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NWL Combat: Jarod Poe(c) vs. Hacker

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Jan 1, 2000

(There's a rythmic taping of fingers upon the NWL TV Title as Jarod Poe walks in front of an NWL Backdrop. He removes the title from around his waist and places it over his shoulder. He takes a moment to look at the title and smiles towards the camera. He places his back agaist the wall and slides down till he sits with his back against the wall. He nods his head forward towards the camera as he begins to speak)

Poe: Gold...glory...power. Is that what drives me? No..no I do what I do best. Funny how everyone was down on me. they saw my record and just overlooked me. Hart...Hero...they were just cheaters. to men not willing to stand and fight me. Ah, but I found my war. I found my battle. I found my fight and I found my victims. I found a feast of sacrifice to give to The BEast and one after another they fell. None did escape...none that were worthy. Just one got away...you Jobbor...got away. Once more..you were too afraid...you were worried about the last time we meet. You knew facing me onc emore would just end in defeat. So yuo did what you did best...you ran.

(He sighs and shakes his head)

Poe: Yet...your again not a worry. No...you nothing more the a passing thought. After all...I have someone else to focus on. I have a target to sight. I have a fresh soul to purge. I have a new victim. I have you Hacker and you have me. Me and the TV Title.

(He places knuckles in palm and cracks them loudly)

Poe: Now Hacker...i know you were hurt. I know you weren't the man you are capable of being. I know your bodyn was beating and maybe your spirit even crushed before that match even started. That ok...that really is. the point is you showed up...you put forth an effort.

(Makes a fist and shake sit)

Poe: You gave it the good fight. I just hope that this time...your all healed up

(He rises to his feet, places the title on his shoulder and slaps it with his palm)

Poe: For I am CHAMPION!!! I am the holder of the TV Title and while it's not the end of climb here in the NWL...well it's MINE right now. It's MINE Hacker. It's MINE and I'm not going to let anyman get the better of me. I didn't before I ahd this title and I'm DAMN sure not going to when anopther has a chance to take somethign away from me.

(He sticks out a finger and shakes it towards the camera)

Poe: See the gold isn't what I'm after. I just don't like losing. Having something physical to put on the line. Well it's an added insult to have another man take ANYTHING from you. That's why i want you to think about it Hacker. Think hard and think long. Afterall it's not going to be long before we're standing face to face.

(He seps forward and now peers directly into the camera)

Poe: The title is MINE Hacker...MINE and I'm not going to let you take it away. GO AHEAD...go ahead and try. I DARE YOU...Be my victim...become a sacrifice. I didn't let ten other men stop me to get it. I'm not letting ONE take it away. Go ahead and try Hacker...then I can show you personally as I SAID I would.

(He walks away and turns back tot he camera)

Poe: Hate what you don't understand and fear...fear what you can't conquer

(He let's loose a loud laugh and walks away)



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Jan 1, 2000
New Jersey
Never say Never

Backstage shows on of the NWL monitors and it just so happens it is showing the comments made by The TV Champion Jarod Poe. Even more by considence then anything else we also see Hacker along with his fiance/manager Data walking by. Hacker tells her to hold up as they both stop to watch what he has to say. After the promo is done and fades to black, Data looks up at Hacker's face and a smile is on his face.

Data- So that is our new TV Champion?

Hacker- Looks like it and it looks like he plans on keeping that title, there is just one small little problem with his whole logic.

Data- Let's me guess, he is facing you?

Hacker- Your half way right. It was true thanks to a freak accident that I was hurt and not 100% but hey that is water under the bridge. My wrist is back to normal and now I come for what I was denied.

Data- You know what I miss Hacker?

Hacker- What be that my darling?

Data- How you would crush people using your computer skills.

Hacker- Ahh, I know where you are heading at and no, I will not put my expert knowledge of the super information highway to find little bits and bites about Poe.

Data- It could help you in the end but that was not what I was refering to. There has to be video tapes on ebay or somewhere else on Poe. Every wrestler has a weak point. A small flaw in there wrestling style. If I may be so bold sweetie, let's find Poe's little weakness.

Hacker- *laughs* I know there was a reason why I wanted to marry you. Splended idea and I know just the man to speak to. Stay here, I will return later.

*Hacker gives Data a kiss and then walks in the direction they just came from as the camera fades out. A hour later you see a small alley and some sneaky going ons. A man stands there selling stuff out of a van to another man. Suddenly a siren goes off and the man buying the stuff runs off and the other buyer closes up shop quickly when he runs to the front to leave when he stops to see Hacker standing there with a bullhorn and a grin on his face.*

Hacker- Gotcha Mega!

Mega- Did I ever tell you that you are a crazy SOB Hacker?

Hacker- I recall you saying something along those lines. *smiles* How you been old friend, it's been what 2 yrs now?

Mega- Yeah last I heard about you were that you were trying to destroy some vampire name Pitt because he liked Natalia? How did that work out?

Hacker- Well me and her are now engaged to be married and I haven't seen the likes of Pitt in a while.

Mega- Congrats are in order then, but I have a feeling that is not why you are here.

Hacker- Your right..I heard that you might have a few video tapes of a man named Jarod Poe?

Mega- That I do. Not a bad wrestler if I do say so myself. Let me guess you are facing him this week?

Hacker- Nothing get's by you does it?

