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New features to the GLCW Website



[updated:LAST EDITED ON Jan-19-03 AT 05:44 PM (EST)]Howdy.... had a bit of idle time on my hands while Scott, Sean and Steve are busy writing Massive Assault so I wandered over to the GLCW Website and started fiddling around and made a few enhancements to the Title Histories section there.

The next time you go there and click on any of the three title history links there, you'll see that I've added the following:

1. All pertinent info regarding title defenses will be present underneath the title history table.

2. The name of the champion is now an "anchor" which will drop the page down to the appropriate "Title Defense" section on the page. It serves the same purpose as the "match anchor-links" currently at the top of all the archived cards at the site. Right now, it's really not needed, however as the table grows in size (which will happen each time champions are dethroned) it's usefullness will become apparent.

3. The card #'s listed underneath the tables are all "match-links" which will transport you not only to that particular card, but to the EXACT location of that match on that card.

I initially was going to make up some wrestler portfolio pages which would document "the location, date, opponent and result" of each wrestler's matches, sort of like a resume per se, (like I originally did on the FWF website) but it's kinda of involved and time consuming so rather than putting in wasted effort on something that may not interest anyone, I decided not to undergo it unless enough people showed a desire for it. I'm welcome to any suggestions or ideas that you'd like to see on the website and would consider realizing them, providing of course that enough interest and support would be there. All you need do is contact me or simply respond to this post.

Anyhow, if you get bored or curious, feel free to check out the new enhancements by clicking on the following link, then follow the "Titles" button to its conclusion.....


Joe Lebron

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