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...of the END


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Jan 1, 2000
{{...FADE-IN: Shane Southern is leaning on his Bourbon Street apartment balcony looking out over the nights revelers. "Decadence" is in town, and despite the homosexual tone, Southern finds it amusing and entertaining to watch. It's part of this towns heritage anyway, something most people don't understand. Every Sunday before Labor Day, they come out in drag, dancing and partying with a style only acceptable in the Crescent City. Southern is talking on a cell phone smiling and waiving at the party goers as they go by. He turns his back for a moment on the celebration as he reaches his intended recipient...}}

SOUTHERN: " Yeah, it's me. ... Uh, huh. ... Sure man, but I don't know how it's gonna' go down at Primetime. ... OK ... Yeah, I'll see ya' there. "

{{...Southern hangs up the phone and sets in on a small stool that's holding his beer and boudan balls. Southern plops one of the pieces of boudan in his mouth and washes it down with half the glass of beer before sitting in his white plastic chair and propping his feet up against the railing...}}

SOUTHERN: " We've heard allot from Mike Plett. I know where he's comin' from, n' I know how he wants ta' get there. It's well know Mikey wanted this match ta' try n' prove a point to tha' CSWA that HE was right...n' that HE's better than me. {{...laughs...}} But he was too chicken sh<BLEEP>t ta' sign a one on one match. He wants an out...an excuse just in case he ain't as good as he THINKS he is. "

" So he's got tha' CAREER ENDER ta' be his partner. Now I gotta' admit, I don't watch GEE EX DOUBLE-YA TEE-VEE....so I don't really know WHO tha' hell you are. But I know yer IN tha' CSWA now...n' that makes you a THREAT. Even worse, you're associated with tha' leeches that wanna' SUCK all they can from tha' CSWA, then run back home where they can be a big fish inna' small pond rather than get eaten alive by tha' SHARKS. "

{{...Southern pauses as one of the partiers throws a bra up on the balcony railing. Southern, with a sheepish smile picks it up and waves...He takes a few more swallows of beer before continuing...}}

" So Lehew...I'm not going to pretend you mean nothing to me. 'Cause I damn sure don't underestimate anybody. Tha' POINT I'm tryin' ta' stress here is that, well, you're outCLASSED. You're steppin' into a CSWA for yer first match inna' LONG time, n' it's against a man that will stop at absolutely NUTHIN' ta' defend tha' CSWA's honor, n' FIGHT ta' keep guys like YOU from tryin' ta' tear it down. I've only been here a few months, but it seems like the fans of tha' CSWA have begin ta' rely on ME ta' be their defender...ta' be tha' guy that FIGHTS fer THEM. SO many people 'round here are only out fer themselves and how much MONEY they can make or much uva' NAME they can make fer themselves. "

" What you gotta' realize Chris is that I ain't some redneck that got lucky n' pinned Dan Ryan's shoulder to tha' mat. I'm notta' FLASH in tha' pan or a shootin' star, I AM a very PERMANENT THORN in tha' side of anybody n' ever'body that thinks he can take down tha' CSWA. I'm not HERE ta' scare ya. I'm not holdin' up tha' US Title braggin' 'bout winnin' some kinda so-called "battle". I don't try n' intimidate with WORDS or TITLE belts...I do it, in the ring...and Lehew...NOBODY does it like me. "

" You wanna' be a STAR Chris Lehew? Come ON TIME, you got yer chance. What you DO with it is up ta' you. "

" Party's Over. "

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