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NWL Combat Special Preview Event: Jarod Poe vs. Shawn Hart


The Phenom
Jan 1, 2000
Salt Lake City, UT
The Genesis of Jiggy

(FADE IN: Disco balls, strobe lights, and a dancing man simply known as the Phenom grace your screen. With his silver vest gleaming and a smile on his face, he drops his tinted shades and begins...)

Le Phenom: ”Sooooo it is that, with the beginning of the new year, we meet the beginning of THIS, the National Wrestling League... and some good ol' fashioned COMBAT! Now, as is with every new kid on the block, it's plain to see that not everybody shares the same kind of enthusiasm I have for the project. Some would say it's a lost cause. Some even believe there's too much 'rasslin out there as it is! But me? I say the more the merrier... and besides, any doubt to be had over the survival of a new establishment ends with yours truly, your resident purveyor of jiggy freshness, El Hoooooombre Magnifico in the FLESH...

(Dramatic Pause!)


(He nods his head arrogantly, beaming with an ever-present confidence.)

LP: "...That bein’ said, for me.... it all begins with a man named Poe. A man I’m more than familiar with, and a man who’s DEFINITELY familiar with moi. However, despite our many comings and goings in the same places, time and time again, the two of us have yet to hook it up on the proverbial field of battle. That, in itself, is a TRAVESTY of epic proportions! I mean TO THINK of all those greasy promoters who’ve denied the entertainment starved masses of such an exquisite contest all these years, but alas... that’s what the NWL is all about, baby! Here, a slightly less greasy promoter, one whose head is only partially embedded in his backside, is doin’ the right thing, keepin’ his finger to the pulse of the people, and hearing them as they chant in unison... Phenom... Phenom... Poe... Poe...”

(A surly gangsta emerges from the shadows screaming, “Where?! WHERE?!” then peels some caps before bolting off-camera. Un-phased, the Phenom continues.)

LP: ”An awkward chant, but a public craving nonetheless... and hey, that’s what this league’s all about. We’ve got The Watcher, we’ve got the almighty Maelstrom, Poe, Theo, The Watcher, and the list will continue to grow. Matches we haven’t seen in years and matches we’ve yet to see all become possible, and believe you me, I fully intend to take advantage of the opportunities before me. Never before has Maelstrom gone down after the Monsoon a la Hart has hit! Fans have never watched the Watcher watch as I pinned his shoulders to the mat! In all my years, I’ve never had the opportunity to pop Poe ‘til he’s plum-tuckered! That all changes here and now at the beginning of a new era, a changing of the tides in the wrestling industry, the Genesis of Jiggy in the NWL!

This week, the pieces are in place and the game has begun. Who will step forth and reveal themselves as the top dawgs out of the gate? Can anybody POSSIBLY hope to match the soul stylings of the splendor that stands before you?! Heh, I think the answer to that one goes without saying. After all, everybody n’ their mother’s mistress knows that, as relates to the Phenom, if you try to go over, you’re gonna go UNDER! Poe will experience that first hand at this little preview shindig. After that, the sky’s the limit, nnnnnnnnnndaddio!! I’ll have the sky, the rest get the limit. Lovely how that works out, non?”

(He shakes his head, then chuckles to himself as he brings his little medley to a close.)

LP: ”Heh, bottom line... the NWL is here. And with me at the helm, nobody can stop it! The PHENOM... has left... the building!!”

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