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MWC Presents SuperNova

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Jul 8, 1998
Sierra Vista, Arizona
(As the cameras fade in, they show a bored room. In the room sits several men. Mr. Locke and Little Locke sit across from each other, giving each other obvious scowls; Liam Kennedy and Jim Sears sit across from each other, both not knowing anything of which is about to occur. All are in suits and ties.)

LK: What the HELL is going on here?

Mr. L: You will find out soon enough.

JS: Excuse me sir, we have... Ummm.... I have served this company for quite some time now and faithfully I might add, I believe I have the right to know.

LL: Dad, I want to know too dammit!

Mr. L: Shut up! All of you. I told you....

(Just as that happens the doors at the front of the room open to show the entrance of "The HARD One" Randy Harders and Vice President Erik Zieba, decked out with suits and ties. The move swiftly and quietly to each end of the long table that the other men are sitting at.)

RH: Well men, (Looks at Little Locke) and I use that term loosely, It seems we have entered the eve of our first pay per view...

LL: Speak for yourself d...

(Harders smacks him across the face, as Erik Zieba gets up, places his briefcase on the table and reaches inside. He then pulls out a roll of duct tape.)

LL: Hey, you can't do this.

(Harders looks at Mr. Locke.)

Mr. L: Boy, you have sealed your own fate with this company. (Points to Harders.) He is in charge, and I must warn you, don't piss him off. He isn't me, and he isn't going to take your s***.

(Erik Zieba puts a piece over his mouth as Harders has got Little Locke pinned to the chair. Erik then tapes LL into his seat, then returns to his own.)

Harders: Well, now that we have the big mouth shut up, we can proceed.

I have spent the past two weeks being in power. I stayed awake at night thinking about the improvements that could be made to this company. Not just to make it mine, but to bring the people out see these shmucks wrestle out there.

My wife, also your boss, has not been happy. I am hardly home, I am never in bed, I am always up trying to figure out what to do.

Well folks, my mind is done. Sleep has come at last, and the gears are in work as we speak.

LK: Okay, what does have to do with us?

EZ: Well that's quite simple. You cut off the fat that his hanging onto the lean. Therefore Liam Kennedy...YOUR FIRED!

JS: (Laughs.) I told you, piss them off long enough and you'd be canned.

EZ: (turns towards Jim Sears and gives him a sinister look) Oh don't worry giggles cause you won't be far behind. YOUR FIRED TOO!!!

JS: WHAT? NO!!! (Sears just breaks down and cries.)

LK: Hey, the people love us. You can't do this.

Mr. Locke: Shut up and take it like a man.

LK: Well, who is gonna replace me? And him? (Sears is still crying.)

Harders: Hey, you wanna know, buy a ticket to the friggin show. Now leave!

(Sears just gets up and walks out, smacking his head against the door on the way out. Kennedy just stays put.)

LK: No dammit! How could you fire the star of the show? Where is my man, Eddy, he will help?

RH: (Pissed now.) Don't you worry about your buddy Mr. Love, for he has got his own agenda. Worrying about you will be the last thing he should do.

EZ: Oh and by the way, (Points to Harders, who has his arms folded, the suit jacket he is wearing seems to be to small in the shoulder as he does this.) He can do what he wants, he is THE PRESIDENT of MWC!

(Erik Zieba walks Kennedy to the door and opens the door.)

EZ: (puts his arm around Kennedy) Liam we don't wanna have a war. We just wanna be friends. We're just trying to help you guys out. After all a new age is taking place in the MWC and I wouldn't want the burden to be bestoed upon you two to carry the tradition....hey is that a quarter over there?

LK: Where?

EZ: (points outside the door) Right down there.

LK: I don't see it

(While Kennedy is looking Zieba pushes him out the door and onto the ground)

EZ: Well keep looking. I think there's a classified ad out there as well. Now go get a job!

LK: But....You....Umm....Ba....Umm......

RH: It seems he is dumbfounded for once in his life.

Mr. L: I thought I would never see the day.

(Erik Zieba then slams the door in his face. Inside Little Locke is still taped up.)

RH: Well, Mr. Lockey, I say you buy me and EZ here some dinner. What do you say?

