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NWL Combat Special Preview Event: The Watcher vs. Theo



Let the spring semester begin!

(Theo is shown backstage, flipping through the pages of Fast Food Nation . As a cameraman approaches for an interview, Theo sets the book down. Rather than letting the cameraman do his job, Theo throws a punch to the man's gut, catching the camera as the worker falls to the ground. A couple of kicks to the kidneys later, the cameraman is unconscious. Theo positions the camera himself, and begins).

THEO: Ladies and gentlemen, nobles and plebians, with that quick lesson about the survival of the fittest, we can now begin the new year

*Theo laughs*

THEO: Allow me to introduce myslef: My name is Theo,- and that is all you need to know. Upon hearing this name, one must immediately understand that the noblest, most enlightened individual walking the Earth today is within the vicinity. My goal here in the NWL is simple- to educate the peons of this federation.

*Theo pauses for a moment, a pensive look coating his face. He rubs his chin, struggling to find the exact words needed to convey his wisdom*

THEO: Hmm... I guess that is the only explanation I owe to you seventh-grade level peasants. This goes out to the entire NWL roster- Theo is the master, the Supreme Educator, and you have no choice but to learn- or burn!

*Theo laughs*

THEO:... And come Combat, or whatever that pathetic excuse for entertainment is called, I will give my first lecture. Who will be my first pupil? Well it is none other than some miscreant named 'The Watcher'. How pathetic!

*Theo flashes his trademark smirk, a preverbial slap to the face of his opponent*

'The Watcher'?What exactly does he watch? Pornography? Maybe if the fool's name was something like 'The Analyzer'- then maybe he could be taken seriously. You see Mr. Watcher, Theo will play your little game. Theo is an analyzer, a thinker, an observer- one who truly strives to make sense out of the non-sense clouding our pathetic world. I have come to educate, to teach, and anyone that stands in the way of enlightment will suffer. Do yourself a favor Watcher. Do what you do best, and just watch. Stay in the locker room, and watch Theo Take on a much worthier opponent. In fact, Theo will even chip in for some popcorn and soda. Watcher, stay out of Theo's way!

(Theo smirks once more, as he spits as the downed cameraman. He grabs his book, and walks away)


Jan 10, 2004
New York
Watch and learn....

Fade in: the moon shines into a room through two different windows, but it still only manages to cast off a portion of the shadows inhabiting the space. From what can be seen, there is nothing furnishing the room. Then from a corner between the two windows, there is movement. At first it's caught from the corner of the camera's view, but the picture pans over to the person as he moves. His form cannot be distinguished, because of the shadows and dark clothing he wears. However, the person is sitting on a chair, probably the only piece of furniture in the room. Suddenly there is the sound of a match being struck, and a small flame appears on the end of a match held by this man. He speaks in a voice that is calm, youthful even, but also laced with something else -- sadness, or disgust.

Person: Yes...Theo...I have been watching....but eventually, the time to observe comes to an end.

The flame burns down the matchstick, and the person drops it onto the wooden floor a moment before his boot comes down onto it, smothering any flame that remained.

Watcher: The time has come for silence to be broken, and for actions to speak.

The Watcher sits still and pauses in silence.

Watcher: Judging by what you said, I suppose you think you 'taught' something to us all by going at that cameraman? You sure did get him good. Not that it means anything. He isn't your opponent at Combat, is he? No...that would be me. And you won't be able to find out if you're good enough to beat me until we get into the ring and hear the bell. Understand, Theo...until then, there isn't one thing you can do to truly prove you are better than anyone. Right now, you're just another player in the game. So it seems a waste of breath to be proclaiming yourself anything more than that. Unless your ego is in need of such pointless things as self-proclamations and useless attacks. And believe me, pointless and useless are exactly what describes your actions and words thus far. Empty is another word. Because it holds no water with me, and I doubt it matters any more to the rest of the NWL roster.

Another flame appears as Watcher strikes another match.

