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Mystical Illusions vs. Davis Allen Black


League Member
Jan 1, 2000
Springfield, Missouri
At last...I finally get my hands on the elf boy.

*{Fade In}

*{The scene opens in front of a GXW Onslaught backdrop where reporter Mojo Massey stands anxious but fearful in front of it. WHY? Because he is standing against the mammoth, volitile, psychotic big man, Mister David Allen Black. He is wearing; black leather pants, black steel toed boots, a tight black t-shirt, a black leather duster, and Oakley mirror shade sunglasses. He long jet black hair is pulled back in a ponytail. He grins with delight from ear to ear.}

Mojo Massey: "David...Black, you may of lost in your very first title match against Boogie Smallz, but you put up one hell of a fight, but in the end it wasn't...

David Black: {Interupting him in mid sentence.} "Enough. Is that the word you wanted to say to me Massey? That even though I put up a valient fight, I still lost against Boogie...Harry Pothead...Smallz D*ck. I betchya everybody loved to see me get pinned by Mighty Joint in the flesh. Well make no mistake about it, I will climb my way back and this time Smallz will know what true evil is. It's all about me, but enough about him for now. Let's talk about someone else who has my attention and actually had my attention since Genesis when he busted in on my fun...my night...


From resident pothead to resident elf whooping boy. Mister, I have two paintball guns so I'm gonna wave them around like they actually mean something. Well Puff the Magic Gnome, let me tell you just what you did. I have been iching to get my hands on you once and for all. To finally rip those ears off your lil and wear them for a necklace. Most importantly I am going to make an example out of you in front of your friends Goth and AC, my old friends Jevon and Lillian, and most importantly, to each and every scrubant pissant praire punk in the GXW."

"The time for running has ended Ryan...whoops did I call you by your real name? Oh well like it really matters. You won't live much longer to do a thing about it. You wanna see a magic trick Ryan. I've got one for you. You're on borrowed time and soon your life will go up like a cloud of smoke. Oh no, this is no smoke and mirrors my friend, this is me making sure that you will never meddle in my fun and life ever again. See you on Onslaught where it really will...exactly that."

{Mr. Black walks off away from Mojo Massey and the camera. Massey just lets out a collective sigh of relief as he leans up against the backdrop waving the camera to fade out.}

{Fade Out}*

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