Mr. L: Sounds good to me, but please, don't fire anyone else.

EZ: Don't worry about it, we got things covered. Now let's go get some food and beer. I know this great little Pizza Pub down the street. (thumbs towards Locke Jr) What about him?

RH: Leave Little Lockey there, the cleaning crews will get him tomorrow morning.


(The camera fades out, then fades back in to a jam packed arena. The crowd is going wild as the opening credits are shown on the bottom of the screen. As the camera pans around the crowd there are signs of all kinds being shown. "We want Flair!" What's not to Love about Eddy Love?" "Feel the pain" "The Vizzard is coming" As the camera slowly reachs the ring where Humberto Ramos stands in the middle of the ring waiting for his cue.)

HR: Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages....

(Just then Turn the Page by Metallica plays as the crowd goes wild, President Harders and Vice President Erik Zieba walk down the aisleway towards the ring, slapping hands as they go. Upon entering the ring, Harders grabs the mic from Humberto. He then tosses it to Erik Zieba.)

EZ: Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, welcome to SUPERNOVA! The event we have been all waiting for. The event of milestones. The new management of the MWC hopes to present to you, this very evening, an event of such stature, that you will be craving for more. To do this, we have made ... a couple of changes.

(Crowd cheers wildly.)

EZ: First off, Humberto, don't take this personal. I like you and everthing, but when you start stealing my lines you cross the line. What I want you to do is go back and find Jim Sears and Liam Kennedy.

HR: And then what?

EZ: Well when you find them at the local bar crying their eyes out you might as well join'em cause YOUR FIRED!


(He begins to plead his case, but Zieba sticks a hand in his face)

EZ: NOT GONNA HEAR IT THIS DAY! Hit the bricks kid cause you need practice....LOTS OF PRACTICE! (as Ramos is leaving the ring) As I was saying Jim Sears, Liam Kennedy, AND Humberto Ramos are no longer with the company. And as for you Victor Crell, since you didn't want to show up to the meeting we had earlier today. Enjoy watching from home cause YOUR FIRED TOO!!! NOW...on that note...Our new announcers.....

(Austin Powers theme plays as from behind the curtain comes out, a well dressed Austin Powers look alike.)

EZ: Here is, Mike Powers!

(After he gets to ringside, another man steps from behind the curtain, he is dressed in jeans and a dress shirt which is under a blue jacket.)

EZ: And his counter part, he's a former pro wrestler from the Puerto Rico region and he hails from Chicago. Heck no not Kevin Powers, but a REAL FIGHTING MAN Brett Sanders! Now get your butts behind the table and let's get things started! Ladies and Gentlemen the President (points to Randy Harders) and the Vice President (points to himself) proudly present to you the FUTURE of the MWC and the greatest PPV ever......SUPERNOVA!!!

(Crowd goes nuts as Harders and Erik Zieba leave to the tune of Turn the Page.)


The first PPV where the change all started!

(As the camera slowly goes from President Harders and Vice President Zieba to Mike Powers and Brett Sanders, they begin to speak.)

MP: (British accent) Yeah Baby! Yeah!

BS: Hell yeah, what a way to get a job!

MP: The only way to get a pay per view going, is with your groovy new bosses taking charge.

BS: Well, tonight we have got some great action for you folks. We begin the night off with the TV title finals, pitting Brett Kross against the Mercenary.

MP: Yeah, a smashing beginning.

BS: Then, the action doesn't let down as we pit two relative new comers to the MWC against each other, Hellfighter and X-Rated.

MP: That cat Hellfighter talks a mean game, but I am sure that *****....cat will give us a great show, yeah!

BS: What is with the yeahs? I mean seriously, who says yeah now a days?

MP: Stuff it, square.

BS: Anyways, Then the anticipated first match of Sultan Rafique Bengal.

MP: But why did he choose Commando?

BS: He didn't.

MP: Then why wrestle the cat?

BS: Because President Harders said so....

MP: Well then, wrestle he must. But at what major cost to his body?

BS: Oh yes, MD.

MP: Those boys are like hormones gone arye baby.

BS: Sure, and.....

(Awkward silence by Mike Powers.)

