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Nakita Dahaka


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
Hello everybody in NEW...

My name is Patrick Shutt. I am 30 years old. From Springfield, Missouri.

I currently handle "The Dark Phenom" Nakita Dahaka. Perhaps you've seen her around through FWcentral. She is in EPW, UCW, and now NEW era. She was also briefly in MCW (Before it revamped and became the premier indy fed in the Midwest and moved to Missouri...back when it was still Major Championship Wrestling...Now Its Midwest Championship Wrestling)

I am also currently unemployed but working on trying to get a job to eventually GO BACK to college and finish. I do this as a hobby and it is for fun. I've been doing efedding off and on for the latter part of around eight or nine years (ballpark figure, give or take) I started back in 1999.

I am an actor, a writer, poet, slam poet, etc.

Feel free to PM or email or chat with me as I am really good at bouncing ideas off and suggesting new and exciting creative ideas for feuds and programs to work with. Plus I am just an overall fun guy to chat with.

Hope to hear from all of you guys and girls soon and look more than foward to working with you all in the future.

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