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Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
Here is a list of the NPCs in New ERA and a little bit about their personalities should you use them in your roleplays.

- Marcus LaRoque
Common sense is LaRoque's game. He's sensitive to the fans, but he doesn't give in to their every whim. He's strong-willed, but even headed. He was initially pushed out of New ERA by his brother, Jean-Michel LaRoque, but after the brothers reconciled, he was given the position of President once more, albeit with a much smaller budget.

- Natalie Newman
Newman first showed up as an announcer for former Vice President Juliet Marceau's all-female wrestling promotion the VENUS Wrestling Alliance. After that folded, she was brought into the mix as a commentator for WFW:NE Unplugged and was going to be the new commentator for New ERA RAPTURE before the closure. Now she is one-half of the team for the intro to Cyberstrike, and will be doing commentary for the premier events. She is intelligent and can be quick with a biting comment if the situation calls for it.

- Jason Tripp
Tripp's initial role in New ERA was that of backstage interviewer. He was then promoted to play-by-play on the New ERA RAPTURE program before being annexed by Juliet Marceau for her VENUS B1TCHIN' program. While doing RAPTURE, Tripp remained the backstage interviewer for RAUCOUS. When he returned to New ERA after VENUS closed, he was given full-time play-by-play duties ... first on RAPTURE, then on WFW:NE Unplugged and finally on Cyberstrike. He marks easily and is extremely knowledgeable about the business.

- Jamie Links
Links was brought in for Marceau's VENUS Wrestling Alliance but was then transferred to the RAPTURE program. She replaced long-time ring announcer Carl Jacobs during the WFW:NE tenure and remained as the official ring announcer ever since.

- Sam Baxter
Baxter replaced Jason Tripp as the backstage interviewer when Tripp took the play-by-play position on VENUS B1TCHIN'. He remained in the position upon Tripp's return and has never looked back. Baxter is easily influenced by his interview subject.

- Jennifer Harding
Harding was the backstage interviewer for the VENUS Wrestling Alliance. She came to New ERA after VENUS folded and has split some duties with Sam Baxter. Harding is awe-struck by her interview subjects and sometimes forgets she's on camera. This usually leads to her somewhat flirtatious backstage scoops.

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