BS: Exactly, anyways, then the downer of the night…. X's vs Skeleton Smashers.

MP: Who?

BS: Exactly.

MP: Then, we have something to bring a little life to these people who had to sit through the X's and Skeleton Smasher's match, a falls count anywhere match between Justin Sane and ExE.

BS: Hey, that was my line.

MP: After all is said and done with that match, we take it Intercontinental style, with Cruise vs Dean, yeah!

BS: Dammit, shut up.

MP: Relax, I'm just doing it for s***s and giggles baby, that's all. Trying to get a rise outta you.

BS: Then, the match I have been looking forward to, Cassanova Clique vs Lunar Express.

MP: Yeah, Stan and his partner are definitely out of this world baby, a little high. (raises eyebrows.)

BS: With the prelims over, we go right into action with a three way match with Eddy Love, Mark Vizzack and Brian Blair.

MP: What the world needs now, is sweet, sweet love....

BS: Oh lord!

(Bell rings)

BS: A goody, here comes the action.



'Brass Knuckles' Brett Kross vs Mercenary

(In the ring stands a muscular built man, he stands at an enormous 6'5" and resembles Rambo. His eyes have eye black under them, and he recognizable as Mark Bavaro, ex-NY Giant Tight End.)

MB: Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages....

(Kross steps out from the back curtain with no pomp and circumstance. His intense brown eye staring directly at the ring, the other eye covered with an eye patch. His brown hair is cut short and he wears a leather jacket with no shirt and black addidas windbreaker pants with a white stripe down the side.)

MB: It is now time for the finals of the television title tournament, coming to the ring first, standing an amazing 6 foot 6, weighing 275 lbs. Here is "Brass Knuckles" Bret Kross!

(A mixture of cheers and bos as Kross makes his way down to ringside.)

MB: And his opponent....

(Lights go out and Highway to Hell by AC/DC plays. The arena goes dark and then is illuminated by parachute flares. There's a rumble of pops on the ramp as Merc steps out on the runway. The crowd boos. Merc is wearing jungle boots, camoflaged pants and a tank top that says "Anything for the Right Price".)

MB: Here is Mercenary!

BS: Well this should be a great opening match.

MP: Yeah baby, but I just want to see Vizzack wrestle.

BS: Hey, keep your mind at task.

MP: Okay, okay. Not to worry baby!

BS: Well, it looks as though we are about to start.

(Bell rings.)

BS: Kross and Merc start off with an elbow-collar tie up. Kross with the upperhand early, he whips Merc into the corner.....

MP: Groovy splash follow through.

BS: As Merc is limp in the corner, Kross sets him up on the second turnbuckle.... Ohhh, big belly to back suplex. It looks as if that really left Merc in some pain.

MP: Yeah baby, like my trip to the dentist.

BS: Shut up. Kross off the ropes, big elbow drop.

MP: Ohh....Kross with a STF on Merc....things aren't looking to shagadelic for Merc.

BS: The ref checks Merc, Merc shaking it off.

MP: Hey isn't that ref, Mr. President's brother?

BS: Yeah, his name is Big Nick, and we know if he is related to the president, he doesn't take crap from anyone.

MP: Yeah baby, Kross gives up on the STF and helps Merc to his feet...

BS: Kross off the opposite ropes, goes for a cross body block...

MP: Yeah baby, a duck by Merc sends Kross to the outside!

BS: Merc follows Kross outside, he picks up Kross and sends him into the guardrail back first.

MP: I haven't seen that kinda face since, well, the last time I went to the beach.

BS: Merc grabs a chair from someone in the crowd....Ouch....he brings it down, right across Kross's back.

MP: Big Nick has got the count up to a groovy 7 baby.

BS: Merc rolls in and out of the ring, then grabs Kross by the hair and sends him back into the ring.

MP: How's my hair look?

BS: Merc climbs the turnbuckles....huge drop kick from the top.

MP: Kross looks worse off than Merc does baby.

BS: Merc goes up to him, he sets him up in a surf board...

MP: Oh the pain baby!

BS: Merc drops him, then helps him up to his feet...

MP: Big back breaker baby!

BS: Merc lays the Ambush Sleeper on Kross, Kross with a quick jaw breaker!

