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Next Revolution


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Jan 1, 2000
SW Chicago
Your Name: Jacob Strouckel
Your Email Address: jdbadluck@gmail.com
Your AIM/Yahoo Screen Name: jdbadluck

TAG TEAM NAME: Next Revolution

Wrestler's Name: Ben Morst and Jimmy "Slick" McVee

Wrestler's Age: Morst is 25, McVee is 24 (Everthing from here on out
will be in that order)

Height: 6'0"; 6'5"

Weight: 205 lbs.; 295 lbs.

Physical Description: Morst is very slim, not overloaded muscularly
anywhere. But he's lean and defined, with a body type almost like Brad
Pitt's in "Snatch" (only with less tattoos). McVee is a powerhouse.
He's got a very large upper body, with a wide, short neck. They've
both got short hair, with very confident postures.

Hometown: Both guys hail from Casper, Wyoming.

Entrance Music: Taking Back Sunday's "The Photograph is the Proof"

Alignment (Face/Heel): Very face guys... but not sugary sweet, either.

Wrestling Style (Technical, Brawler, High Flyer, etc): Morst is a
purely technical kind of guy. He's very polished and clean in the
ring. McVee is a big power kind of wrestler. He uses his weight and
size to his advantage. His moves aren't as crisp as Morst, but he gets
the job done.

10 Basic Moves:
Morst: Side Russian Legsweep, drop toe hold, mexican surfboard,
standard armbar, scarf necklock, grounded hammerlock (with a knee in
the back), jawbreaker, atomic drop, finger twist of death, half crab,
full crab with a bridge, abdominal stretch of severe discomfort.
McVee: Helicopter, Airplane (and yes, he does love those moves),
overhead release powerbomb, single leg diving dropkick (Bruce Lee
style), piledriver, double knees to the face, powerslam, scoop slam,
spinebuster, whip to the ropes followed by a BIG body splash.

3 Setup Moves:
Morst: Shining Wizard, sliding dropkick, rolling armbar
McVee: Overhead release suplex, facebuster, gutbuster

Finisher Name and Description:
Morst: Out of the Frying Pan... starting with a standard armbar, Morst
starts bridging up slowly, rolling his opponent up on to one shoulder.
It becomes a hanging armbar. Then with some crouching and torquing, a
submission will hopefully come around!
McVee: Pot, Kettle, Black... A northern lights suplex with a twist and
held with a bridge!

Short Character Bio: These two guys are life long buds. McVee wants to
be the greatest wrestler in the world, but he doesen't want to do it
on his own. Him and Morst have been friends since they were little
kids. Morst used to share the same passion for the championships as
Jimmy did, but now just wants to get more athletic and be respected.
There is no animosity between them, because they both know that they
need each other. Jimmy realizes subconsciously that he might not have
what it takes to be the world champion, but with Ben's help, they can
be tag team champs! And Ben knows that he won't get the respect he
deserves without Jimmy backing him up. Other wrestlers just don't
respect the guys who aren't ... well, like Jimmy.

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