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MWC Presents Wicked Ways

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Wicked Ways
The first ever Pay Per View! Held at Sun Devil Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona

A black screen and then The show begins with...

JW Locke is shown in his office making an announcement with camera’s all around.

JW: In Pheonix, Arizona - every title that we have even thought off currently will be decided. Including a new belt, the MWC Television title. It’s participants will be newcomer Postal Paul

Cut to a scene of Paul powerbombing some guy through a table

Cut back to JW who continues...

Another newcomer Jonathon Hammer

Cut to Hammer falling 15 feet off the top of a cage

JW continues: A man clearing his head, and changing his ‘ending’ - The Crippler

Cut to Crippler doing the Crippleplex Fisherman’s suplex to someone and then followed by a black screen and a QUESTION MARK.

JW back in the office: And the (sneer crosses his lips) ‘Daredevil’ Mark Vizzack

Cut to Mark talking down to JW last week in Germany...GETTING the microphone.

JW: One of these men will represent the best up and coming single’s wrestler in the MWC. One of these men will become THE HUNTED!


Cut to a picture of a circular cage. No padding on the floor, just cold, ungiving, solid metal. The bars, titanium, round this ‘ring’ without ropes, buckles, and NO WAY OUT! The shadows are heavy as the camera cuts to --

Armageddon is shown in his medieval armor sitting on a throne. He looks down at the camera with his crimson glowing eyes.


Cut to ‘Iceman’ Steve Radder standing with Kelly by his side, a look of cold determination in his ice blue eyes. A blue spotlight rests behind him throwing shadows on his face and etching out his flexing muscles.


The sound of tires screeching to a stop and the camera abruptly cuts back to someone unknown having their face smashed into the bars of the...


Cut to a silhoutte of some man dressed in the shadows that surround him as the voiceover of Victor Creel begins

VC: But who is the ‘Mystery Man’?


Cut to a picture of Eddy Love limping away from the ring in Germany as Blair celebrates in the background. His usually well-kept hair is falling down in his face, hiding a likely sour expression.


Cut to K9 walking through the charred remain of his parent’s home...the place of his despair. His eyes are hollow with lack of any expression.


Close up of K9’s face as the voiceover of Victor Creel begins...

VC: He knows death well...but will be the one to...

Cut to a close up of Eddy hosting up each belt he’s attained during his career in quick succession

VC: ...End Hurricane Season?


Cut to Bruno the Bruiser pounding his way on a multitude of bar ‘patrons’ at Charlies bar & grill.

VC: This man came within one victory of challenging for the MWC World title tonight.

Cut to Jack Emerald being taped illegally at one of the illegal deathmatches. He grabs some giant and sends him face first to the mat in a husk, knocking him cold.

VC: This man came from a place much different than the MWC.

Cut to the cage that surrounds the ring...the cage we call - MEGACAGE!

VC: Tonight, they clash for respect in a place both call home, but will soon call HADES




Showing clips from the last clash between Eli Flair & Kevin Powers where a ‘table’ is involved along with glass and lots of other...uhm, goodies.

VC: Like a war left undecided, a battle not ended, these two enter the ring again. Like generals guiding their impressive arsenals, they ready for the war and get ready to.

Scene cuts to a violent bloodbath as the glass shards slip through their flesh, leaving crimson slashes.

VC: ...Kill or be Killed.




Cut to a myriad of flashes of the tag teams entered in the MWC Tag Team title matchup as the voiceover continues

VC: 4 teams will enter this match...and 1...by 1...by 1. We will find the victor, and new MWC Tag Team Champions.




Cut to Pestilence standing in his ‘crucifix’ pose, the deep shadows working strange emotions with his red eyes.

VC: These 2 have fought through 10 other competitors to get to this point, but a question has been asked...

Cut to Blair sitting at the piano playing a certain Mozart peice that you can not quite place.

VC: ... ‘To be or not to be?’ But tonight the questions will be over...leaving only one answer - -

Cut to a close up of the MWC World Title.





Everything will be decided tonight in:




JIM SEARS voice is heard this 'blimp shot' over the outside arena in the desert. Fireworks blast into the dark night sky, lighting up the stadium. We cut to the inside of the stadium to see a packed crowd with signs reading, "MWC's Franchise" And an arrow pointing to them. "Lance Bishop for Prez!" "I'm the mystery guy!" AND "Eddy Sucks"

JS: Fans, we are LIVE in the Sun Devil Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona and you are watching WICKED WAYS!

Cut to just in front of Jim Sear and...

Liam Kennedy: And I'm your halloween date, Liam Kennedy.

JS: I'm not even gonna touch that one.

LK: Not if you wanna keep it.

JS: Well, Tonight's the night as Wicked Ways gets going and we are able to crown our first ever MWC champion.

LK: "the Maestro" Bryan Blair.

JS: Excuse Me?

LK: I'm just saying, our first MWC champ will be Bryan Blair.

JS: That could be, but lets not take anything away from Pestilence who came from being a Wild Card to competing for the top gold tonight.

LK: It won't matter when he runs into The Masterpiece.

JS: Fans, we also have a very long-awaited match between 'Good God' Kevin Powers & 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair.

LK: Eli Flair's had this one coming to him for a long time...wait till the Emperor of Hardcore gets ahold of him tonight...the King of Extreme's throne is about to be usurped.

JS: I don't know about that, but one of them will get the Intercontinental belt tonight...Speaking of extreme, The other King of Extreme - Jonathon Hammer is gonna bring his skill to the TV tourney along with Crippler, Postal Paul, and the favorite some may say - 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack.

LK: Please...all these guys are patsies who 'give it up' for the fans...just smack'em with a purse and pin the poor saps!

JS: We have another title matchup for our newly formed tag team division...in a 4 corners / elimination tag match we'll have 4 tag teams competing in the ring at once.

LK: Which is right up the Lunar Express' alley...I mean, come on - we've got an old boxer, nutcase, Football Player teamed with a bag man, and 2 postage stamps going against the greatest team in history!

JS: They don't have much more history than backstabbing in the MWC.

LK: Exactly...History, and that's what the other teams are gonna be by the end of the night, outshined by this semi-full Lunar display.

JS: Uhm...sure, we have our first ever Torture Chamber match between the giant Armageddon and ever gutsy 'Iceman' Steve Radder.

LK: This one will be fun. Finally 2 guys who REALLY know how to wrestle in the ring at once...this is gonna be brutal.

JS: And don't forget the other cage match...MEGACAGE with Bruno 'the Bruiser' and Jack Emerald.

LK: Forgotten...it'll be a dull.

JS: Not in our lifetime. These 2 tough guys will give us a sure display of what they can do. It's gonna be bloody. And don't forget that the end of Hurricane Season is near?

LK: Please? Eddy Love is still king around here, just a string of bad luck.

