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NA 1st Round: John Doe vs Justin Sane

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Sep 24, 2005
Lebanon, MO
North American Title Tournament First Round:

John Doe vs Justin Sane

RP Deadline will be Monday, May 22, 2006 by about midnight Central time.

True Life

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Jun 23, 2005
Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California. 10236 Charing Cross Road. Playboy Mansion: Yet another lavish party. As expected the scene opens with a look at MCW new-comer Justin Sane. This time relaxing on a beachchair and enjoying the sight at the swimming pool... or at more moving 'objects'. A good-looking blonde in a bikini comes up to him and serves him a new drink on a silver tray.

Justin: "Thank you, honey."

In reply she takes a look at Justin Sane's well-shaped body.

Blonde: "No, thank you."

Then she turns around and leaves the picture.

Justin: "This is insane!"

Then you can hear another voice.

Voice: "Haha! This is life, son."

The camera zooms off and identifies the man matching the voice: the world wide famous Hugh Hefner, who is laying on another beach chair to the right of Justin Sane's chair and puffing on a fat cigar.

Justin: "True."

Hugh: "The grils are loving you."

Justin: "Well, either you got game or you got none."

Hugh: "Apropos, what is going on with the wrestling game?"

Justin: "Sh*t, let me put it like this: next week tuesday a fed called MC-Dub is going to hit new record ratings."

Hugh: "So, you're going to steal the show, son. Huh?!"

Justin: "Of cuz' I'm gonna brand the whole fed with my style. You know how Justin Sane does business."

Hugh: "Well, hope this is not another low-budget joke."

Justin: "My agent promised me it won't. And it better ain't gonna turn out to be one, otherwise he can get in line infront of the office for social welfare assistance."

Hugh: "Haha. He would be the 19th since 4 years."

Justin: "Well, they all keep f*ckin' up and waste my money."

Hugh: "Did you at least pay him already?"

Justin: "Hell no! I ain't gonna get pimped by my own agent. F*ck that!"

Hugh: "So, you got a match at tuesday?"

Justin: "Yeah. Against some punk called Jon or something like that."

Hugh: "You even know him?"

Justin: "The question should be does he even know what's comin' at him this tuesday?! Hell no, none of those punks got a clue!"

Hugh: "Well, you don't want to know who you're facing?"

Justin: "Man, I saw him a few times on TV, that's it. He's some whining nobody who shouldn't even be let out of his white jacket. He won't be doin' nuts on tuesday - I'll secure that."

Hugh: "Well, I'll see."

Justin: "Yeah, everyone will see the impact I leave on those pussies at tuesday!"

Hugh: "Haha..."

Then the hot latina we saw in the previous promo on Justin Sane sits next to him on the chair and wants to greet him with a kiss but Justin refuses and pushes her away.

Justin: "Where the hell were you? I've been waiting, Shawna!"

Shawna: "I..."

All of the sudden a guy passes by and interrupts Shawna.

Guy: "See you later in the grotto, mamacita."

And gives her an other blinker as he leaves.

Justin: "Mamacita?! What the f*ck?! I'ma beat that chump up! Right now!"

Shawna: "Come on, babe! You know I only love you... and noone makes love to me like you do."

Justin: "Yea, whatever. But what the f*..."

Shawna: "I just wanted to warm up for you, honey. My sexy love machine."

Shawna presses her lips against Justins. Moments later they take a break to actaully take some breath from all the tounge action.

Justin: "Excuse accepted."

Then Shawna pushes his back on the beach chair again and the MCW cameras fade to black just as she lays herself on him.
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John Doe

The Anorexic Ethiopian
Feb 2, 2004
Chicago, IL

A MCW backdrop. We see John Doe wearing black baggy jeans a black dress shirt as he comes across the screen with a water bottle in hand. He looks at the camera with a grin on his face.


