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Non Title: Aaron v Chaos (c)


Jan 1, 2000
San Francisco, CA
All RP for the non-title match between KEITH AARON and CHAOS (c) at RAUCOUS should be done in this folder. Any RP posted outside of the folder will not count.

- Chaos chooses the stipulations for the match.

The RP deadline is 11:59pm PST on SUNDAY, April 25, 2010. Angles should be sent to neweraofwrestling@gmail.com ..


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
(The camera opens before a New Era backdrop)

Chaos: So now comes the time. I step into the ring last card...show the new boys just what the boss expects of them and look what happens. I get one of these guys and here it is. This kid....what's his name Keith Aaron and what do they call him?

((Voice from off camera)) Bad Ass!!!

(Chaos shakes his head)

Chaos: Bad Ass?...Really? Look Kid, you might be a wise ass...at best. But if you get in the ring with me....you're a Dumb Ass. Your stepping into the ring with the PCX Champion...7ft Extreme, The Hardware Warrior, The Home Depot Destroyer, New Era very own Red Cross unit. Only your donating blood.

(He walks closer to the camera)

Chaos: Cause this is the forth time I've won this belt, I've proven nobody in the world is more Violent, extreme or just plain crazy then I am. Yet I'm going to give you a pass Keith. See your young, you might have a future after this match. So while the rules of the match are at my descretion...glass, barbed-wire, thumbtacks...etc

(he reaches down and you hear the rattle of metal as he lifts a chain in his hand)

Chaos: It's me and you tied at the necy like two putbulls. Dog Chain match Keith and when all is said and down...you won't be a Bad Ass....you'll just be Bad

(he shakes the chain in front of the camera)

Chaos: See you in the ring son


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