JS: For his sake, I hope you right, and tonight he'll have a chance to prove that he still has it against K9. But first, lets get our first 2 matches...Round 1 of the Television tournament


MWC Television Title

Round 1

The Crippler vs. Jonathon Hammer

Welcome to the Jungle kicks in and as Crippler makes his way to the ring, the announcer begins - -

Announcer: Ladies in Gentleman (Huge fan pop)...our first matchup tonight is a part of the MWC Television tournament. Our first contestant weighing in at 225 lbs. and standing at 6'2. He's the master of the Crippleplex and says the Crippling Plunge is coming his opponents way - THE CRIPPLER (fan pop)

Beat the Bastards by the Exploited starts to play as the crowd comes to their feet.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen hailing from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at two hundred and forty-five pounds...the king of the Extreme....Jonathan Hammer! (fan pop)

Hammer comes out from the back to a huge appalause. He is wearing his black wrestling tights that go the full length of his leg. On the right leg it says "Hammer" in red. He is also wearing an MWC t-shirt. He puts both arms in the air and brings them down quickly and fireworks blow off behind him in reds and golds. He then walks down towards the ring. He shakes hands with the fans and slides under the bottom rope. He jumps onto the second turnbuckle and raises his arms to the fans.

JS: We have our contestants, the bell has rung, and this first ever MWC Pay Per View is underway.

LK: It's about time, I thought Locke about lost everything with that girl in Chicago - the hussy.

JS: Hammer goes after Crippler, they tie up, but Jonathon slips out and goes into the ropes.

LK: Good try on that Dropkick to the knee, but Crippler seemingly has this match scoped out well. He avoids that - hey maybe this guy can wrestle for more than o...10 seconds.

JS: Crippler locks up and UP INTO A VERTICAL SUPLEX!

LK: Hammer should have just went for a low blow instead of getting fancy.

JS: Well, he's hurting for it now. Crippler gets him up for another Vertical Suplex - NO BRAINBUSTER!

LK: EWW...this could be over - good move Hammer rolling outside to the (SMACK) concrete floor - ouch.

JS: I guarantee he's had tougher falls than that little one.

LK: What's the Crippler doing? He's climbing to the top turnbuckle?

JS: Out of his element there...he leaps - NO ONE HOME as Hammer quickly rolls away from that one.(fan pop)

LK: He should've stuck with what he knows...toilet bowl cleaning.

JS: I wouldn't go that far, but Hammer certainly is in his element out here - PILEDRIVER! He put Crippler's head straight to the concrete with that one.

LK: What's this guy doing? He picks Crippler up and tosses him back in the ring.

JS: Following the rules...beating the 10 count - you know LIAM, wrestling.

LK: You are NOT funny!

JS: (snicker) Hammer gets Crippler - DDT back to the canvas. He's getting Crippler back up...setting up for the tornado bulldog.

LK: (fan pop) OH that was cool, Crippler just picked him up and set him into a Piledriver.

JS: That was a good counter...we could see the Crippler blossoming into a champ tonight because he's really done his homework. Crippler into the ropes - Flying Shoulderblock that sends Hammer back outside the ring.

LK: So much for doing his homework, he's going back outside after the King of Extreme.

JS: Crippler gets Hammer by the head, slams his head to the table...no, Hammer blocked it - CRIPPLER'S HEAD SLAMMED RIGHT IN FRONT OF US FOLKS!

LK: Heard that one go pop! Crippler needs to keep in the ring. Hammer ANOTHER piledriver on the concrete!

JS: They're staying outside now. Hammer sends Crippler into the security railing, Crippler bounces over the top and Hammer right on his heels over the railing (FAN POP). Hammer grabs Crippler, POWERBOMB!

LK: (Fan Pop - as a metallic smash from) No, POWERBOMB ON A STEEL CHAIR!

JS: Oh Goood LORD! Hammer taking them both inside the ring. He has Crippler on his shoulders - DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!

LK: Whoa! This guy goes straight for the jugular!

JS: In a manner of speaking...yes! He gets Crippler back up - DDT! Back up again, this time an Irish Whip into the turnbuckle - RUNNING SHOULDERBLOCK by Hammer.

LK: And if one isn't enough...how about a twin! Another shoulderblock!

JS: Crippler is hurt as Hammer brings him back to the center of the ring. BASEBALL SLIDE DROPKICK!

LK: I think Crippler lost his homework!

JS: Hammer wanting this one to go back outside - sending Crippler to the concrete before climbing the ropes.

LK: Crippler better just stay down instead of trying to use that table to get up.

JS: DOWN COMES HAMMER (FAN POP) THROUGH THE TABLE WITH NO CRIPPLER! He set him up! Crippler takes it back inside. Fisherman's Suplex/Bridge the CRIPPLEPLEX!(fan pop) 1...2...(KICKOUT)(fan pop)

LK: Whoa, close call there.

JS: ANOTHER CRIPPLEPLEX! 1...2..(kickout) Crippler obviously annoyed as he tosses Hammer back to the outside.

LK: This is my kinda match - staying outside.

JS: THought you'd say that. However, he has Hammer stunned - Suplex - NO BRAINBUSTER ON THE CONCRETE!

LK: This match is over...back inside the ring.

JS: Yet another CRIPPLEPLEX! 1...2...(kickout)(fan pop) Crippler gets up showing a lot of frustration in his face. He looks off, obviously trying to think.

LK: Probably trying to remember his homework.

JS: NO, he's latched in for a belly to back suplex - NO A GERMAN SUPLEX...He gets the bridge and the 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crippler is beyond excited as the ref raises his hand for the round 1 victory. He goes to the camera and says into it...

CRIPPLER: That's what you call a CRIPPLING PLUNGE

Winner: The Crippler


MWC Television Title

Round 1

'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs. Postal Pete

Come as you Are by Nirvana kicks in as Postal Pete makes his way to the ring.

Announcer: Coming in at 274 lbs. and standing 6'4, One half of the Federal Express and a member of the PWO - POSTAL PETE (fan pop)

Don't tell me what Love Can Do by Van Halen kicks in as Spotlights begin to fly all around the stadium (fan pop)

Announcer: And now, weighing in at a fit 224 lbs. and standing just shy of 6'2 - The DAREDEVIL Mark Vizzack! (fan pop)

The spotlights quit flying around and line up in a straight line as Mark Vizzack comes out of the back curtain. (fan pop)He holds the curtain as a chant goes up of 'SUNSHINE! SUNSHINE!'. And as in an answer, out comes the enigmatic valet of Mark Vizzack - Sunshine. Sunshine is dressed a bit more... risky than usual and seems to be able to slap hands with the fans as long as they don't try to pull her in. They make it to ringside. Mark helps Sunshine up the steps and then leaps up to the canvas and then over the top rope. He holds the ropes for Sunshine who climbs in with him. Colorful sparks shot from the cornerposts as Mark 'gets over' with the fans.

JS: What an entrance!

LK: Yeah sure, who come up with it - deacon?

JS: Not likely that type of entrance. The bell rings and we are underway. Mark wastes no time in picking up the bigger Paul and slamming him back down to the mat.



LK: He can't be.

JS: I think so, he's going into the ropes, bouncing off - THE DAREDEVIL FLYER (Flying DDT springboarded from the ropes) 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!