Mega- Nope, I am like God, I know everything. *goes to the back of his van and opens it* Let me see...I got the entire set of Sweating to the Oldies..but that is for that fat chick on Johnson Ave. *pulls out a rubber chicken* How did this get in here? *tosses it* Ahhh...no that is the video of Shawn Hart's dressed in drag...

Hacker- *laughs* Hey throw that in, that might be helpful later on for me.

Mega- Your in luck my friend, for this hour and this hour only I am having a buy 2 videos, get on free. *keeps looking* Ahh here they are.

Mega hands Hacker two videos and the third of Hart that he mentioned.

Hacker- What do I owe you?

Mega- $20 bucks! You can't get these suckers that cheap at Wal-Mart.

Hacker- Yeah I know. *hands him the money and shakes his hand* Thanks Mega and don't get into to much trouble will ya?

Mega- You know me Hacker, I never find trouble..

Hacker- Trouble always finds you...that sounds way to familar.

Mega- I will see ya around and oh tell Data I said hello.

Hacker- I will. See ya bro.

Hacker walks away with the tapes and heads backs to his motorcycle and drives away as the camera fades out.


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Now on DVD

(Jarod Poe walks through the backdoors of the Roseland Ballroom. Slung over his shoulder a black duffel bag carries his ring gear. He pauses for a moment as the camera man comes closer and catches Jarod's eye. He pauses for a moment and a large smile creases upon his lips. He chuckles lowly to himself as he extends his index finger and motions for the camera to come closer)

Poe: Here I am Hacker.

(He drops the bag of from his shoulder and shows it to the camera)

Poe: Right here is what you want. Stuffed away in the bag, under my gear and wrapped in a leather case is the T.V. Title. It's my prize. It's something I WORKED for. It's something I BLEED for. Most of all it's something I TRAINED for. That's what took me to Rumble in the Jungle. That's what pt me over the top. I was the SUPERIOR wrestler on that night. It wasn't because cheated...I didn't have any EXCUSE and I damn sure didn't watch any FILM. No Hacker...I won, because I simply reacted better then anybody else.

(He starts walking down one of the back hallways and the camera man rushes n front. The picture wobbles slightly as Jarod walks and talks)

Poe: I waited...waited nearly a week for something to fear. For a reason why I should not be confident I could defend my title. I waited and I hoped for a challenger that was going to give me the fight I've been looking for. I was looking for a warrior and I didn't even get a man. What I got was a fool. A fool whose went out of his way just to get some video tape on me. Went out of his way to get some tenth generation copy from a tape trader. Does that make you any better then the rest of the people who keep him in business. You know...cheap marks. They always looking for a deal and never paying. They wanting to claim their hardcore love for us wrestler, but won't cough up for money for the product that puts it back in our pocket. I guess that doesn't make you much better r then any of them

(Jarod pauses for am moment and looks down the hall. Again he smiles and picks up the pace again)

Poe: Yet here's a simple fact Hacker. Despite all the trouble you went through...IT WON'T DO YOU ANY GOOD!!! See I'm a reactionary type of guy. I don't wrestle offensively. I look for an opening. those old matches are just that...OLD!!! The moves I made on any given night against any given wrestler were solely in reaction to that man...and on that night. You...your a different man and this is a different night. Yet if you really think it will help. Then I would have saved you all the trouble

(He stops, extends his middle finger and places the finger tip onto a door. the camera spits around and the following words are written. "HACKER" Jarod reaches into his duffel bag and removes a small square plastic case. He then removes some athletic tape and in turn tapes the case to the outside of the door)

Poe: There you go Hacker. There's every match I wrestled in the GLCW and on DVD none-the-less. You go ahead...you watch it...hell you enjoy. Better yet...just a second...

(Jaord reaches into his jacket pocket, pulls out a black marker and signs his autograph onto an exposed portion of the case)

Poe: There you go Hacker. Now...not only do you have your precious film, but hell you've got a collectors item. You know while I'm here I'm nearly tempted to leave you my shirt so Data will know what a real man smells like.

(He smiles and laughs to himself)

Poe: For you see Hacker...there's no amount of watching tape that will help you. that's not going to give you an edge. You've got to get in the ring and TRAIN. Train Hacker...that's what I did. You've got to counter the moves. You've got to weaken body parts. You've got to keep up your stamina. Most of all...you've got to know your own weaknesses. Then and only when you've done that. Then you get in the ring. You get in the ring and you look for it. You look for that weak point in your opponent. For it's only in the ring where you will find it.

(Jarod slings the duffel bag back over his shoulder and moves closer to the camera)

Poe: So you goa head Hacker. You watch my matches...you try and look for my weakness. It doesn't matter...I've aready found yours. While you wasted time running down tape on some of my old matches. I was in the gym...I was in the the ring...I was preparing for you. I took this serioisly. I took this with pride. You...you wasted time. That's why I'm champion...and your a challenger.

(Jarod backs up and pats the DVD tapes to the door)

Poe: Look on the bright side through Hacker. After tonight...when I walk out of the ring with MY title. Well you'll be just anothe rmatch added to Volume Two. Only don't gos down back alley's looking for some guy in a van. Goto the store...goto my website...hell just ask...I'll be happy to send it for free. It will come with a note just for you. Thanky You Hacker for being my victim. Best Regards, Jarod Poe.

(He smiles and spits on the ground)

Poe: I'll see you in the ring

(Jarod let's loose a loud laugh, turns his back and walks away)

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