“Um…is this thing on? I really hope it is because boy do I have a lot of things to say about that load of crap I Just saw. I know this isn’t the pinnacle of the wrestling business. I also know we all can’t be remarkable wrestlers such as myself. But there are many things I need to talk about.”

“Justin Sane….”

“Hasn’t this gimmick name been over used enough? You know like Justin Creditable. It’s really pushing the blurred line between wrestler and wrestling mark. That line is about to be crossed. It’s ok I am not the promoter and I am not the booker.”

“BUT! If you care about wrestling and you care about this industry this guy won’t be allowed in that ring to compete for a legit title. A title is something that is special, not Special Ed special like this cat, but special as in only so many can call themselves a champion.”

”Um, I don’t really have any fear in what I am facing on Tuesday.”

”You see Justin you need to stop f*cking around and come down to Earth, you have gone past reality and into this little fantasy land. Can you honestly say you know who I am? No you can’t because you haven’t took the time out your busy life to do the research.”

“I am John Doe, I hold the UEWC European Title, I hold the New Era Prodigy Classic Title, I was ENN’s Rookie of the Year, I was ENN’s top ten wrestlers last month. I have defeated the best and I have lost to the best. Still nobody?”

“On the other hand Justin you have no creditability in the wrestling industry. You are a fresh out the box rookie run his mouth because he feels he has a glimpse of hope standing in front of you.”

“Hate to crush your dreams but you don’t stand a chance in hell against a proficient wrestling athlete such as myself. You can’t even cut a proper promo. You couldn’t sit down and chat about your thoughts in front of a camera. You couldn’t even get you your knees and thank almighty Christian Sands for hooking you up with a job ‘cause I sure as hell wouldn’t have.”

“Not only would I not give you a job, I wouldn’t allow you to send me a video tape of your work. I don’t know what to honestly think of you Justin I don’t know if I should honestly take your threats of my health as for fact or if you are a joke like 90 percent of wrestlers these days. I think I will stick to what I know and what I see, and I see a yarder.”

“You’re a nothing more than a cat that got lucky in making it to the big leagues. I am surprised that cat didn’t whoop your ass. By the way I don’t care how many girls love you; it doesn’t make me have any respect for you more than the next guy.”

“Nonetheless Justin we will see how much of a (quotes with fingers) ‘*****’ (ends quotes with fingers) I am come Tuesday. It’s just a lesson you will have to learn, a lesson in life that will remain imprinted in your mind on your body.”

“It’s called and ass whooping and your on the receiving end.”


True Life

League Member
Jun 23, 2005
The scene starts off inside a skyscraper in the middle of North Carolina's largest city and hometown of up-and-coming MCW Superstar Justin Sane Charlotte. A quick sound makes his way through the empty floor and the doors of the elevator open, and out of it comes our leading man Justin Sane dressed in open black sleeve shirt, matching jeans and black sunglasses. He checks again the floor, 5th, he nods and then proceeds to walk. Finally he arrives at a not see-through glass door, as he opens it a young brunette runs almost into him.

Woman: "Oh, sorry."

Justin: "Wow, if my agent told me that my adviser would be so hot I would've brought some flowers."

Woman: "You must be Justin Sane."

Justin: "Yea, and your name is?"

Woman: "Miss Hudds."

Justin: "So, Miss Hudds since we got to know eachother already we gould get straight to business. How about we start with my mat skills?"

Miss Hudds: "Sure, but I'm just the secretary. Mr. Daniels is already waiting for you in his office."

With a smile she points at another door.

Justin: "Oh, okay. But you wait here, I'll be back in a minute."

Miss Hudds: "Well, I'm running nowhere."

She responds in a sarcastic tone while Justin Sane is already on his way to the door. Inside the office a man who probably is in his late fortys sits in his chair behind a big black desk. He's dressed in a suite and reading some papers through his reading glasses. After he realized Justin Sane entered the room he immediatly takes off the glasses and stands up to welcome him.

Mr. Daniels: "Welcome. I've been waiting for you, Mr..."