MP: Merc back up, as Kross is still on the mat hurting, yeah baby!

BS: Merc picks Kross up in a huge powerbomb and down, flat on Kross's back.

MP: Merc goes for the pin, 1.....2..... kick out baby!

BS: Kross still has some juice left in...

MP: Merc slaps on the Ambush again, groovy.

BS: Big Nick checks Kross's arm....1.....2....3....Merc wins!

Winner and NEW MWC Television Champion



MP: Okay baby, who's next?

BS: Well, we had an awesome opening match, where Merc wins the television title!

MP: Very well baby, let's get to the next match.

BS: Up next, Hellfighter vrs. X-Rated....

[Meanwhile, in the back, Kevin Powers is stumbling along the hallway and looking into people's locker rooms.]

KP: EDDY!! Where ya at man? Let's get this Elite party STARTED.

[Powers continues to look around and accidently stumbles into the lockroom of The Crippler and Mercedes Devon. At the time he comes in Devon is changing her clotes and has her bare back to the camera.]

KP: Now that's what I'm talkin about. A Butt Naked PARTY!!

MD: Kevin? You're drunk! Get the hell out of here before I call security.

KP: Sour Puss!

{Powers slams the door and continues on. Several times he has tripped, but he hasn't spilled a drop.]


BS: (shaking his head after seeing the last clip) That man needs help and in the worst way.

MP: He's just havin a good time what's the problem with that?

BS: Disorderly conduct is your idea of a good time?

MP: It gets the chicks baby yeah!

BS: I had to ask. Anyways we're coming up on our next match and it's X-Rated versus HellFighter. This should be a good contest for the two youngsters in this match. It's always good to see some fresh faces in the world we call wrestling.

MP: Well still they aren't swingers like Love or Blair.

BS: Anyway let's go to the ring.


'HellFighter' Michael Patrick Shultze vs X-Rated

MB: This next contest will be for one fall and there will be a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, in his first match for MWC, he is "HellFighter" Michael Patrick Shultze!

[The loud speaker stereo system begins playing HellFighter's theme music "Revolution" by Kirk Franklin and God's Property as HellFighter makes his way to the ring. The crowd erupts in applause has HellFighter makes his way to the ring and on his way he is greeting and shaking hands with members of the audience. Once in the ring he shakes the hand of Mark Bravo and asks for the microphone.]

HellFighter: "Thank you very much for that great introduction, and I want to thank these fans for that awesome welcome into this arena. I praise God for that welcome. I accept it gracefully, and I praise Him for you all today. I can definately tell who is hungry for a Revolution."

((The crowd erupts in a huge applause. HellFighter then waits for the crowd to go down again and then he continues on.))

HellFighter: "There is alot going on right here in the MWC, and I feel in my heart, soul, and spirit it is the start of something big, really big. Can you smell it? Cam you taste it? Can you feel it? I can. I want this so bad that I can not even begin to comprehend the words to express what I am going through right now. You see that X-Rated, that's the sound of a people, a generation that is hungry, that is thirsty for something new. It's the new wine! We are a chosen generation here to carry on something that is far greater than anybody can possibly imagine. Everybody is welcome to be apart of this Revolution but we are not forcing you or anybody else in this thing in anyway. It's just simply come as you are, come one/come all, you are welcome and for starters this crowd is more than welcome. X-Rated, you may chose not to be apart of this and that's fine, that's your decision and we all respect that. But you can not, and I repeat, you can not stop what is already bound and prophecied to happen. It will happen, and there is nothing that nobody can do to contain or even control it. This is out of my hands and it is the mark of something so much greater. For not only this great wrestling federation, but also for this world, and for this universe, and everything that exists around us. This is not ours alone, but it was given to us freely, and we must cherish it always.

X-Rated, here at Supernova, it will be the start of the dawning of a whole new era. We are going to see the two of us, bleed, sweat, and shed our tears. It will be two men enter one man leaves victorious while the other is lying down in defeat. Is this personal? No. It is all mearly about business and about two men trying to make their marks on the MWC and the world. This will be a day for all of the history books will never forget, and they will never forget about the match at Supernova of HellFighter verses X-Rated. The match of two young men moving up into manhood. My God it will be one one glorious day. And it will also mark the beginning of the Revolution. And that will be something that not only the history books will be able to forget but also the world as well. So X-Rated, are you ready? Because I am, time to make you famous. And that's all I have to say, and you can quote me on that, all of that."