LK: Holy COW! What just happened!?!

JS: Vizzack just happened getting a quick victory.

Winner: 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack


'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa vs. K-9

JS: K9 Is wasting now time here...no music, special effects, nothing...he's just here for some action.

LK: I dunno about this guy...he looks like he could snap. Hold on...somethings happening over there.

JS: Is that? Yes! WE haven't seen him around for a long bit...that's Lone Wulf stepping over the security railing...he's not with the MWC anymore is he?

LK: Oh, he's picked up his chair and is in behind K9 as he stalks to the ring.

JS: Fans, business is gonna pick up here QUICK tonight.


LK: Eww! Not a way to start a match against Eddy Love...Lone Wulf is down on him wailing away at this newcomer veteran to the MWC. Here come the officials from the back.

JS: Oh Good Lord! Did you hear his head smack off those steps...finally security is here, but to contain this huge monster won't be easy.

LK: Contain him? Not that big man.

JS: Lone Wulf, who doesn't even wrestle here anymore is still there...wait, what's that?

The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to 'near?' perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. Eddy stalks to the ring...Melissa trying to keep up with him.

JS: It's Eddy Love alright...he's not looking too pleased either.

LK: I don't think I'd want to...HE'S GOT LONE WULF'S CHAIR! (SMASH)

JS: Oh Good Lord, he just put Lone Wulf down with that one. What!?! HURRICANE PILEDRIVER ON THE CONCRETE! Lone Wulf is hurt

LK: That should help security out some

JS: I'd say so! Eddy tosses K9 into the ring and sits on his chest, pulls him up by his hair, and starts laying down some of the law.

LK: The ref's rang the bell so this one is gonna happen.

JS: Eddy gets up to start the 'match'...LOW BLOW!

LK: Wow! I think I like this K9 guy...that was a good way to get back in this match.

JS: He knows how to follow it up also...he's putting Eddy to the top rope...is he, YES...HE'S GOING FOR THE HANGMAN'S NECKBREAKER FROM THE TOP ROPE!

LK: Not today he's not, Love tosses him to the canvas.

JS: And jumps down himself - SWINGING NECKBREAKER FROM LOVE!

LK: And even you know what that means?


The ref counts the 3 count

JS: Eddy Love doesn't even wait to raise his arms...Melissa gets in the ring, but 'he leaves her behind?' heading back to the back.

LK: He must've been so intense he forgot she was there.

JS: Hmm...I guess so.

Winner: 'Hurricane' Eddy Love



'Iceman' Steve Radder w/Kelly vs. Armageddon

JS: Fans, to have this match, we're gonna have to go to the other section of this 'normally' football field to a truly round ring...The TORTURE CHAMBER! Victor Creel will be calling the ringside action along with Humberto Ramos for this special event.
Cut to The Torture Chamber match area where Victor Creel and Humberto Ramos are seated at ringside.

Announcer: First, weighing in at 375 pounds, this 7'0 monster hails from "Who Knows"

The battle theme from Excalibur begins and out comes Armageddon, he has a look of cold determination on his face a huge Fireball looms towars the ceiling and burns out, he enters the ring and stands crossarmed staring at the curtain daring Iceman to even come through the curtain.

Announcer : Will this man, the King of Cool, the 'King of Having His Blood Spilled', be able to win in his first 'official extreme' match? Will his blood be spilled yet again? We're about to find out - please welcome the Coolest of the Cool, the Iceman ... STEVE RADDER!

Radder comes out from behind the curtain with Kelly on his arm as always, the letters PLR on the screen behind him, and those Oakley sunglasses on his face. He's wearing a shirt that says 'I Gave Blood At The Office' and walks slowly to the cage.

Radder : [Stopping by the camera man.] You see, I'm not going to win because I'm used to the pain, I'm not going to win because this guy is a doof, I'm going to win 'cause I'm just too cool, and just because. [Kelly Kisses Steve as he enters the cage.]

VC: This is the kinda match I wanna see - blood, heart, blood, fighting spirit...BLOOD!

HR: I dunno, I mean...this is pretty nasty what JW did.

VC: Yeah, but wait till you see the paycheck from this baby. Armageddon wastes no time, he immediately goes after Radder with a forearm smash. Iceman got rocked by that one! JACKNIFE POWERBOMB by Armageddon. Good lord, on a steel floor! This is going to be real nasty!

HR: Certainly impressive on Armageddon's part, going for the pin 1..2..(kickout). THis match requires three successful pins to 'win' and Armageddon wanted to get a quick one out of the way there.

VC: Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Armageddon. Iceman had better get out of this predicament or...EWWW DDT on the flooring. Armageddon cinches it in - POWERBOMB! Wait, Iceman fell, but he got less impact in that move. Armageddon comes at Iceman with a Clothesline - no Radder swings around and OH LORD BRAINCRUNCHER DDT by Iceman! Iceman back with a quick Neckbreaker to follow up and then - HE's GOING FOR A PILEDRIVER! No, he can't get the big 7 footer up in that move...**** WHAT IS ARMAGEDDON DOING!?!

HR: Vince? This is on nationwide TV!

VC: eh? Bite me Ramos! Armageddon has Iceman up thrown over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes - he swings (HUGE POP) Oh, ****, Iceman had his whole body slammed into those titanium bars. ANOTHER TIME! This is looking bad for Iceman! Armageddon slings him down and goes for another pin - 1...2...(KICKOUT) Iceman showing what's brought him to the game so far! Armageddon angrily picks Iceman back up - JACKNIFE POWERBOMB! He's using that as his setup as normal - he's going to climb onto the small platform used for 'Deathjumps'. Hold on, he's using the bars to hang directly over Iceman - FINAL SOLUTION!(Leg Drop from 'top rope') 1...2..(KICKOUT!!!) Armageddon can't believe what just happened.

HR: Sure he can, Iceman kicked out. I don't think Armageddon's sweating it cause he's gonna do...

VC: ANOTHER FINAL SOLUTION! 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!

1 MINUTE BREAK with Armageddon 1 Iceman 0

VC: Iceman wasting no time getting back into this! He charges right at Armageddon slamming him back into the cage! (fan pop) Armageddon is stunned as he dazedly turns around - HURRICARANA! Iceman got all of that one and he's going up top now - Elbowdrop from the platform!

HR: He knows what he needs to do - use his speed against this monster.

VC: Iceman to the platform - BODY SPLASH! He jumps up, shaking any earlier cobwebs out as he heads to the platform for a 3rd time. ANOTHER BODY SPLASH. He picks up the groggy Armageddon and puts on a FullNelson - ABSOLUTE ZERO (full nelson face-first slam) The ref counts 1...2...3!!!!!

1 MINUTE BREAK with Armageddon 1 Iceman 1

VC: Armageddon charges in with a forearms smash.

HR: Iceman grabs the arm and swings around - DDT!

VC: Neckbreaker by Radder sending a struggling Armageddon back to the metal floor. He picks Armageddon up - back down with another DDT! Grabbing Armageddon in a headlock, he rams him headfirst into the cage! Iceman is getting the hang of this matchup...Knew he had it in him. He's going onto the platform - Flying Body Splash! Radder is being an offensive whirlwind here tonight as he picks Armageddon back up.

