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Nice "JOB"


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Jan 1, 2000
Mayflower, Arkansas
(OORP: lol. it's cool, dude, didn't notice until you said something actually. I just put my names in caps as if I were special :) )

**Fade in...

A dark night in the middle of the streets of Charleston. In the distance is an expensive local hotel. Cut to a closer scene of the outside on the local hotel. Outside, Lance is standing holding his board out in front of him. He left Jessie back at the hotel and Cassie he is too far away from for his tastes. So just Lance.. alone.. again.

He pauses for a moment only to take off with a running start and slams the board down then nails a quick, but shaky kickflip before riding off past the camera. Cut to about 500 feet down the road a shot of the back of Lance as quickly stops and kicks the board up into his hand.**

Lance: Whew! It's been a while.

**He turns around towards the camera and pulls his Lars Ulrich AHEAD drumsticks out of his torn, blue jeans' pocket. Lance wipes one stick on his black, System of a Down t-shirt which is covered by a red button-up shirt which has skulls lining the whole length of the shirt. He then puts one stick in between his index and middle finger and begins to twirl it around as he backs up and leans his back onto a concrete wall with one leg up for support.**

Lance: Well.. Nate, those are some STRONG allegations right there, buddy... and with those allegations it seems you don't know quite very much about me as well. I'll give you some credit... you've done your homework on the rich kid part... and the drummer slash skater freak... well... I hate to say, but I have made it kinda obvious, huh?

**Lance holds up the board with one hand and twirls the drumstick again with the other.**

So that was good of ya', bro, but I guess now a little F.Y.I. for ya'.

First of all, I have been a fan of this sport far before I'd touched a board or drumstick. I was wrestling imaginary opponents bigger than you when I was probably 5 years old in my living room at home. Watching some of my favorite stars of the past and present... wanting to be them... starstruck, I believe it is.

**Lance removes the red shirt and throws it on the ground next to him exposing the length of his arms.**

Now, the rich part may have come before my wrestling career, but that didn't deter me in my quest to be a star... or as you say, "champion", one day. Now, here I am in the CSWA... can't say I'm a star... and can't say I've even been a champion, but I'm just like you... I'm giving it my damndest and if that isn't good enough then I guess I am just doomed here, but I'm sure as hell gonna try. It may not be "in my blood" and I sure don't eat, sleep, and/or breathe this sport, but I do have this same "passion" that you talked about. I don't know if yours is greater or not, but we'll just see that won't we.

**Lance slides his back down the wall and sits down on the pavement with his board next to him and his sticks in his lap. He rests his head back on the wall with a cool... kinda sly look on his face. Totally laid back.**

But you say... you want to win... because I said you can't pin me. Well, you should understand something first, my friend...

You won't PIN me!

You won't make me tap out, render me unconscious, get me counted out, disqualified, or anything else you can think of which could force me to lose this match with you at ON TIME. I've had more experience than you and I've had more high pressure situations that you... and trust me, I don't crack. You're fresh out of wrestling school... while I've been tossed around from fed to fed gaining experience and victories along the way until finally landing it here in the CSWA. Now I'm trying my damndest to make a name for myself here, among the elite!

So I hope at ON TIME I am able to put you over well... becuase I am DAMN sure gonna make you famous... and you are DAMN sure... to be THRASHED!!!

**Lance places one hand on the cold, concrete ground to hoist himself to his feet before grabbing his board and sticks. He places a stick, tip-down, into each pocket of his torn, blue jeans. Lance then slams the board back down onto the ground then rides off from the scene giving the camera a big "rock on" sign with his hand as we...

...Fade to Black!!!**

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