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My Dream


Long Live THE KING
Mar 16, 2004
[updated:LAST EDITED ON Aug-27-02 AT 08:44 PM (EDT)]fade- in:

[small]Sean "Triple X" Stevens leaned on the railing on the balcony of his second floor apartment looking up at the stars that had formed as the sky got dark. It wasn't necessarily cold out, sixty- eight degrees to be exact, but it was definitely different from what tourists and those who lived in the Orlando area had grown accustomed to. Stevens had on a long sleeved 'Polo Sport' sweatshirt, black sweatpants and slippers. The camera panned in, profile style, from the left side of his body, as he turned his head slightly, to face it.[/small]

"I know you may not know who I am, Mark... so let me introduce myself to you. I'm Sean Stevens, and before you say: 'Who?', because these days, pretending to not know who your opponent is, is the popular thing to do... let me let you in on a couple of facts, that you should already know."

[small]He rolled up his sleeves, and turned his attention back to the sky, away from the camera, continuing to speak, as if nothing's changed.[/small]

"CSWA World Heavyweight Title shots don't come easy. I've learned that you can't just walk in here demanding, because if that were the case, I'd have received one by now. What you do elsewhere, means nothing here... that's something else I've learned. So maybe my last name isn't Windham, or Flair, or Love... and, no... I'm not gonna paint my face, beat on my chest, hop on turnbuckles, and howl so my fans can howl back, or brag about my steroid injected arms, as if being built isn't something any stupid kid with a needle can't be.

"That's not what I do, Windham.

"But, let me tell you what I DO do... I wrestle. And, for two years, I've been in this promotion paying my dues. Nothing came easy... and, even today, I still struggle. ...but, I also rise.

"I rise to the occasion... I step my game up, and do whatever needs to be done to see to it that my opponent is on his back looking up at the lights, while the referee's raising my hand in victory. So, yeah... I know you probably don't know who I am. But, know this... just because I wasn't around when you were here last, doesn't mean I'm not every bit as tough as the people you were battling back then."

[small]Pausing for a moment, Sean looked back - into his apartment - as if he were looking for something... or someone. The sounds of movement echoed throughout the apartment, but Sean paid it little mind as he returned his focus.[/small]

"And, I know there's nothing new about dreaming big. Every kid, who watches wrestling wants to be a World Champion. I've been a Hornet fan for as long as I can remember, up until recently. But, I'm not like most, Mark. I don't sit around on my sofa, whining about what I'd do if I were in somebody else's position... I get up and put myself in their position.

"It's been my dream to compete here in the CSWA, and I'm here, aren't I? I always wanted championship gold here, and I am a former Presidential Champion, right? When I set my sights on doing something, I won't rest until I do it. ...only difference now, is I've been a little distracted lately. But, that's okay... even if only for one night, my personal problems have to take a back seat, because I plan on beating you. I'm not here to hype your title reign. I'm not walking into this thing to be a victim. And, if you're labeled dominant... or a monster of a champion? ...it won't be at my expense. I'm just as amped as you, Windham. I'm just as motivated about winning the CSWA Title, as you are about defending it. And, to be completely honest... make no mistake about it, I don't think there's sh*t you can do to stop a motivated, focused, Triple X.

"I know you've been through a lot in your life... I read the Ivy League article, and even before that watched you as a kid. But, so... have... I. You're not the only one who has done some things. No, I don't have a brother, therefore I was never presented with the opportunity to break his neck, but that doesn't mean I haven't snapped a guy's neck before. Newsflash, killer... I have. But, I'll admit... he wasn't my brother. Cousin. ...third cousin. But, neither are... you. You'll go to lengths to beat me... but, what you may have failed to realize is, I'm capable of going anywhere you're able to take me, and take YOU an extra mile."

[small]The wind began to pick up a little, blowing Sean's hair in front of his face. He stopped for a moment, allowing it to calm.[/small]

"And, guess what else, Mark? My shoulder isn't all screwed up, either. So that means you're gonna have to bring everything you've got left to the table, and hope that it's enough... and, while it was enough to beat Eddy Love, Eli Flair, and Evan Aho... it won't be enough to stop me.

"Why? ...because you've never met a man like me before - a guy who can and will outwrestle you, fly higher, and beat you up if you decide to brawl. You'd think you would have seen it all, as long as you've been in this business, but let me assure you, you have no idea what's waiting for you in the 'real world'.

"There are guys who won't recognize you, aren't aware of the things you've done, or simply won't care. I'm the third party. Who you used to be has nothing to do with who you are, and while who you've proven to be, so far... is a man who was smart enough to take advantage of an injured Evan Aho, good enough to notice and exploit an Eli Flair, and Eddy Love weakness in route to beating them... it still means nothing to me until you beat... me.

"I won't give you the opportunity to break my neck. I won't sleep on you, giving you the opportunity to pin my shoulders to the mat. If you beat me, and that's a very strong if, it'll be because somebody decided to stick there nose in our business, or because... [small]Sean smirked.[/small] ...somebody decided to stick their nose in our business. That's it, Mark. That's the only way I see you beating me. Your only way out."

[small]He shook his head.[/small]

"That fan on the CSWA website was right... Nobody wants to see Troy versus Mark for the World Title. ...I'll see to it that nobody does by doing what I do best.

"...kicking a## in the morning, taking names in the evening.

"See you soon, Mark. Make sure my title's shining."

[small]Sean turned away from the camera and entered the apartment... voices were heard, but they were so far away, it was impossible to make out who the owners to them were.[/small]

fade- to- black

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