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NWL Combat: Maelstrom vs. Pulsar

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The Donation

(FADE IN:..... the Elks Lodge, all is quiet now in stark contrast to just about 20 minutes earlier when the excitement was at such a frenzy that it sounded as if a full blown riot had erupted. Now all we hear are the sounds of silence as we immediately cut to an empty hallway leading to the wrestlers dressing rooms. Standing there, waiting patiently is none other than the NWL's own Emanuel Gonzago......)

EG: Hello everyone. I'm Emanuel Gonzago and we're here at the Elk's Lodge where we've just witnessed yet another great show by Andrew Medina's NWL. I've been here waiting now for about half an hour to see if I can get a few words from .....

(Emanuel Gonzago stops in mid sentence as he cocks an ear in the direction of approaching footsteps..... the cameras pan towards the sounds and we immediately see an emerging shadow appear.... growing larger as it approaches.....)

EG: ...... from the man that...... may just have ended the career of.....

(Emanuel slows his roll a bit as he waits.... anticipating the approach of.....)

EG: ..... (mumbling to himself) .... could this be.... YES! I think it is.... I think it's ......

(Gonzago pauses, almost strategically as a huge figure emerges from the shadows of the hallway. At first all we can see is a man dressed in jeans, Timberland boots and sporting a heavy black leather jacket as he carries a duffle bag. A few seconds later, he sweeps a few strands of hair away from his face with his free hand just as he exits the shadows.... revealing to us the face of the man known simply as.....)

EG: MAELSTROM!! MAELSTROM!! Can I please have a few moments of your time, por favor?

(Maelstrom stops right in front of Emanuel, glances briefly at his watch before responding.....)

MAELSTROM: You've got five minutes.

EG: Um, okay, that should be enough time. Maelstrom, you not only made short work of The Prophecy, in seemingly record time, but you may just have ended his career! Do you feel any remorse?

MAELSTROM: (glares impassively at Emanuel before answering) No.

EG: No? How can you justify imposing your will so severely on Prophecy? You could very well have killed him?!

MAELSTROM: (narrows his eyes slightly, causing Emanuel to become noticeably nervous) I don't need to justify anything I do to anyone, understand?

EG: (noticeably flustered) Um, si... SI! Of course Maelstrom. I wouldn't dream of disputing your views so, I'll just move on to your next opponent.... PULSAR! Do you have any concerns about facing yet another unknown opponent?

MAELSTROM: No. (glancing at his watch again)

EG: Are you perhaps, maybe underestimating Pulsar?

MAELSTROM: (sighs as he reacts in an inpatient manner) No. They can be the greatest, most talented wrestlers in the world or the most overrated, talentless sack of flesh in the industry..... I approach each match.... each opponent with only one thing in mind.....

EG: And that is?

MAELSTROM: To crush their dreams..... their hopes..... their very bodies if you will..... I'm out to destroy in every conceivable way, whoever is unlucky enough to tread in my path.

EG: And if things don't go your-----

(interrupted as Maelstrom waves him off)

MAELSTROM: Enough with the questions, the Mortal Sin and I have pressing business with Rocko Daymon in Philly in a few hours.


(Maelstrom suddenly stops in his tracks, turns around as he reaches inside his jacket pocket and pulls out an envelope)

EG: GRACIAS, Maelstrom.... GRA----


MAELSTROM: I said NO more questions.... (narrows his eyes as he hands Emanuel Gonzago the envelope) AND I MEAN IT!!

EG: Okay, estas bien. Um, what's this?

MAELSTROM: It's my pay from my match against Prophecy. I'm donating it as I had promised before, so give it to Medina and have him take care of Prophecy's medical bills. Afterall, I'm not into breaking words..... only bones.... (smiles faintly).

(without saying another word Maelstrom turns and walks away)

EG: Maelstrom! MAELSTROM! What about Pulsar? Are you suggesting the same proposition for your match against Pulsar? Maelstrom? M-A-E-L-S-T-R-O-M?!

