ Miso by my side, you never know how she might FIRE up your life considering you wanted to make slanderous comments towards her as well.

(shaking his head) So young … and so stupid. Sending you to the afterlife would only punish my soul that much more, but ripping out your vocal cords …

I can live with that …

{Poe then opens the doors and enters into the building as the scene fades out.}

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