MP: That was so sweet. I wanna cry.

BS: Hush you.

MB: And his opponent....coming in at six foot five and weighing 237lbs. This is X-Rated!

BS: And here we go! HellFigher and X-Rated start up with a collar and elbow tie up in the center of the ring. And HellFighter showing a bit of strenght by pusing off X-Rated.

MP: Shagadelic power baby!

BS: They tie up once more and AGAIN HellFighter shows his strenght. X-Rated looks up in disbelief and theres HellFighter smiling at him telling him to get back up. He sure is a true sportsman.

MP: I think he made a deal with the man upstairs.

BS: Well whatever he did it's working out for him. They tie up once again and this time X-Rated backs him into a corner. The ref is giving the count, but X-Rated is not letting go. The ref slides in and X-Rated with a cheap shot! Oh I think HellFighter got the best of him and now X-Rated is working off his last nerve.

MP: Stick it to him baby yeah!

BS: Back to the center of the ring and they lock up again, but X-Rated slips in a knee to the gut. X-Rated grabs him by the arm and throws him into the ropes and on the way back HellFighter is met with a standing dropkick right to the chin!

MP: Oh he'll be going to the dentist in the morning after that one. Maybe I should tell him to go to mine. He did wonders on my teeth. (smiles towards Sanders) See?

BS: Please I just ate. Back to the action. HellFighter is down on the canvas and X-Rated comes off the ropes and does a running leg drop right on his neck! I don't know if he can continue. And X-Rated gets behind HellRaiser, grabs the chin from behind, applies preasure to the back of his neck with his knee and just keeps pulling back. MY GOD listen to the pain coming from that man!

MP: Reminds me of a tune. The sounds I was making when I was with those three tarts the other night...

BS: May I remind you that this is a family show.

MP: ....at the Karokee sing along. I can't sing. What were you thinking?

BS: Um..nothing.

MP: Oh behave.

BS: The ref is in the face of HellFighter asking if he wants to give, but he's doing no such thing. God's warrior is not giving up. Not in the slightest! X-Rated realizes that this hold is doing nothing and releases it. He runs into the ropes and plants another running dropkick right into the mush of HellFighter as he was sitting up. And now he's on the second rope and he's jawjackin with the fans.

MP: That's right baby! Celebrate cause you're in control.

BS: He needs to pay attention to his opponent cause you never know. Well he finall turns around and leapes off the second rope leading with his elbow and HELLFIGHTER MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! I told you. Never underestimate your opponent.

MP: You talk about this like you know something.

BS: Hello!? I used to be a wrestler?

MP: Oh yeah. Groovy baby!

BS: And I actually signed that contract. HellFighter into the ropes and he catches X-Rated with a flying clothesline and both men are down. HellFighter used up all his energy to hit that move and it paid off, but he can't get the pin cause he's exausted. And here goes the ref with the count.

MP: They should both just take the power cause the sooner they're done the sooner the Main Event comes along and the Age of Love is here YEAH!

BS: Excuse me, but this is a good match we're calling right now. Well at least I'M calling. X-Rated is up and runs towars the ropes. He attempts a running legdrop, but HellFighter moves out of the way again. Now it's X-Rated on the ground and HellFighter is up and about. He goes to the outside and climbs to the top turnbuckle. FROGSPLASH....but X-Rated MOVES! Oh these two have scouted eachother very well! X-Rated back up and he begins to stomp on HellFighter. Again and again and AGAIN to the back of the head. He may have knocked this man out. X-Rated moves towards his legs and it's a Texas Clover leaf! The ref is asking if HellFighter wants to give, but he keeps shaking his head no! The man has alot of heart!

MP: The man has alot of something and it isn't brains. He should just give and shag another day.