(Maelstrom ignores Emanuel Gonzago's pleas as he continues to walk down the darkened hallway, eventually disappearing into the shadows embrace.... FADE OUT.....)
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Jan 1, 2000
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MAN 1: (HITS MAN 2 ON THE ARM AND POINTS AT PULSAR) Hey, hold on a sec, your Pulsar aint you?

PULSAR: (TURNS AROUND GINGERLY) Yeah, how you goin guys?

MAN 2: Not bad man, (JOKES) better than you by the looks of things.

PULSAR: (SMILES) Nah, I'll be alright, had a big match last night.

MAN 2: Yeah man, I know. I watched it at home. So have you been partying all night or what?

PULSAR: Mate, I went straight back to the motel, got some sleep and a bit of rest. I'll do some partying when this title tournament is over. Hell, I'll have to take my new friend out for a drink.

MAN 1: What new friend?

PULSAR: C'mon man, think about it...... the NWL title belt.


MAN 2: I dont think youll have worry about that.

PULSAR: (PULSARS SMILE WHIPS OFF HIS FACE) Whats that supposed to mean?

MAN 2: Well, youre up against Maelstrom in the next round arent you?


MAN 1: He's gonna kill you (LOOKING A BIT NERVOUS) he's nearly 7 foot tall, youre only about 6 3 ...

PULSAR: .. And youre about 6 even, should I kill you now, should I rip your head off right here and now because your in my way.... I suppose you guys liked watching Maelstrom tear that young kid apart, then break his neck, nearly killing him....(BECOMING FURIOUS) You guys agree with a person whose enjoyment in life is destroying the lives of those he crosses. (BOTH MEN SAY NOTHING, NOT MOVING, NOW LOOKING TERRIFIED) Maelstrom talks about people being "unlucky to be in his path", well at the moment I dont feel unlucky I feel great, and come Combat, when the referee has my hand raised in the middle of the ring and Pulsar is named in the NWL title round, I'll feel great again. Now (GETS RIGHT UP IN THE FACE OFF BOTH MEN) cue the excitement.



Welcome to your impasse.....

(FADE IN: ..... an office setting where we see an executive style chair with its back to us.... on either side of it we can see monitors.... both off for now, until.....

(CUTTO:..... one of the monitors as it comes on showing us excerpts from the NWL's most recent show at the Elks Lodge in Queen's NY.....

.....MI DIOS!!! The Prophecy just slapped Maelstrom in the face! He continues to yell at him, not caring what he just did.......

.....MORTAL SIN!!! MORTAL SIN!!! MORTAL SIN!!! Maelstrom quickly turned PO as he just locks in that gruesome submission finisher on The Prophecy. Prophecy is flailing around like a rag doll, as the referee is calling for the bell! Maelstrom continues to keep hold of Mortal Sin, as the referee is calling for help in the back. Maelstrom is not letting go, as he shouldn't, considering what The Prophecy just did. Security and referees flood the ring, as Maelstrom squeezes even tighter on The Prophecy's neck. Finally, Maelstrom lets go, only to throw The Prophecy down to the ground hard, as the fans are just cheering him on all the way through."

Kincaid: "I think it's safe to assume we won't be seeing The Prophecy anymore in the NWL...."

Gonzago: "I'm getting word that The Prophecy has just suffered a broken neck at the hands of Maelstrom, as now the EMTs are headed down to the ring. Maelstrom is walking to the back and the fans continue to cheer him on. An easy win and advancement into the tournament for Maelstrom."
(CUTTO: ..... the other monitor as it suddenly comes alive with an EPW segment of Aggression in Philadelphia....

DT: MORTAL SIN!!! MORTAL SIN!!! That’s Maelstrom’s finishing hold!!! But does he have enough energy to keep it on?!?

MN: Come on Rocko..... all you gotta do is hold out man.

DT: I can’t belive it.... this is amazing!!! Daymon’s thrashing around with all his might. He can’t escape!!!

MN: This is an extremely difficult hold to escape from Dave.... only two people in the past six years have done it!!