He must've forgotten the name but souveran he puts his glasses back on and throws a look somewhere at his desk.

Mr. Daniels: "Mr. Sane, right. Justin Sane."

Justin: "Now, that we got that one right, lemme put some things right: I won't record any stupid rap songs or synchronize any Disney figures."

Mr. Daniels: "Euhm..."

Justin: "I know you guys like that, but I don't do stupid sh*t!"

Mr. Daniels: "Please Mr. Sane, won't you take a seat first."

Justin sits down just as Mr. Daniels does.

Mr. Daniels: "And now let me inform you that noone will force you to do anything stupid. Your employer the MCW ordered me to work on your overall image and apperance on TV."

Justin: "Yea, I could've guessed that you start that kinda bullsh*t. I can tell you I'll change for noone, I'm a young boy with a taste of fresh clothes and the right nose for money. And that's not a stupid gimmick, that's Justin Sane."

Mr. Daniels: "So, can I ask you some questions to start?"

Justin: "Do whatever you want."

Mr. Daniels: "What means MCW as your employer to you?"

Justin: "Well, they better get the cheque in right on time at the end of the month. 'Cuz I'm not gonna help this company to success without getting my cut."

Mr. Daniels: "So, how do you feel about wrestling itself?"

Justin: "Whooping some ass and then getting paid, is there anything better?"

Mr. Daniels: "Maybe could you take the money to the side and look at the pure wrestling."

Justin: "Wrestling is great. Going one-on-one with another chump is great. Shattering the dreams of guys that never made anything in life out of themselves is great."

Mr. Daniels: "Anything not great?"

Justin: "Yea, that goofy b*tches that think they own any parts of my fame or success. 'Hey, dude you remember I helped you throw out that 300lbs beast in the over the rope battle royal. Now I got a handicap match, you can help me out?' F*ck that, these 2 or 3 guys should crush your punk ass just as that fat whale would've when I wouldn't have get him off you. That's the deal. You know what I'm sayin'?"

Mr. Daniels: "Well, I hope so. I think the questions don't bring us further."

Justin: "Don't pull the blame card on me, you're the one f*ckin' up here."

Mr. Daniels: "So, what would you think about pushing the horizont."

Justin: "I can push the horizont every night in the week by knockin' some useless countryboys the teeth out."

Mr. Daniels: "I was thinking about some kind of trademark lines or a logo."

Justin shakes his head.

Justin: "And what was you thinking about exactly?"

Mr. Daniels: "Well, how about this quote you could use and it could be printed as well on T-shirts for the fans."

Justin: "Fans?! Fans are too stupid to realise that they are only there to envy the superstars for their fame, money and power. So I don't care for them."

Mr. Daniels: "At least give it an ear."

Justin: "I would give you both if you could afford it."

Mr. Daniels: "Okay, here it goes..."

The man in his suite clears his thought and then starts in a rhythmic way.

Mr. Daniels: "I'm the hottest thing in the wrestling ring..."

He takes a pause to build up some excitement.

Mr. Daniels: "...since Dude Love."

Disgusted Justin Sane jumps off his chair.

Justin: "F*ck you! You must be crazy. This thing is over. Now!"

Mr. Daniels is quite confused and suprised about the customer's reaction since he got hired by MCW for this job because he's responsibly for many wrestling classics, for example gimmick creations like Bastian Booger, The Ropoman and John Cena. He starts scrapping papers and goes with the last remaining.

Mr. Daniels: "Okay, okay... calm down."

Justin: "I hope you're not joking because I hate jokers that waste my time."

Mr. Daniels: "No, no. How would you like to shoot a promo?"

Justin: "I'm not cutting corny ass promos."

Mr. Daniels: "What about your match against John Doe? He got some mean words out on screen about you."

Justin: "Whatever, danny boy."

Mr. Daniels: "You even saw it yet?"

Justin: "No, and I could care less."

