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Now You've Done It......


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Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas
**Fade in.....

A tall man in a black, hooded robe with face painted white is skating across the sidewalk of some post card neighborhood in the middle of the night. Only the dim light of the street lights as his guide he weaves in and out of the sidewalk and street between trash cans and other things cluttering the sidewalks. He continues on for a minute until he quickly pops the board up and plants his right foot hard on the pavement. He picks the board up by the trucks and tucks it away under the sleeve of his black robe. As he pulls the hood back and begins to speak we can tell by the commanding voice that it is none other than Lance Liezure.**

Lance: J.J.....J.J......What WILL I have to do with you?! 'Hot bod?!' 'Human weapon?!' 'Fast lane *I* drive in?!' Haha.....

J.J., your nothing poor than a pitiful fool......A pitiful fool that WILL be demolished if he decides to get in the way of Lance Liezure...YES THAT'S MY REAL NAME! You don't know the grave your digging yourself into. Last time, you got lucky. I was unable to fight because, fortunately for you, my partner didn't show! The cards played into your hands that time, but next time, trust me, Justin James Juventud Just Shut The Hell Up, your hand won't be dealt so well. I'm not depending on any GIRLS to fight you. I'll be ready for you one-on-one anytime, anywhere.

Now, how perfect is it that you can catch up with me at this time. My time. This hallowed eve. It's just the perfect setting for something bad to happen.

**Lance looks up at the sky. The moon is full and glowing. Clouds are seen moving quickly past the glow of the moon. Looking like the setting of a scary movie.**

Lance: It's funny that YOU think I'M afraid of YOU, Mr. DeVille. This really isn't a good time for someone to be walking the streets alone. Hell, anything could happen....It's halloween. And we all know how the FREAKS come out at Halloween, and I think a few of us around here know all about FREAKS.

My point is simply this, J.J., Lance Liezure...MY REAL NAME...is a man of few fears....and my dear friend, J.J., is most certainly NOT one of them! I'm ready for you, my man. Anyplace, anywhere. I'll prove to you I won't run. I'll stand toe-to-toe and fight you until every last drop of sweat has been poured from my body...which, by the way, probably won't be any at all for you. J.J., I can't wait until the next time we meet up again. Whether it be a dark alleyway, (Lance peers around the street corner.) the middle of the road, (Lance walks into the middle of the street.) or in the middle of the squared-circle, I promise you that I will show you how business is disposed of and you will NEVER want to show your face around me AGAIN!

**Lance flings the hood back over his head, covering his face. He plants the board back down and stands on it. He starts to push off but stops and turns around.**

........NEVER AGAIN.

**He turns back around and gives a hard push off and speeds off down the middle of the street until he is no longer visible then we.....

....Fade to Black!!!**

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