DT: Come on Rocko.... we’re pullin’ for ya’ man!!! I can’t believe this... look at the fight in Rocko Daymon!!!

MN: He’s a horse!!!

(Maelstrom applies the move even harder, screaming out a loud war cry. Daymon kicks his legs about attempting to get to his feet any way possible. Maelstrom refuses to relinquish the hold, and eventually Daymon’s legs stop kicking. He desperately tries to peel Mael’s hands away from him, but there’s no use....)


DT: This is insane.... do you see the amount of blood Rocko’s lost?

(After another minute in the hold, the fans start to chant ROCK O, ROCK O, but their calls fall on deaf ears, as Daymon finally slumps to the mat, passing out from the pain. The ref checks him, and his hand is raised and dropped.)

1 time.

DT: Come on Rocko.....

MN: Yeah man come on.... raise your hand.

2 times.

DT: ....

MN: Let’s go Daymon....

3 times.

(CUTTO: ...... Our original shot, this time with both monitors muted and the display frozen, showing Maelstrom trapping both Rocko Daymon and The Prophecy in the Mortal Sin. Seconds later, the executive style chair slowly swivels to face us, and we find ourselves face to face with the man known simply as.....)

MAELSTROM: Ironic how it's always those who "guarantee" things that end up being humbled in the most convincing manner. Is that what you're about Pulsar? Are you gonna guarantee anything for our upcoming match? Claiming confidence and drive to be your guide? Or will you perceive realistically?

(shrugs his shoulders)

MAELSTROM: I won’t bother trying to type-cast you Pulsar, nor will I bother trying to play headgames with you as I did against Kanyon and Daymon.... (nods knowingly) they were both fools living in denial..... it's too early to make a call on you though. Right now the only thing we seem to have in common, is the path that we’re currently on! You basically outsmarted your opponent whereas, I simply beat the living sh!t outta them. Does that mean it’ll be a match of brains vs brawn? (raises an eyebrow) Not likely. You strike me as having some semblance of foresight and I don't believe that your confidence would allow you the luxury of being over-zealous..... of believing that I'm one-dimensional.... at least not before you got to know me a little better....

(winks as he begins to chuckle)

MAELSTROM: Nah Pulsar.... there's way too much at stake for you to do that.... not while you're SOOOO close to attaining that golden wet dream of yours. Ya want it SO bad that, "I" can taste it! I can almost feel your hunger.... your desire....

(pauses as his eyes narrow a bit and he grins faintly)

MAELSTROM: ..... your blind quest.... your oblivious exposed flank.... I can almost feel 'em Pulsar. What makes me so insightful you may wonder? I'm not basing this on intuition or assumption, ya see, I've been where you were BEFORE, where you are NOW as well as where you WANT TO BE! Does it make me better than you? That I know everything there is to know about you?

(shakes his head from side to side)

MAELSTROM: Hardly. Actually, it has no real significance other than showing you that I understand where you're coming from.... I can empathize with your plight.... with your quest.....

(grins maliciously)

MAELSTROM: .... and yes, even with your pain!

(pauses momentarily)

MAELSTROM: Question is..... will you be able to identify with....

(smiles widely as he smacks a huge fist into the palm of his hand)

MAELSTROM:... MY PAIN?! Welcome to your impasse Pulsar......

(Maelstrom offers a wink as he swivels the chair around, effectively concealing himself from our view again. All that's left is the back of his chair along with the two monitors which continue to show Maelstrom trapping two opponents in the Mortal Sin..... FADE OUT.....)


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Jan 1, 2000
Corowa Australia

OORP: Sorry bout the slow RP, had heaps on and computer died. Had all the luck.


PULSAR: Impressive, very impressive. Man, that Mortal Sin is one deadly monovure, how many careers have you ended with that move? Or is it that many times that you've forgotten? You see Maelstrom, I've heard all the stories that go around bout you, I've seen you in action, but other then that I know nothing about you, and its obvious from your questions that you no nothing about me. So let me introduce myself.


