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Main Event Caliber
Apr 16, 2012
St. Louis, MO
No respawnce? Ack!

- Big show leading up to the next RELOADED, and the intro hits all the bit storybits. Lots of bullet points for the many interweaving stories going on in NFW.

- JJ's back! It's interesting to see him in this sort of "atonement" angle, and that it's not quite gotten off to the start he was hoping because he's been such a bastard for so long. It'll be interesting to see the continuing dynamic of Randalls/JJ going forward, and whether it's truly possible for JJ to become a face here.

- HOT TAG TEAM ACTION! Knowing what I've known about El Cabron and what I've seen here already it's going to be a pretty sweet tag division very soon. I like both these teams a lot. MORE!

- I loved this. The classic newcomer vs veteran where both are moving up the ladder, with a twist - Legion has been a character for a long time that's been more concerned about chaos than a win or loss here and there. In the past you could look at setting fire to sets, or starting a constant stream of locker-room-clearing brawls, etc, but this time it's a new animal; having a victory locked up and then opting to get into K2's head instead. Will love to see where this goes from here. Love both of these characters.

- Voss and I wrote the contract signing. Stealing B&V Music Factory for the future.

- I liked the idea of quickly introducing a stream of NPCs that may or may not join the main roster soon. Would love if there was a section on the NFW site dedicated to quick UWA updates - random power ranking things, quick match results, simple little things to make it a more fully-exposed universe.

- ANOTHER MIKE RANDALLS SIGHTING! The 10 minute breather thing is a unique stipulation that will make for some excellent matchwriting opportunities at RELOADED. I suspect the 9:30-10:30 sections of that TV title match will be hot hot heat.

- The rookie/veteran matchup, but with different wrinkles than K2/Legion - Castor gets the clean win, but Xavier looks like a stud for getting a 2.9 and going toe-to-toe with him. Proof that you don't need W's to look good.

- The title and writing for Ill Fortune v Dirty Deeds confused me a little, since the title didn't include Les Enfants Sauvage - so I think Austin/Lucky 7 got a win over the other team(s)? By tapping out someone? Apart from that, it does really feel like the tag scene is heating up and there is a full group of up-and-coming teams that should be fun to watch.

- "I'M HERE FOR THE HOSS FIGHT!" So much hoss. So much mist. Very much good.

- Harmen v. Devastator - probably exactly how it SHOULD'VE ended, what with the result of the last match. No REAL test for Harmen though another opportunity for Legion mind games.

Good show! See y'all at RELOADED.

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