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News: 29NOV09

John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL
SWIFT-ly Growing in Interest.
By Terrence Jakiln (MMA-Wire.com)

As the sport of Mixed Martial Arts begins to grow in popularity world wide a company has embarked on the footsteps of others to create an MMA experience like no other. Colin Corvitz CEO and Owner of Shiner LLC a company that promotes amateur MMA companies decided it was time for Shiner to make its beginning steps to creating it’s own MMA Company.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you SWIFT: MMA.

The idea behind SWIFT was not to promote just MMA but to work in conjunction with professional wrestling companies to deliver a sharp edged knife. Hell, we all like when we see a guy get KOed via Superman Punch in MMA and we have to admit we do enjoy watching some Tag Team battles with some tables.

No, I am not suggesting SWIFT is going to have a T.L.C MMA match in the center of their cage, but with its open doors policy to professional wrestlers that want to prove they are legit fighters (or can be legit fighters), who can resist?

I mean honestly, I myself am a huge Empire Pro and Worlds Finest Wrestling: The New Era fan (second to MMA of course), so nothing would spark my interest more than seeing Shawn Jessica Hart go toe to toe against Cameron Cruise in a real fight!

Sorry kiddies, wrestling is staged, not saying that hitting that ring doesn’t hurt or getting hit with a chair is a jolly good time, but I am certain watching a guy like Rocko Daymon lock in a triangle choke on Copycat would raise a ton of tension while I spill my beer on my wife in excitement.

So what’s next for the newly established MMA company? I asked Mr. Cortviz the same question, his response:

“[SWIFT] just got on its toes a few weeks ago, just got our licensing and all our corporate paperwork in for gaming commissions. So, next on the agenda is recruit, recruit, recruit! I want to spark something new in Mixed Martial Arts, something rarely seen and that can be put on a level that it can even compete with the elite wrestling companies. Once we get enough fighters in at least one weight class we will begin to run our flag ship show Retaliation on MMA-HD TV Channel 238.”

“I find it great that people will be able to see their favorite fighters 24/7 on this channel we have secured”

You heard him right! 24 hours a day 7 days a week a fighter can go right on your TV set on SWIFT’s personal network channel 238 MMA-HD TV.

“I think people are ready for it, I think they want this and they need this. People are sick of the story lines, the gimmicks, the falsehoods, they want to feel like they are actually accomplishing something, so, here’s their chance to prove that, in my cage.”

SWIFT has began its open door policy almost immediately, from professional wrestlers to amateur MMA fighters. All I can say as a huge MMA fan is, someone better get ready because the gates of hell are about to open.

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