PULSAR: Hi, my name is.... well (SMALL GRIN) Pulsar.... thatll do. I'm originally from Sydney, Australia. I've worked my way over to the States, earning every little bit of money by fighting my arse off for it. Why did I do it? Well, when I got here, it was all about the money, about making a life for myself, but now, man, its the thrill of the fight, the adrenaline that you get from whipping on that Black Hole and most of all its the respect I get from the fans, wrestlers and from myself.


PULSAR: You say that you dont want to "type-cast" me, so i'll do it for you. I am smart, I do use my brains for the victory, but I also use a heart and a will that wont quit.... Also, for your information, I do make garantees, (HOLDS A FINGER UP) just one, and that is... come the second episode of NWL Combat there will be a fight, a fight between two men, a fight for an oppurtunity of this industry's greatest prize, the NWL title.


PULSAR: You know what the funny part is Maelstrom, the one thing that you did claim to know about me, my "plight", my "quest", my "pain"... Do you think that man standing 6 foot 9 would've been passed over for the same opportunites as someone, whos only unique characteristic, is his incredible ability to be average? What? I didnt think so. And dont forget pain.... this body has been tossed around and kicked more than an NFL football. How often does the giant Maelstrom get thrown from one side of the ring to the other? Not very often I would imagine. I'm here cause I dont give up, not for you, not for anybody.


PULSAR: I'm not trying to scare you, make you nervous, I know that wont happen. I'm trying to get you ready, cause this fight may well take us to the third episode of Combat. Cue the damn excitement!


The Roar Of Silence

(FADE IN:..... to an NWL backdrop, as the cameras pull back some we see a huge man with his back to us, staring up at the NWL logo on the wall..... moments later, he slowly turns to face us, revealing to us a malicious grin on the face of the man we've come to know simply as......)

MAELSTROM: Do you hear that Pulsar?

(cocks an ear in a very animated fashion)

MAELSTROM: Do you hear the roar of silence? It's deafening isn't it? (smirks as he nods his head slightly) It's one of the worse sounds you'd ever hope to encounter...... why you may ask?

(pauses as he glares straight ahead.... eyes narrowing a bit)

MAELSTROM: It's the crossroads to an impasse Pulsar. That roar DOES have a bit of "finality" to it doesn't it? Almost overwhelming at times. It visits ALL of us at one time or another, at times simply observing us from the shadows, and at other times alerting us to it's presence. And it has no biase whatsoever...... no prejudice.... it doesn't care whether you're an Icon, a Legend...... or even a wrestling doormat. It watches at all times..... silent or not.

(glances around briefly before resuming.....)

MAELSTROM: You find it ironic that I should mention that I "felt" your pain? That a man of MY size and stature in the wrestling industry is even capable of feeling the same type of pain that someone like yourself could feel?

(raises an eyebrow in a questioning manner)

MAELSTROM: Why do you find that so hard to believe Pulsar..... I mean, I'm the FIRST to admit that NOBODY, regardless of how talented or strong they are ......

MAELSTROM: .....is unbeatable!

(resumes speaking in normal tones as his eyes narrow in a somewhat annoyed manner)

MAELSTROM: You question how often a man of my size gets tossed from post to post as if it's an impossibility! (shakes his head disparagingly) Pulsar, you speak and it carries the stench of uncertainty in your voice..... of fear, guaranteeing only the obvious.... that two men will battle like hell when they meet. Is that the best your confidence can muster? A nice "safe" guarantee?

(begins laughing faintly)

MAELSTROM: Well Pulsar, I'll take that guarantee and up the ante a bit...... I GUARANTEE that regardless of the outcome of this match, you'll NEVER.... EVER quite see things in the same light as you have before......

(nods knowingly as his eyes narrow in a menacing manner)

MAELSTROM: Hows THAT for cueing up the excitement?

(Maelstrom continues to glare at the cameras momentarily and then glances briefly around as he walks off the set, nodding his head, as if acknowledging someone that's watching him.... someone that's not there..... until ultimately, we find ourselves staring at an empty NWL backdrop amid the overwhelming roars of silence ..... FADE OUT.....)
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