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Niklas and Emelie


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Jun 8, 2019
United Kingdom
I think my first post broke the forums due to the brackets, trying again, please delete the other one!

Hello! Looking to make a comeback to this wonderful world, been working hard on my application today. I've already spoken to kaegiacona, hope I seem like a good fit! :)

Handler Information

Name: Katie B
Email: katie.ewrestling@gmail.com
Best Way to Contact You: Will be in Skype chats but I'm more commonly available on Discord. I can provide usernames on a more private forum
eWrestling Experience: When I was very young (I'm still in my early 20s) I was a low profile part of a couple of Primetime Central federations. I've been out of it for a while now, but the experience is there! I'm also a writer away from here so my writing skills are generally very good.
How Did You Find DEFIANCE: I messaged the PTC Facebook page and they sent me your way. (It'd be good, if you don't mind a newbie making a suggestion, to try to move up in Google searches and hit some search terms, I think it'd really aid discovery for people like me, for a moment I thought EW was dead!)
Are You Willing To Write Matches: Yes, I understand it's a requirement.

Wrestler(s) Information
My application is for two wrestlers. Niklas is, however, the main one, at least initially. Emelie will be part of his wider arc and will also be able to compete herself, although obviously her opportunities to do so are maybe a little limited as she's a female talent. There's also no reason they wouldn't be able to tag together. One further point is that I plan to double up with Emelie elsewhere, but she'd be a purely distinct character elsewhere (her arcs wouldn't be tied to her brother so that shouldn't be hard to do), have already checked that this is OK.


Ring Name: Niklas
Height: 186cm (6 foot 2 inches)
Weight: 220lbs

Date of Birth: 23 April 1994
Born: Manchester, UK
Hailing From: "Now residing in Los Angeles, California"
Theme Music: Slapshot by Jug (initially, at least - it's a rock instrumental, he may get something else once I find a good fit)

Alignment: Heel, but with enough shades of grey that he's a character that fans and others can potentially sympathise with as he develops. It's complicated.

Wrestling Style: As a worker, he's a solid and athletic young talent. His persona means his in-ring work is intense and hard-hitting, with numerous power moves.

His gimmick means he has something of a "take it out on them" attitude in the ring, emphasising the sense that in many ways he's an angry and bitter character. His matches, at least in the case of his early matches, are sold as an outlet for his frustrations. His in-ring work is performed to look fairly stiff as a result of this, although he isn't stiff in practice. If sufficiently wound up, he can be even more explosive.

He'll gently bend some rules, for example not always letting up to break a hold immediately, and isn't the best at respecting authority, but he doesn't typically have a "win at all costs" attitude. Getting the pin isn't always the priority.

Despite the more "power" based nature of his in-ring character, he is a decent in-ring worker, in good shape and with an athletic build. He has the ability to perform more athletic moves, such as some high-flying manoeuvres, although these are not typically part of his current move set. However, for all of his strengths, he is early in his career and a little green, and not such a good worker that he'd drag 5* matches out of everybody.

A real world comparison (as reluctant as I am to make them!) for his in-ring ability might be Edge or Christian in 1998-99, when they were good workers, but still young and not at the top of their game. Comparisons for his in-ring psychology and intensity might be Kevin Thorn, Ken Shamrock or, again, very early Edge.

Regular Moves:

  • Knee Drops
  • Forearm Smash
  • High Knee and Knee Lift
  • Flapjack
  • Scoop Powerslam
  • Brainbuster
  • DDT and Reverse DDT
  • Exploder Suplex
  • Dropkick and Missile Dropkick
  • Superplex

Trademark Moves:

  • Tilt-a-Whirl Slam - A powerful move that can be used to turn momentum in a match or as a lead toward a finish.
  • Front Facelock Drop - Driven hard into the mat. Impression made of a hard impact to their face/head. As a move it can be applied and performed quickly and explosively. It's also an easy move to perform onto a chair if ever appropriate.
  • Moonsault - He possesses an eye-catching moonsault that can be used as a precursor to a finish, although it?s not a move that would be used much if he?s in a heel arc.

Finishing Move:

  • Swinging Argentine Facebuster - A high impact move, performed quickly without much of a hold in the Argentine rack, delivered into the usual sit-out position.

Rare Special Finishers:

  • Crucifix Powerbomb - With release. Delivered as a real statement or as a last resort.
  • Cross Armbar (Cross Armbreaker) - Would only be used in a submission match, I Quit match, or similar, or to cause deliberate harm, and not as part of his regular match offence. Sure to be applied viciously, but never previously used.