HR: Back down to the ring with another Hurricanrana!

VC: He's got it latched in...ABSOLUTE ZERO! 1...2...3!!!!

1 Minute Break with Armageddon 1 Iceman 2

VC: Armageddon is bleeding from that last Absolute Zero...They lock up and Iceman sets up for a suplex? He can't get him over, what's wrong with that **** idiot! Armageddon shows power though - MILITARY PRESS! Iceman landed hard with that one! Armageddon setting Iceman up for the 6:00 Suplex.

HR: Iceman spins around into a DDT!

VC: Great counter by the Iceman who picks up Armageddon for another DDT. Nope, Armageddon throws him off, grabs Iceman's face and sends him straight to the mat with a bulldog. Armageddon picks him back up - INTO THE CAGE.

HR: Iceman is busted open...he's not looking good.

VC: No **** SHerlock! It's a Torture Chamber match! Armageddon with a Tilt a whirl Backbreaker! He tosses Iceman back into the cage and as Iceman returns MILITARY PRESS! He tosses Radder straight up out of that, forcing him to hit his back on the cage's top and then fall 10 feet to the steel floor below. Armageddon picks up Iceman in a over the shoulder powerslam position - straight into the CAGE FACE FIRST! Dumping Iceman unceremoniously to the ground and then climbing up to the platform - THE FINAL SOLUTION. 1...2...3!!!

1 MINUTE BREAK Armageddon 2 Iceman 2

VC: Armageddon races at Iceman with that forearm smash...he shouldn't be so obvious cause Radder uses his momentum in doing a Spinebuster Slam! Armageddon crawling up to his knees, but Iceman's waiting on him. He's sitting up for a Powerbomb? Man, he's taken one to many wacks to the head as Armageddon easily holds his 375 lbs. down. Picks up the now helpless Iceman and slams him backfirst into the cage!

HR: As tired as these 2 guys look, any mistake could be fatal.

VC: Uhm...yeah, geez what a maroon! Armageddon with the DDT, but he's not through as he gets ready to show Iceman how a REAL Powerbomb is done...UP, but ICEMAN flips out and to the mat. He spins around and rushes Armageddon face first to the cage! He takes Armageddon, whips him around, and Irish whips him to the other side of the cage. Armageddon hits the floor after that one...he's bleeding pretty porfusely now.

HR: What's going on...the lights, music?

Lights flicker as 'I AM THE MASTER. I AM THE MASTER. I AM THE MASTER OF YOUR MIND...'plays over the PA system. Out comes someone, still in the shadows, but you can see he's wearing a shirt as that is the only thing that the spotlight shows. He comes to ringside and everyone can make out the shirt that says - 'I have mastered Iceman's mind.'

VC: Iceman isn't paying no mind to this 'display'...staying true to his namesake as the King of Cool. He's up on the platform, waiting for a stunned Armageddon to turn around for - FLYING CROSS BODY BL...

HR: NO! Armageddon spins it around, catching Iceman in midair and sending him to the floor hard with a POWERSLAM! 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!

Winner: Armageddon


Bruno 'the Bruiser' vs. Jack Emerald

JS: Welcome back from that great Chamber match to the main ring. We've lowered the cage down to ready this MEGACAGE match and the announcer is ready to bring em in.

Announcer: First, hailing from New York, New York...the Real American from the Emerald Isle - Jack Emerald.

Desire by U2 blares over the PA as Jack makes his way out of the curtain and down the aisle to a mixed response. He checks the cage before entering the doorway and up into the ring.

Announcer: And now, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. The world's greatest bouncer - Bruno 'the Bruiser'.

Walk by Pantera blasts over the PA as he stalks his way to the ring...also to mixed reviews from the fans.

JS: Fans, our contestants have readied themselves and are gonna tear into one another tonight. Jack starts things off with a flying elbow. Bruno dunks under that one and nails Emerald with a Jaw Punch as he tries to get up. That stunned Jack coming from nowhere seemingly and Bruno is quick to take the advantage.

LK: That would have never happened if Jack had stayed with William H. Bradley III.

JS: I don't think Bradley could do that much good, especially with Bruno doing a Shoulderbreaker. Despite what most people think, Bruno can wrestle...some. Bruno setting up - DEVESTATING SUPLEX. Bruno starts to go for the pin, but the ref reminds him that no pins in the MEGACAGE. Bruno seems a bit flustered by that, yelling - 'what's da matter wit' ya? Count da 3 count.' ...Meanwhile, Jack is starting to get up, but Bruno puts him down WITH DA SLAM (Running Bulldog). Jack is definitely hurting as Bruno continues his assualt by throwing him outside the ring.

LK: Bruno really would do better with Bradley as his manager.

JS: He's doing pretty good now anyway. Well, he was until Jack drug him under the bottom rope to the outside. Jack sends Bruno into the cage and then quickly grabs him by the head - slamming it into the Ring post before going back inside.

LK: See? I told you he'd do better with a manager.

JS: Well, I don't thing anyone could've stopped that. Back inside the ring now...lets call this battle. LUCK O' THE IRISH (Diamondcutter). Bruno could be out for good after that one...the ref is checking - 'GET YER UGLY MUG OUTTA MY FACE!' - I guess that's a no Bruno style...he's still in this one. Jack climbs to the 2nd turnbuckle - elbow 'THE Irish Whiskey'. He picks Bruno up - LUCK O' THE IRISH again! Jack doesn't waste time however, he tosses Bruno to the outside and follow him out.

LK: Not smart I'm telling you.

JS: For once, you're right. Bruno gives Jack a Hot Shot onto the security railing.

LK: Now who's the smart one?

JS: As odd as this sounds...I guess Bruno. Bruno and Jack back in the ring - HEART PUNCH by Bruno. Jack drops hard after this one, but Bruno grabs him by his hair to keep it up. Another heart punch, but Jack is able to avoid some of that one...good thing to.

LK: Well, he could do more if he had a manager.

JS: You looking for a job?

LK: I could use some extra income.

JS: Bruno taking off running - sliding leg trip - NO, Jack gets outta the way on that move. Bruno getting up - SUPERKICK from Emerald. Bruno rolls outside, but Jack is hot on his heels. He's got Bruno.


JS: PILEDRIVER ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! (eww from crowd). And Bruno is trying to get back into the ring? These guys are unbelievable. Bruno rolls under the ropes and Jack grabs him - throws him into the turbuckle - CELTIC CROSSING SPLASH in the corner. Jack flips to the outside from the impact himself on that one. Bruno peels out of the corner and lands face down on the mat. Jack climbs the turnbuckle - GULLOTINE LEGDROP on the back of Bruno's head. Wow!

LK: Say that again, these guys just keep going.

JS: Jack going back up top...Bruno starting to get up - OH NO, THE REF GOT IN THE WAY! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!

LK: Funny, they beat the daylights out of each other and its the ref that seemingly knocks them cold.