Watcher: We are each provided with a certain amount of leeway to do what we want, no matter how productive or...ignorant. But once one says or does too many foolish things....

Watcher drops the match and, again, stomps it out with his boot.

Watcher: The person's worth runs out. Credibility and respect -- if any has been built up -- will be gone. It's something that happens everyday in the world...that there are people who lose their worth. Because of their actions or words, some people suddenly find themselves on the outside looking in. And they can't cope with it, because they have too much pride, or too little clarity. Now you can say what you want, Theo, but you are not 'enlightened' to anything much. The way you talk makes you sound like the person who is in need of clarity. For someone who believes that they can just walk into a promotion, new or not, and have everyone step aside and not contest their claims...is someone foolish. I am not perfect. I know I have shortcomings. But this is simple stuff that I'm talking about. It's pretty easy to understand, if you aren't clouded by delusion, or in denial. However, it'll be up to you to figure out which category you want to fall into, Theo.

Watcher lights a third match, and this time brings it downward, closer to the floor. After holding it in place for a few moments, he raises it and flicks his wrist a couple times to put out the light, leaving a candle lit to provide a bit more illumination; though still not enough to show Watcher's face. His clothing can be seen, though: it is all a dark blue, and covers his whole body; even gloves covering his hands.

Watcher: I will not tell you what my own flaws are, because otherwise you, Theo, would not learn anything for yourself. But I am not one who wants very much. I wanted some freedom, some flexibility, in my life, and this was the best that I could find. Freedom is such a valuable thing, and yet so overlooked by many of those who have it for too long. You, for example, have obviously been able to run your mouth for too long in other places your life has led you to. Perhaps you didn't find anyone who would step up to you and tell you to your face how bad you made yourself look. Or maybe you did not believe them. Either way, I am here to let you know...you are the one speaking nonsense. You cannot 'teach' anything to those that are potentially more competent than you are. I will not say that you are, indeed, as ignorant as you have sounded thus far, but I can only imagine what you'll have to say the next time we all see you. I've seen a lot in my short life...enough to make other people value me, and not want me to leave their respective companies. Actually, they aren't so different than you seem to be, Theo. They sound foolish, expect people to bow down before them, rather than resisting them. I am sorry to say that I have helped those people, perhaps for too long. I knew what I was doing, and I still did it, probably for too long. But I never wanted to take this path that I'm now on...not until recently, that is. I come here looking to start over, just as our President Medina is starting over, in a way, as well. When I came here, though, I didn't expect to find someone so similar to the people that I was previously associated with. Then again, maybe I did expect it. Maybe I was hoping to find someone like you, Theo. Because now, rather than just taking all the crap, without so much as a word of protest, I can put down such people. I can do what I've wanted to do for some time. So perhaps I should be thanking you for being here, Theo. You're just the person I was hoping to come across.

Watcher chuckles softly before lighting a fourth match.

Watcher: Hope is something very precious. For those who have bleak futures, it is the thing that can keep them going. For those who are in good standing, it is something to be taken for granted, perhaps; something unneeded. But when I think about it, this tournament will see me doing what I have done many times. I will be dashing people's hopes, and it will start with yours, Theo. In our match, I will wittle down your hopes; first, of an easy victory. Then, of victory in any way, shape, or form. And when the bell rings to end the match, yours will be a sad state of affairs. Because your hopes....

The match, which is almost burnt down to the end of its stick, is dropped by the Watcher, who brings his boot down on the tiny flame that remains, extinguishing it.

Watcher: ....will be crushed, while my own....

Watcher takes hold of the candleholder, bringing the flame up to his face to reveal a dark blue mask. The eyes and mouth are covered by patches of black mesh, fashioned in the shape of horizontal diamonds.

Watcher: ....my own hopes will burn on. I will take one step closer to the NWL Heavyweight Title, and more importantly, I will further secure my freedom.

A gust of wind comes through the windows, blowing out the flame as Watcher speaks these final words, casting shadows on his form once again. Fade out.
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