BS: HellFighter is somehow crawling to the ropes. Inch by inch and he finally gets there! The ref tells X-Rated to break the hold and after a four count he finally does. X-Rated just looks down at HellFighter and can't believe it. He's shaking his head and laughing. Oh it's gonna take something big to finish this man off.

MP: Well I guess this is a good match. It's just making my waiting for the Main Event so much more interesting.

BS: Well I'm glad you're happy. X-Rated picks up HellFighter and puts him on the top turnbuckle. He climbs up on top and throws a couple of punches in for good measure. He hooks him up for a superplex, but HellFighter pushes him off and he spashes on the canvas VERY hard. HellFighter is just sitting on the top turnbuckle now trying to catch his breath. X-Rated gets back up clutching his stomach and starts to move towards HellFighter. And HellFighter greets X-Rates's stomach with a foot. Now X-Rated is doubled over in pain. HellFighter reaches out and grabs X-Rated by the head and .... TORNADO DDT! Oh that had to hurt! HellFighter goes for the cover one..two...three!! This one is over! HellFighter is your winner! Oh that was one HELL of a match!

MP: It's over? So soon? And I was gonna get a Crown and Seven.

BS: Maybe you can say hello to Kevin while you're out there. And HellFighter being the sportsmant hat he is helps up X-Rated and shakes his hand. This is great! He holds up both of their arms in victory and the crowd is giving them the applause they deserve. Now that is a true sports.........

[At that moment the lights go out in the arena. Once they come back on two men in black hoods are attacking HellFighter. X-Rated tries to help, but he his thrown outside of the ropes by one of the hooded people.]

MP: Oh what is this? A little bit of action baby yeah!

BS: This is total Bull! Now look at them. The two hoods pick up HellFighter and .... a DOUBLE POWERBOMB! Oh my GOD! As HellFighter is laying in the middle of the ring the two hoods seem to be laughing at him.

MP: Look they're taking off their hoods!

BS: What the? Angelus and Sephiroth? I thought they quit the federation? Oh what is this all about! Now Angelus is over HellFighter and is yelling at him. He picks him back up and ..... ANGEL'S TOUCH! He just hit him with his finisher! What did HellFighter do to deserve this.

MP: Maybe it was all that preaching. Different people follow different religions.

BS: HellFighter has the freedom of speech and he can say whatever he wants! Sephiroth goes out of the ring and brings in a chair and comes crashing down on the back of HellFighter's head. Now he drops the chair on the canvas and picks HellFighter up. SUPER NOVA!!! Now HE does HIS finishing manauver on him!

MP: He did it for the PPV! Get it? SuperNova.....his finisher Super Nova?

BS: Gee you're smart. Wait a second Angelus has a mic in his hand. This should be good.

Angelus: Mechanical Animals are back! Styles isn't here but we'll see about getting him back, don't you worry. This was just a warning to everyone here in the MWC that we've had enough of people just sitting on their asses and getting titles and title shots! That means you Bryan Blair! It's time MWC got new and fresh guys a chance to win in this corporate fed! Hellfighter was the first casualty, but he sure won't be the last!

(Angelus hands Sephiroth the mic)

Sephiroth: And Hellfighter, if you still want me in a match then you've got it!

(Angelus and Sephiroth continue attacking Hellfighter until other refs and MWC officials hit the ring. Angelus and Sephiroth quickly slide out of the ring and walk towards the back laughing the whole time.)

Winner 'Hellfighter' Michael Patrick Shultze via Disqualification


BS: That was uncalled for. HellFighter is a rookie in this league and he didn't deserve what he just got.

MP: That's the life you get when you're in this businees. You knew that didn't you?

BS: Yes I did, but I never agreed with it. The officials are attending to HellFighter and it looks like he'll need some help getting out of the ring. They pick him up and he walks back holding onto the refs while the audience gives a a standing ovation! One, I think, is well deserved. Well before we get back to our next match I'm being told that our new reporter and sometimes commentator Victoria McCave and she tracked down Kevin Powers.

MP: Now that bird has some legs on her. What I would give to shag her!

BS: That's a co-worker you know.


BS: God help me. Take it away Vickie.

VM: Thanks Brett. I'm here with Kevin Powers and ..... really. Are you even able to be interviewed?

KP: Look here baby. