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NWL Combat: Cameron Love vs. Luster

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Jan 3, 2004
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((This was posted for Jason since he was having some trouble posting RPs on the board. - AUM))

((We open up on the inside of a booth at a radio station in Iowa. DJ Jeff Styles, the charismatic voice of the Iowa airwaves, is interviewing up-and-coming wrestler Cameron Love. Love looks comfortable, wearing a NWL T-shirt, blue jeans, and his standard pink heart sunglasses. We're pretty far into the interview right now: let's watch.))

DJ JEFF STYLES: So what kinds of food do you eat before a match?

CAMERON LOVE: Before a wrestling match, I usually grab something light or something like that. No heavy sandwiches or anything. But before a match in the sack...heheh...I like to grab ahold of some chocolate, or maybe an energy bar. You know, something that will keep me going for awhile.

DJ JEFF STYLES: Well, Cameron, I think that the question that everyone out there has been waiting to have answered is -- how are you going to do in the ring next show?

(( Love raises an eyebrow, then slips off the sunglasses.))

CAMERON LOVE: Let me just first say this: I am sick and tired of all you guys that say, "Cameron Love is nothing." "Cameron Love is a pretender." "Cameron Love is just full of hot air." Well I can insure you all that this is not true. I'm a contender, my friends, and I go about everything that I do -- be it wrestling with the boys in the ring or tussling with the ladies under the covers -- with a hot and sweaty drive and a dose of hard determination. I am not a joke, my friends. I am not someone that you can just brush off with a wave of your hand. Cameron Love is THE man to beat in NWL, starting with the next Combat. Luster -- you are first. Get ready, NWL -- Cameron Love is coming the New York!

((Fade to black as Jeff Styles starts to lead into the next question.))
Not open for further replies.

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