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One Shot at Glory (PPV): McDOUNOUGH v. B. WALKER

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
This fight is three five minute rounds. The RP Deadline is February 13th at 11:50 CST. All RP's must be in this thread. Have fun!
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R McDounough

League Member
Feb 11, 2010
Re: One Shot at Glory (PPV): McDOUNOUGH v. WALKER

A new beginning, a home away from home, Boston, its not Ireland but its not bad either. Its not like Ireland was, green hills, rivers, and scenery but it will do. It has a vast landscape mind you, full of, what the hell is Boston anyway? One thing we do know, Boston is home to The Fighting Domain, and their newest recruit Ryan McDounough. What compelled this easy going, laid back, jacked up fighter to leave the beautiful scenery of Ireland, for the dusty, cloud state of MA? Only one answer, a new start, a new level of competition a new life. Here we see arriving by way of West Newton Airlines, there are no Irish folk songs as we watch him step off the plane, no smiling faces to greet him, instead there is a rude limo driver who simply shakes his head at every male who looks like a possible threat, the driver has no idea what Ryan looks like, but he holds up a sign that says "Ryan McDonnough", our new star smiles and shakes his head at his mis spelled name, then strides right up to the limo driver.

Ryan : "Hello there to ya, sir. I'm Ryan. I believe you spelled my name wrong but that is no big deal, are you here to drive me to my destination or not?"

The limo driver just nods a "yes" and grunts as he looks at the Irish fellow. Perhaps he was looking for something a little more beefy? Not Ryan, he looks like any other young guy in his 20's, infact he looks younger than his 26 years, dressed in a casual red shirt and dark wash denim jeans, shades covering his blue eyes. His hair is slickly combed back into what you would almost call a quiff and his smile seems to be permanent, even though the people around him are slightly depressing. He pays no attention to the grump yanks and continues to smile.

Ryan : "Say there pal, you know where I could get a decent pint of guiness around here? I'm as dry as an Arab's sandal my old mate.."

The limo driver basically ignores him, obviously not finding his joke funny. He seems to laugh to himself as they make their way out of the terminal and into the baggage claim, a large black bag with the Irish flag comes around and Ryan grabs it, they then make their way out of the baggage claim and out of the airport. The sun shines down and it appears to be a beautiful day.

Ryan : Hey, I was wondering there old mucker, do they pay you to be on mute and not talk? Maybe they need to increase your wage so you can put a smile on your face, like mine see?

The limo driver scoffs, he looks at Ryan and just shakes his head as though to say "Crazy Irish person" he pops the trunk of the limo and Ryan puts his bag in, then the driver opens the door to the back and Ryan steps in, the smile not leaving his face.

Ryan : "Holy nick pal, this is some fancy piece of vehicle you got here! TV's and a bar, lots of lights and guess what? No feckin guiness! Mind if I smoke?!

Ryan reaches down into his pocket and pulls out a small tin with cigarettes inside, he then takes a lighter from the other pocket. The limo driver has left the airport and they are now on their way to headquarters, he looks in the mirror and nods a reply as if to say " I really don't care, smoke all you want". Ryan smiles once again and lights up, inhaling deeply then he finds the sunroof button and opens it, he then exhales loudly.

Ryan : "Come on sir, lighten up eh? There is nothing like a good ol' cigarette. You want a little puff of this, might cheer ya up sunshine, might mellow you out..."
The limo driver just simply shakes his head and puts up the partition leaving Ryan alone in the back with no one to talk to but the camera crew.

Ryan : "Wow, was it something I said, I guess that chap is having a bad day. Well, I don't know why you guys are with me but I guess SWIFT likes to have their camera guys follow the talent around, yeah? Well allow me to introduce myself to the audience that will be watching me, I am Ryan McDonough, I hail from Ireland and I have been kickboxing for 7 years in the UK, I heard about the hiring of Fighters and I thought maybe I should try my luck in the states, so I made a call, sent in my stuff and here I am, coming to you live from the back of a fancy limo! Kinda funny eh? Funny how life can change in a matter of weeks. A few weeks ago I'm sitting in my Ma's living room in Ireland drinking my guiness and going to the gym kickboxing regulary. And of course I helped out on the farm, Ma would be mad if I didn't, I'm gonnae make her so proud! My life consists of Kickboxing and family, but I'll tell ya I need to stop this smoking lark, I would get on a lot better if I did..."

Ryan proceeds to take a few puffs on his half smoked cigarette, holding his breath as long as he can then he exhales in a cloud of smoke and smiles again.

Ryan : "I know a lot of you yan..err Americans go over to Ireland for a holiday and all that, a little slice of the damp life. Ireland is a beautiful place, misty moors and cattle, also a surprising variety of things to do, and above all a great place to brew your own beers. Americans step off the boat in our town and ask, "Where can we get some of this guiness?!" Usually the person they ask can sell them some right away, or they simply direct them to one of my brothers who are usually hanging around the port. It's not that we harrass Americans into buying, we're just there to sell as soon as someone asks, family gotta make a living somehow, you know?"

The limo comes to a stop, Ryan looks outside and he seems to be at the HQ of SWIFT, the driver opens the door and Ryan steps out, tossing the butt of his cigarette on the ground and stepping on it. He then steps towards the back of the limo where the driver has removed his bad and promptly throws it down at his feet. Ryan picks up his bag and heads into the building, searching for someone to talk to.

Ryan : " I guess this is where I will be training. I look forward to competing with the talent that is already assembled, perhaps I can make some friends along the way. I'm here to compete, to prove that you don't have to be a muscle man to be a champion. I'm here to excel! I look forward to travelling, the feuds, the friendships, the fun, soon enough I will be competing and making believers out of everyone."

He reaches for an office door and knocks, then he pops his head in and a few seconds later he disappears...


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