From the back, a man of obvious Middle Eastern Descent comes out in his garb and carrying an Iraqi flag.

JS: What's going on here? He's got pliers and cutting through the cage.

LK: Is that...the Golden Shiek? Here?

JS: I don't know who it is, but he's sure as fire pickin' up business. He's through the cage...OH MY LORD! He's battering both men with the flag! Someone get security. He's choking Bruno with it, but I can't make out what he's saying. Jack is still hurting from that last flagpole shot...here comes security.

LK: Darn, I was hoping to see some more.

JS: God Lord! Were'd that come from, he just tossed a fireball into the security. This guy is armed better than the Iragi army! Fans, we've gotta cut this short, this is getting more dangerous than just for our people...wait, we've got an interview. Yeah, Humberto is in the back tracking it down now.

The match is declared a NO CONTEST


::We cut to a scene where Humberto Ramos is walking in the backstage area. He's asking people at random if they've seen Bishop. Everyone answers the same...nope. He continues walking until he sees a man that could possible be him rounding the corner up ahead. He turns to the camera...::

Ramos: That could be him, c'mon follow me.

::He runs to catch up to the man and yells "Lance, Lance" but the man keeps walking. He's like ten feet behind him now and sees the man enter a dressing room, but the man doesn't close the door all the way. He looks on the door and sees a "F" emblazed on the door and walks in.

Lance Bishop: What the **** are you doing here? I didn't hear you knock!

Humberto Ramos: Lance, please just five minutes of your time. The people out there and your fans have been dying to know what's up with you lately?

LB: What do you mean what's up with me?

HR: We've not heard much from you in the past week and a half. You came to the MWC with a fire and really got people to notice you, and then your gone. Where have you been?

LB: Where I have been is taking care of business which is nobodies **** business.

HR: Lance, what's with the attitude? I mean you had an attitude when you entered the MWC, but not like this.

LB: Well you'd be pretty ****ed if you were cheated out a match wouldn't you? Next Question!

HR: Why didn't you answer the challenge of Bruno the Bruiser?

LB: That guy! Please. Why should I answer a challenge and waste my time with a guy who's practically scared of his own shadow? A win over this guy wouldn't push me up the rankings and then poeple would start to say "Oh yeah that Bishop guy can only beat the likes of him." Well, its not gonna go down that way. Next question!

HR: How do you feel about your loss to Eli Flair after nearly guaranteeing your victory?

LB: You see I would have won and if you would have watched the match you would have seen that I was about to seal his fate, that is until that miserable little **** Eddy Love interfered. "Total humiliation" don't think for one second that you beat the "Franchise." You needed the help of Eddy Love to do it. Love I hear you want a piece of me, well I guess you wont be getting a piece of me any time soon. Flair you can bet your bottom dollar that you haven't seen the last of me, and love you haven't either.

Now get the **** out of here before I stick that mic up your ****.

::On that note Ramos didnt take his time leaving the locker room::



The Crippler vs. Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine

Welcome to the Jungle kicks in and as Crippler makes his way to the ring, the announcer begins - -

Announcer: Ladies in Gentleman (Huge fan pop)...this matchup will be for the MWC Television title. Our first finalist weighing in at 225 lbs. and standing at 6'2. He's the master of the Crippleplex and know the Crippling Plunge - THE CRIPPLER (fan pop)

Don't tell me what Love Can Do by Van Halen kicks in as Spotlights begin to fly all around the stadium (fan pop)

Announcer: And now, weighing in at a fit 224 lbs. and standing just shy of 6'2 - The DAREDEVIL Mark Vizzack! (fan pop)

The spotlights quit flying around and line up in a straight line as Mark Vizzack comes out of the back curtain. (fan pop)He holds the curtain as a chant goes up of 'SUNSHINE! SUNSHINE!'. And as in an answer, out comes the enigmatic valet of Mark Vizzack - Sunshine. Sunshine is dressed a bit more... risky than usual and seems to be able to slap hands with the fans as long as they don't try to pull her in. They make it to ringside. Mark helps Sunshine up the steps and then leaps up to the canvas and then over the top rope. He holds the ropes for Sunshine who climbs in with him. Colorful sparks shot from the cornerposts as Mark 'gets over' with the fans.

JS: These 2 were very impressive earlier tonight in making it this far. Vizzack with a irish whip...he's following close for -

LK: Not much as Crippler flips over his knee and back into the ropes on the other side - FLYING SHOULDERBLOCK! Vizz going down hard after that one.

JS: Crippler gets Vizz up, PILEDRIVER! To early to go for a cover so Crippler throws Mark into the turnbuckle - he comes back from the rebound...DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!

LK: Both guys got the worst of that one.

JS: The ref is starting his count as both men struggle to their feet. Crippler up first and he quickly goes back to the offense. Setting up for a Gutwrench suplex.

LK: Vizz flips and lands on his feet (fan pop).

JS: Good move and he surprises Crippler with it. Taking advantage with an Irish Whip...running knee in the midsection of Crippler. Another Irish whip, this time into the turnbuckle and VIZZ SPLASH!

LK: I won't mention where that might have been learned from...

JS: Huh? You must have a memory like an elephant if you know where he learned that one from. Vizz climbing the top rope - 360 DDT! He picks up Crippler...Neckbreaker.

LK: I think I see the jugular exposed - Fist to the midsection by Vizzack.

JS: DAREDEVIL FLYER! 1...2...3!!!!


'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack



'Good God' Kevin Powers w/Gina vs. 'Total Elimination' Eli Flair w/Poison Ivy

Announcer: This next match is for the MWC InterContinental championship. First, introducing 'Total Elimination'

Vow by Garbage kicks in as 2 Singapore Cane's cross to make an 'X' and spin round and round on the aisle and ring. From out of the curtain walks Eli Flair carrying a Singapore Cane and wearing his usual trench coat to the ring. He's followed by Poison Ivy who slaps hands with the fans as Eli stalks the ring like a mad man with only one goal. He gets in the ring and turns to face the curtain where Kevin Powers will come out of.

Announcer: ELI FLAIR (Fan Pop). And his opponent, hailing from Chicago, Illinois - 'Good God' Kevin Powers.

'(Can't You) Trip Like I Do' by Fliter & The Crystal Method starts to play as Gina makes her appearance from behind the curtain. On the screen above, the letters 'PLR' come up in emerald on a black background. Gina stand on side of the entranceway as "Good God" Kevin Powers makes his way out as well. They stay there for a moment as the white fountain-like pyro effects go off behind them and soak up all of the reaction from the crowd. They start walking down the rampway arm and arm. Once inside Powers goes on the turnbuckle and flexes for the crowd as Gina takes the mic from the ring announcer.

G: If you don't mind. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all ages, PLR proudly presents to you one of the greatest forces in MWC today. He is ALWAYS full of US Steel and Sex Appeal...here he is "Good God" KEVIN POWERS!!!

JS: (fan pop) What the ****! Eli's taken that cane right to Powers!

LK: How could he stoop so low? Gina & Susan may not have fun for a week with that low blow.

JS: Kevin falls from the ropes and down to the canvas...Eli is still blasting away!

Eli continues his assualt and as Gina attempts to grab the stick, she's caught aside the head by Poison Ivy with a Superkick. They hit the floor, Ivy pouncing her.

LK: Get that **** stick ref...the ref is warning Eli who stops, stares at the ref...BATTER UP! He's laying the law down tonight.

JS: The refs called for the bell...this match is over before it begins.

LK: OH NO! I have a feeling this is far from over. Eli's pulling out something - BARBED WIRE! He's wrapping it around the staff.

JS: Victor Creel couldn't even stomach this one...someone needs to do something. He's slamming the barbed wire stick down and then pulling it across Kevin Powers back! He's a bloody mess.

LK: I believe we have the KING of HARDCORE!

JS: THe king of despicable actions maybe...Good Lord!

(cascade of boos from the crowd as...)

LK: Get in there Eddy, quick!

JS: Eddy Love slides under the ropes...Susan and Melissa in tow. He's grabbed the Cane and ripped it out from Eli's grasp.

LK: Where you going Eddy? He's leaving the ring with the cane. Finally, Eli is walking away as Susan looks on over her man and Melissa looks out toward Eddy as he goes behind the curtain.

JS: I don't know what's going on here...Eddy Love is acting strange...Eli Flair evidently just threw the title...wait, he's carrying the belt and a mic back into the ring.

Eli:Take a look at who the champion is, (points to Powers) and who didn't win the belt. Then take a look at who is actually going to leave the ring under his OWN POWER!

Eli drops the belt across Powers bloodied chest and then gets out of the ring...leaving with Ivy.


By Disqualification

'Good God' Kevin Powers



4 Corners Team Elimination Match

Lunar Express vs. Federal Express vs. Team EXTREME vs. Extreme Express Express

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman, this is a very special matchup between 4 seperate tag teams. In this match, each team will have one corner. They can tag in anyone. Once your partner or you have been pinned or submitted or Dqed, both team members must leave the ring area. The last team remaining will be the first ever MWC TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!Introducing first from the great state of Georgia...the Lunar Express!(HEEL POP)

Love Lifted Me by Collective Soul slams over the airwaves as the lights go completely black. From the back curtain a spotlight shines on the entranceway and standing there are 2 guys. The lights slowly come back and you can see that it's the Lunar Express - Stellar Stan & Galactic Grant with their manager WIlliam H. Bradley III. They walk down the aisle...actually halfway dance (or atleast Stan does). As they near the ring area, someone throws a cup of pop on Stan. Stan grabs a camera, looks straight in it and says.

SS: "Look Ma, I got on TV by tossing water on Stellar Stan...I guess that means I'm somebody....LOSER!"

They continue their entrance by getting in the ring as 'moonbeams' fly around the arena and sparks shower down from the overhead lighting machine.

Announcer: Next, weighing in at a combined weight of 799 pounds...Mailman Mike & Postal Paul - FEDERAL EXPRESS (Fan Pop)

Come As You Are by Nirvana smashes everyones eardrums as The Fed Ex makes their way to the ring with Disgruntled Dan.

Announcer: Everyone has been waiting to see who this is...Randy Harders & 'someone' in Team EXTREME!

The lights dim in the building. Red and Blue strobe lights flicker all about. On the PA you hear "Are you Ready to get EXTREME?" Then, Marilyn Manson's Long Hard Road Out Of Hell begins to play. One spot light focuses in on the curtain. Harders steps out followed by Mrs. Beyer. He is wearing his usual wrestling garb. He walks down the isle, the spotlight stays on the curtain, but no one follows. Harders gets to the ring, lets in Mrs. Beyer, then follows her in. he takes off his coat and hat, revealing a "Team EXTREME" t-shirt. He gives the Whirlwind pose and fireworks go off in the corners of the building. The lights come on, Mrs. Beyer goes to the outside of the ring, grabs a microphone from the announcers table and then walks over to Harders and hands it to him. Harders walks over to his corner and leans against it.

Harders: Well, as you can plainly see my partner has got a previous engagment at the moment, so he maybe here or he may not. So, let's just get this **** on!

He throws away the microphone and gets ready to wrestle. The ref shrugs his shoulders and decides what they hey...it's his body.

Announcer: And Finally, a brand new team making their debut here - Iron Fist & Sampo...EXTREME EXPRESS EXPRESS!

The arena lights dim as the opening notes of 'Eye of the Tiger' gets the crowd to their feet. A spotlight focuses on the curtains and everyone waits patiently for this new team's entrance. First through the curtain is Sampo, wearing a Quit Riot T-Shirt, long blonde hair in a single pony tail on the side of his head, grinning like there is no tomorrow. Closely behind follows Ironfist wearing his old boxing robe. The robe is dark blue with thousands upon thousands on sequins and beads. The hood is drawn over his face and he is hopping and dancing towards the ring just like at prize fighter at thier biggest match. Three slightly over weight men wearing white t-shirts that are too small follow the two men. Each of the 'escort's' shirts have an 'E' handwritten on them in a black magic marker (one is even backwards). The three men are also carrying flashlights and are waving them around like they are some kind of a light show. They also are popping blackcat fireworks on their way to the ring as if they are pyrotechnics. Ironfist seems oblivious to this as he looks all business. Sampo is slapping high fives to the crowd and even giving a pose or two (are his tights on backwards???)

JS: Chance had Stellar Stan and Postal Paul starting out. Stan quickly sends Paul into the ropes. Back out, Paul dunks a elbow by Stan and goes back into the ropes - SHOULDERBLOCK! Stan is hurting as Pete picks him up for - POWERBOMB!

LK: Man, he just did that powerbomb with Stan landing with his head on the turnbuckle.

JS: And Stan uses that moment to tag out. Randy Harders in, but Paul is still trying to mess with Stan - FOOTBALL TACKLE by Harders. Paul is hurting. Stan runs over and does a baseball slide tackle then raises his leg at the last moment to hit the unexpecting Mailman Mike in the groin. He falls to the floor below.


STAN: (into a camera at ringside) I knew that would come in handy.

JS: And handy it has been as Harders has Postal Paul up in the WHIRLWIND (Spinning Torture Rack). The ref calls for the bell and we are one tag team down.

STAN: (from outside the ring) You can think me later Randy! Harders Merely stares at him in disgust as the ref calls for one of the EEE to come in.

JS: Iron Fist in for the Ecubed. Ironfist pushes Harders into the ropes, sends him across the ring and Back Body Drop from Ironfist. Ironfist going for a Powerslam...wait, Randy gets out and BACKBREAKER.

LK: I think Ironfist should just stick to throwing punches.

JS: Ironfist back at his feet like nothing happened. WOW! What resilence. They lock up - SHOULDERBREAKER by Ironfist.

LK: What? He can do a wrestling move.

JS: Evidently. And hes going for the cover - 1..2(Kickout)

LK: What in the world is this idiot doing?