Note: I just realised while submitting this that I haven't named any of his moves. I will be naming the Front Facelock Drop and his main finishing move.


  • Athleticism - Niklas is athletic for his size, perhaps even more so than his moveset allows him to presently demonstrate
  • Power - He has a hard-hitting style, especially with his current gimmicking, and can do real damage with some of his moves
  • Intensity - He is an intense in-ring performer and can really take it to somebody with his approach


  • Bad Attitude - Niklas doesn't always have the best attitude, especially to authority such as referees
  • Not Uber-Strong - Niklas is strong and has power moves, but is not a giant or a super-heavyweight, and would perhaps be less capable of using his power game against them
  • Inexperience - Niklas is still somewhat inexperienced, as he is young and has only a couple of years of matches under his belt


Ring Name: Emelie
Height: 173cm (5 foot 8 inches)
Weight: 124lbs

Date of Birth: 2 January 1997
Born: Manchester, UK
Hailing From: "Now residing in Los Angeles, California"
Theme Music: Animal by VUKOVI

Alignment: Face. Despite her association with her brother, her behaviours are difficult to see as heelish. She's the good cop to his bad cop.

Wrestling Style: Athletic.

Emelie mainly utilises her athleticism to move nimbly around the ring, using moves that carry her momentum through for impact, and some high-flying manoeuvres. In this sense she's a typical modern day female wrestler, but some of her moves are more hard-hitting and would have an effect on men.

Her in-ring persona can be playful and even a little cheeky, but at the same time she's capable of doing some damage. As a young wrestler, despite having some nice moves in her repertoire, she's still quite green and early in her career.

Regular Moves:

  • Backhand Chop
  • Knee Lift
  • Headscissors Takedown
  • Spinning Bulldog
  • Single Leg Dropkick
  • Running Snapmare Driver
  • Corkscrew Neckbreaker and Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Single Knee Facebreaker
  • Brainbuster Suplex (only on women/light men)
  • Plancha (Pescado)

Trademark Moves:

  • Gamengiri (Jumping High Kick) - Used as a strong signature offence that can act as a turning point in a match, or to set up a hot tag, or as a set up to a finish. Versatile and viable on almost all opponents. Due to the nature of the move it's possible to initiate out of nowhere or be a surprise. Could be viably used even as a rare finish against a weaker opponent.
  • Leg Sweep > Leg Drop - A cheeky move reflecting her personality, rather than a finisher or strong attack. She sweeps the opponent, causing them to fall, and then immediately drops a leg on them.
  • Running Tornado DDT - With some swing, and giving the impression of the opponent being spiked on their head, followed by the opponent lying flat. Another move that can be used suddenly out of nowhere, or as a run-in, but more commonly to set-up and as part of her finish. The momentum of the move (visibly created by the swing) makes it look like a viable attack on men of most sizes. This does a lot of the damage for the finish.

Finishing Move:

  • Springboard Moonsault - Immediately following the Running Tornado DDT, this is a fast exclamation point before the pin, to the point the Running Tornado DDT > Springboard Moonsault could be seen as more of a finishing combination.

Note: Again, I will be naming her trademark and finishing moves shortly.

Rare Special Finisher

  • None. As of yet she is not established enough to have developed such a move.

Three Strengths:

  • Speed - Emelie is quick and can out-do many opponents for speed
  • Athleticism - Many of her manoeuvres are athletic and agile
  • Resilient - She can be quite spirited and resilient, and would put up a fight if need be

Three Weaknesses:

  • Less Strength - Although not a total weakling, and despite possessing some impactful moves that could damage men, she is not a brute
  • Inexperience - Emelie is a rookie
  • Not Ruthless - She has the potential to be a little odd or quirky in her move choices rather than going in for the most effective kill


Note: There's several pieces to this, but the bits titled "Character Biography" are the synopses being pitched for publication on the website. The rest is broadly for background and reference.

Shoot Biography

Niklas and Emelie are, as far as is known, real life brother and sister. They are from England, but have some Swedish blood in them too, hence their somewhat Nordic names. Both now live in and are billed as residing in Los Angeles, CA.

Niklas is 25 years old (as of June 2019), and Emelie is 22 years old (as of June 2019).


Niklas is white with icy blue eyes, and an athletic 6 foot 2 inches. He is not heavy set but looks strong. He has dyed black, medium-to-long hair with a fringe (not too emo). It is unclear what his natural hair colour is. His usual ring attire is to no top with black-and-white bottoms, sometimes varying these colours between events.