Mr. Daniels: "And what if I got the tape right here?"

Justin: "I don't care man. If you want to watch it do it, if not then leave it. As far as I know I'm not your dad."

Mr. Daniels: "Okay, we'll just watch it together."

Mr. Daniels presses a button and then speaks into his telephone.

Mr. Daniels: "Miss Hudds, could you please get the tape for us?"

Miss Hudds: "Sure, Mr. Daniels."

Seconds later she already enters the room and sets up a big TV with a video player behind Justin Sane, who turns around and sitting with his view on the TV now. Miss Hudds puts the video cassette in the player, presses play and leaves again.


Same place, just a few minutes later. Justin Sane has watched the promo of his oppenent this tuesday at Center Stage. He seems pretty unsure about what he has just seen.

Justin: "Come on, this must be a bad joke, right?"

He turns his head around but Mr. Daniels is just sitting in his seat and taking notes. Justin starts to laugh.

Justin: "Oookay, from which side is that punk Kutcher gonna' jump at me?!"

Mr. Daniels: "This is no joke, Mr. Sane. You never had to watch statements of your oppenent in previous companies?"

Justin: "Of 'cuz I had to, but we didn't settle business by recording little videos á la Osama Bin Laden. We met in the ring and did the damn thing right there."

Justin pauses for a second.

Justin: "But I guess I need to do this. Is that camera rollin'?"

He points at the camera. The camera-man nods his head, then Justin waves him to him.

Justin: "Get it here and let those mofos see my face."

Said and done.

Justin: "First off all, I don't remember having wasted any money on your pregnant dogg ass by sending you videos. This brings me to my point: you useless guys must love it to listen to eachothers threats and watch eachother getting all excited about all the coming one-on-one body contact. That kinda sh*t makes me feel like I'm wearing not enough pink and purple stripes for this fed."

Justin: "But on the other side of the wrestling world there are maybe not as many self made millinoaires like me but athletes wo get stalked by the f*ckin' cameras 24/7. The sad part is that you'll never understand it because your regonizing value can't even be compared to mine, allthough I was just hangin' at indys and your stupid ass was busy collecting worthless belts. Yea', I said worthless."

He holds his iced out armband watch into the camera.

Justin: "Look at this, this thing is more worth than all your punk ass gold together. Wait for the moment when I'm carrying my first MC-Dub championship around my waist, because I'm a worthy champion. I'm not depending on those belts to gain fame, furthermore I bring glory and status to them. It'll not be presticious untill Justin Sane has worn it, that's soon got to be a rule in the whole wide wrestling world. Get used to it."

Justin: "You don't care how the girls love Justin Sane?! Player you are just frustrated and jealous on me like the rest of the people who wasted their life by achieving nothing, nada, niente, zero. You know what I'm saying? There are winner and looser type of people walking on this earth and I definitly belong to the first. Maybe you are as well just frustrated because your still living with your alone-standin' mother in one house who had her last date with a german while world war II. I know you would love to but I dare you to pass my number to her, I don't date freaks with kids like you. When I already have to pay for babys all around the world then not for as ugly ones as you, Joey."

Justin: "I shouldn't be here?! Tell me that again after I knocked you out at Center Stage and got the 1-2-3 in the bag! I'm what this fed was looking for: a diamond in the rough, a star on the uprisin', a soon to be wrestling idol. Your what they were trying to avoid: an old uless sh*tbag whose career's peak has been passed a long time ago. From now on it's going downwards and I tell you it won't take long till the story of Jon ends. I'm not saying I'm ending your career at tuesday, so you can still hope for a happy end. But your role in tuesdays movie will be the one of a stepstone for Justin Sane on his way to the top of the rankings - nothing else."

Then he puts his sunglasses back on.

Justin: "See ya' then, p*ssy!"

As the cameras fade to black you can see Justin Sane putting a cigarette in his mouth and in the background Mr. Daniels nodding his head in a positive surpised way.
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