JS: Well, it looks like he's climbing the ropes? Randy back up and sends Ironfist down the hard way. Randy latches on his WHIRLWIND, but he can't get Ironfist set on his shoulders. Ironfist with a quick escape there.

LK: Close call there, but Randy is going right after him with a figure 4, no - Ironfist turns it into a small package - 1...2..(Kickout!) He's back up as Ironfist grabs him - HEART PUNCH! That dazes Randy.

JS: Yessir, he's not doing to well right now. That move has been declared in many nations after the infamous Ox Baker 'popularized' it by killing a man. Ironfist tagging in Sampo.

Poison Ivy comes to the ringside area and begins to talk to Mrs. Beyer. Knowing who she manages, Stellar Stan begins to taunt Ivy. She returns their cracks, all the while, Eli Flair makes his way through the crowd still wearing his trenchcoat. (fan pop)

JS: What's going on here? What's Eli Flair doing?

LK: I don't like this!

JS: Randy's in trouble as Sampo connects with the Gullotine Legdrop! This is getting really ugly! Going for the cover - 1...2...(ELI PULLS RANDY OUTSIDE THE RING BREAKING THE COUNT!)

LK: I think we have Randy's partner!

JS: And I think you're right. Randy gets back in the ring only to tag in Eli. It's Eli and Sampo in the ring now...hold on?

LK: What's that lunatic doing...he's skipping over to the Lunar Express' corner?

JS: He's tagged in Galactic Grant (Huge Fan Pop). Look at the smile on Eli's face, he's ready for this one.

LK: They can't go in there, he's a freaking maniac!

JS: Grant'd better or he'll get counted out.

Eli takes off his coat to reveal a T-Shirt reading "EXTREMELY ****** UP" on the front and "Team EXTREME" on the back, over his usual wrestling attire.

JS: Both drop to the floor outside refusing to get in...Bradley had better do some quick talking - finally, Grant agrees. Eli coming in with a Clothesline.

LK: Not on my boys he's not! Grant dunks and sends Eli into the ropes.

JS: And Eli back with a flying shoulderram! Choke on Grant - no CHOKESLAM - Eli goes for the cover 1...2..(kickout)

LK: It'll take more than that to beat the LE!

JS: Eli getting Grant back up...FACESLAM on Grant! Eli picks grant back up - Suplex, no Grant blocks it - spinning takedown. And he's off to the races.

LK: Good move Grant, tagging in Sampo!

JS: Sampo launches himself in with a cross body block - Eli's too strong for that. HE catches Sampo and POWERSLAM! Eli comes at the slowly recovering Sampo for a clothesline, Sampo dunks - DROPKICK. Eli goes down.

LK: Looks like Sampo is gonna fly! He's on the top rope - 450 SPLASH 1...2..(kickout!) He's heading back up top as Eli struggles to his feet.

JS: Flying CLOTHESLINE - He took Eli's head off with that one! Sampo tags in Ironfist who comes in with a combination of lefts and rights on Eli. Eli is fighting that one off as best he can, but he's getting smashed around in there! Ironfist spins the groggy Eli around, ATOMIC DROP! Eli flies into the ropes and comes back - Right Cross

LK: NO! Eli dunks and one arm tosses Iron Fist into the turnbuckle. Ironfist bounces out and a DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE.

JS: They are both trying to get to their feet with this, both tag partners giving encouragement. What's Lunar Express doing?

LK: Just a leisurely stroll.

JS: With a steel chair?

LK: Maybe they want to have something to sit on when they get to where they're going.

JS: Somehow, I doubt that. Ironfist is the first to his feet...Eli still quite groggy - IRONFIST HITS THE DEATHBLOW (Discus Punch)! Wait, Stan just slammed a chair onto an unexpecting Randy Harders...WHere's Grant?

LK: Nowhere! NOWHERE!

JS: He's holding down Eli's legs to make the count easier - 1...2...3!!!!



JS: Wait, the ref noticed Grant's arm pulling off his legs.

LK: What's wrong with that guy? It was a clean pin.

JS: Well, he doesn't think so...what's he doing? He's ordered the Lunar Express back to the dressing rooms! They've been Disqualified.


JS: Maybe later, but right now all that's gonna happen is the LE leaving.

JS: Sampo and Randy are goingo to be starting this match out again after that brief break.

LK: Stupid piece of junk.

JS: Well, lets get back to the match.

LK: The match is over as far as I'm concerned - Bring out Bryan Blair!

JS: Sampo runs - HURRICARANA. Nice quick uptempo start.

LK: Speaking of tempo...where's the Maestro?

JS: Sampo with a flying head scissors. And then into the ropes again - Elbowdrop onto Harders. Sampo tags in Ironfist who drops a falling headbutt onto Randy. Ironfist picks up Randy - back down with a European uppercut!

LK: European? That reminds me - where's Bryan Blair?

JS: I really wish someone would get him out of here. Ironfist gets Randy up again...COMBINATION PUNCHES!...Randy leaps crazily to his corner making a desperation tag.

LK: Desperation...good word for this match!

JS: (whew)Eli in and drops low to get Fist's legs - turns it around into a boston crab. Interesting choice, but he wants to take the legs from under Ironfist. Ironfist is pulling...stretching for the ropes - HE GOT IT! Eli doesn't let up though, CHOKESLAM! Goes for the cover - 1...2...(KICKOUT). Eli continues his assualt - TOTAL ELIMINATION! (STF with extra pressure from hooking both legs). Ironfist is hanging on for dear life here...The ref keeps checking, but he's not giving in yet.

LK: Just submit so we can get to the real match...I WANT BLAIR!

JS: He is still holding out...this is truly unbelievable. SAMPO IN WITH THE SAVE! That was a close call there, he couldn't have stayed there much longer. Randy is tagged in by Eli and he latches on a Figure 4...they're really after this guy, but this time he rolls quickly to the ropes. Randy pulls him back to the ring - he's going for a crossface/armbar, but Ironfist wiggles free tossing a right cross at Harders to stun him. Ironfist leaps for the tag, FINALLY bringing in the rested and ready SAMPO. Sampo with a dropkick. He picks up Randy...or at least he tried.

LK: Geez, like anyone didn't know that little guy couldn't pick up the 330 Harders - BRING ON THE MAESTRO!

JS: DDT by Harders. Back up and DOWN with a FOOTBALL TACKLE! Sampo went flying with that one, but luckily into his own corner! Iron fist charges in throwing a left jab, but Randy swerves to miss that one. He grabs Ironfist's outreached arm and tosses him into the ropes - Back Body Drop. Harders in the corner waiting for Ironfist to get back up - FOOTBALL TACKLE as he explodes all over the former boxer. And we know what that sets up - -

LK: If all that is sweet and true, I hope I know - YES!

JS: Randy has Ironfist up in the WHIRLWIND. Sampo in for the save, but Eli and him both roll to the outside. THE REF CALLED FOR THE BELL! The match is over! (fan pop)






Pestilence vs. The Maestro' Bryan Blair w/Contessa

Announcer: Ladies and Gentleman...THE MAIN EVENT (Fan Pop)Weighing in at a trim 255 lbs. and standing at 6'1" - 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair.

"Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights went out again. A clear, white spotlight hit the curtain and out walked the young lady, Contessa walks through the curtain wearing her 18th century clothing. She's wearing her Gold victorian dress, powdered wig with a tiara throwing the spotlights energy into a myriad of colors, a choker pearl necklace with a large heart shaped Amber stone, a gold bow in the back of the wig, & a gold victorian mask with plenty of jewels with a tear shaped jewel under her right eye. She steps onto the ramp, turns around, and holds the curtain for … 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He's wearing a black tux with tails, mounds of lace on his shirt's front and cuffs, black 'knocker' pants that come down to his knees, black wrestling boots that hit mid-calf, & a powdered wig with a gold bow in the back around its ponytail. He walks through the curtain and as they make their way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for them to walk through. He helps Contessa up the stairs and then walks himself up them. Contessa stays outside the ring (in that dress, she'd never make it in), but holds the ropes up so that Blair can enter the ring. Blair puts his back to Contessa, holds his arms out, and she took his jacket off. She helps him out of his shirt, takes his wig off (revealing his dark black hair in yet another gold bow for the ponytail) and then walks down the stairs to be seated at ringside. Blair moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full.

Announcer: And his opponent weighing in at ...

The lights go out in the arena and the fans go nuts. Two men emerge from the back stage area carrying torches. They are dressed in long black robes with hoods drawn over their heads and covering their eyes. These two men are big: they could be wrestlers themselves. But they are pale; even though they are muscular, they look almost sickly. THey begin their slow walk to the ring, side by side. THe fans recognize these men as the enigmatic heralds of their hero: Pestilence. The heralds enter the ring, without saying a word and stand towards the back, still side by side, torches still blazing brightly. A spotlight suddenly appears pointed at the huge square shaped lighting facility danlging over the ring. One it stands a mighty figure. He too is wearing a long, black robe, hood covering his face. He stands in his familiar 'crucifix pose' made popular on t-shirts throughout the arena. His arms are outstretched, feet crossed at the ankles (he seems to be floating), head cocked to one side, and facing down. The fans erupt. This warrior has gotten over with the fans like no other wrestler in OWA history. His popularity in this federation has never been parralled, but he is in the BTR now. He slowly raises his head so he is now facing up to the roof of the arena. The hood falls off his head to reveal his regal, battle scarred face. He keeps his eyes shut so his 'X' tattoos on his eyelids can be seen. Slowly he opens his eyes. He leans forward off the lighting. He falls towards the ring, staying in a beautiful swan dive, and the fans scream, half in horror, and half in delight at seing their hero, many for the first time. As he is about to crash into the ring, all lights go out, including the torchbearer's lights in the ring, and the decibel level is raised to a deafining roar. The lights come back on. The former OWA world champion is in the house and maybe the future MWC World Champion.

JS: This is what we've been waiting for.

LK: You can say that again! This is why I came tonight...to see Blair crowned KING of the MWC.

JS: Pestilence grabbing Blair in a grinding headlock. Blair throws a back elbow to get out, but Pestilence quick to grab Blair by the head - HEADBUTT!

LK: Blair's just playing possom.

JS: Well, he'd better quit before Pestilence finishes him with this Turnbuckle whip. Blair bounces out with a clothesline - NO, he misses, but PESTILENCE IS ON TARGET WITH HIS!

LK: He's fine...just baiting him in

JS: Pestilence with a belly to belly suplex - Blair is grabbing his back after that one!

LK: Come on Bryan, you have to baiting him?

JS: Pestilence puts Blair back down with a DDT!..Blair trying to get up and get his wits about him.

LK: come on Bryan, you have to get up?

JS: Pestilence with an armbar on Blair, no, Blair reverses out of that move. He lets it go - CLOTHESLINE! Pestilence quick to his feet - Knee lift.

LK: Blair sends Pesky into the ropes - get him Bryan - Back Body Drop is a beaut!

JS: NO, That's a beaut of a Piledriver by Pestilence!

LK: Come on ref, do something!

JS: He is, counting Blair down! Pestilence sends Blair to the outside...he's coming after him, but Blair runs around the ring to get away...sliding back into the ring.

LK: Way to go Maestro...you're playing them smart!

JS: Pestilence comes back in...Body Slam by Blair!

LK: Oh Yeah, that's the way you do it!

JS: Blair nails him with THE ENCORE (Atomic Drop to the knee) and goes for the cover - 1..2(Kickout!)(fan pop). Blair with a holding Vertical Suplex

LK: (dabbing his eyes) That's a masterpiece.

JS: Blair climbing to the top rope...He leaps off - PESTILENCE CATCHES HIM! POWERSLAM!


JS: Yep, he goes for the pin - 1...2...(kickout) (ohhh from the fans). Pestilence gets Blair up - STUNNER!

LK: Oh man, his hair came out of his pony tail!

JS: Yeah, and he made need some new teeth also...He's got Blair in a choke hold - no - CHOKESLAM! This is going Pestilence's way pretty quickly.

LK: Oh shut up!

JS: Pestilence has Blair up on his shoulders - RUNNING POWER SLAM! And we know what that's a setup for as he puts Blair's shoulders to the outside of the ring!


JS: Blair rolls out of the ring and to the floor below. Pestilence is getting down the easy way, not risking anything with things going his way. He's rolling under the bottom rope...Contessa gets up from her chair and warns Blair who quickly turns tail and runs.

LK: He's just being tactical...that's why he's in the finals and you're not!

JS: Yeah, I'm here with you! Blair runs as Pestilence follows behind...stalking. LOOK OUT PESTILENCE! Contessa's slipped behind him and she's loaded!

LK: COME ON! What? The lights are flickering...music, no a chant, no it's music? What's going on?

JS: DJ DEACON I THINK! Yes, he's coming from the back. Blair's went into the ring, and Pestilence is staring DEEP into Contessa's eyes...she's backing away. Pestilence back inside with fists of fire as Deacon tries to 'apprehend' Contessa. Blair drops to his knees in a beg, but Pestilence just hovers until Blair sticks his arms out the corner to force a break.

LK: Get him back...geez, we've got the oddities here at once!

JS: The ref is pushing Pestilence back as Contessa rounds the corner - she handed the purse off to Blair - NO! Blair just creamed Pestilence with the purse and the ref didn't see it.

LK: I believe this will end this little charade?

JS: Blair tosses the purse outside as Blair falls on Pestilence - 1...2...(KICKOUT) (HUGE FAN POP). Pestilence tries to get up, but he's holding his head...VERTICAL SUPLEX BY BLAIR! - HE HIT THE BACK OF HIS HEAD! Blair uses the turnbuckle for leverage to get a 1...2...3!!!!!NO! I can't believe it ends like this! NO!

LK: YES! I told you Blair would do it!

JS: Deacon finally got to Contessa, but lets her go when he hears the bell. He didn't even see what'd happened.

LK: THe Rube! I mean, I know he's mute, but blind too.

JS: Well anyway, Locke is walking down to present...


'The Mastero' Bryan Blair
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