Emelie is white with brown eyes, and an athletic 5 foot 8 inches. She has a small-to-medium sized chest with long legs. She has her natural, reddish brown hair, long and with a side fringe. She wears eyeliner but otherwise has a fairly natural look. If competing she would typically tie this back in some way, such as into a ponytail. If not competing she would usually wear it down. Her clothes are usually on the darker side out of the ring, in ring she wears similar attire to her brother except for wearing a sports bra style top.


Niklas comes from a couple of years freelancing around the indies, with the occasional regular role and some spots as an enhancement talent at larger promotions. He is vaguely on the radar of the "smark" crowd from his bookings without standing out or getting them particularly excited. He remains somewhat green as a newcomer but is also a solid worker.

Emelie is a rookie with limited prior experience from a couple of women's matches and some spots accompanying Niklas to his bookings. She is largely unknown to the "smark" crowd. She has been through training, but has less in-ring experience.

Character Biography: Niklas

Niklas is a young man with an axe to grind. Seemingly resentful and bitter, he can seem apathetic at times and deadpan at others, and seeks to take out his frustrations on his opponents, using the ring as his outlet.

It is unclear exactly why Niklas is so alienated by the world, and if he has just cause to feel that way. What is known is that he is a British-born resident of Los Angeles, California, and a relative newcomer to the wrestling world. His in-ring style, athletic yet powerful, will surely catch the eye and make him a new threat in DEFIANCE, especially with his drive to make a dark statement against his unwitting opponents.

Along for the ride with Niklas is Emelie, his younger sister and green in-ring talent. Emelie shares his ability to be deadpan, snarky and even sarcastic, but has a considerably quirkier, lively personality. Sometimes Niklas can seem frustrated by his sister and even hostile toward her, but it is clear at other times that he is protective of her and that she is one of the few people he cares about.

Character Biography: Emelie

Emelie is a quirky, hyper, slightly kooky young female wrestler who comes to DEFIANCE as a rookie, tagging along for the ride with her older and more experienced brother Niklas, who she also accompanies to matches and spends her time at events with.

In contrast with her frustrated brother, Emelie is a lively person, but still a little bit of a misfit. She does her best to try to keep Niklas away from being a dick, often unsuccessfully, but shares in his successes and stays loyal to him all the same. She is sarcastic and witty, but it's possible there may be more than meets the eye and hidden layers under her spirited veneer.

Writing Sample

I've been advised that this is just to show I can write. I did this quickly (far quicker than all of the above!) and I don't think it's a particularly interesting scene, but hopefully it'll do its job.


A backstage segment begins with a close-up of a television screen that is playing a vignette package for a new DEFIANCE wrestler, Niklas. The package features lots of quick cuts between jittery close-ups of Niklas brooding at the camera and filtered footage of him beating up an anonymous wrestler in a ring, all set to rock music. After just five or six seconds, it ends with a caption stating that Niklas is coming soon.

The camera cuts to a wider shot of a corridor, showing two people - Niklas and another new DEFIANCE recruit, Emelie - watching the screen.

Oh my god. That is the cheesiest thing I've ever seen!

Niklas turns his head to her, pauses, and then looks back to the screen, which remains suspended on the final caption of the video.

Niklas: [unenthusiastically]
I know. They made me do it.

I mean, what was with all of the jumping around? I think I had a seizure.

They said that they needed to hype me before I can actually have a match. So they brought this wrestler guy to the wrestling school near us and told me to do some of my moves on him.

Well, it's edgy as fuck. Why didn't they ask me to come?

Niklas shrugs. Emelie, told she'll be on the roster, hasn't been given an indication yet of when she'll debut.

I mean, I'm going to be there for your matches. I need to keep you out of trouble, don't I?

At a glance it's a strange comment. Niklas, over six-foot tall and weighing around 220lbs, being kept out of trouble by his younger sister, an athlete but clearly not in his league.

Niklas doesn't address the comment, instead walking away down the corridor a little abruptly. Emelie scoots along, keeping up behind him.

Oi! Answer me!

Niklas: [deadpan]
No, you.

I actually do mean it, I know what you can get like!

The two continue down the corridor, as the shot pans back to the screen stating that Niklas is coming soon, before cutting to the next scene.

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Feb 4, 2005
Solid charactetrs and thought out application. I say yes


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Jan 6, 2005
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I would love to see more of our roster give their thoughts, but as we prep for a new arc I'd like to get this ball rolling. I vote yes. Welcome to DEFIANCE.


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Jun 8, 2019
United Kingdom
Great! I'm more than happy to receive more thoughts and comments, either here, on Skype, or elsewhere. Keen to add an extra active person to the mix :)

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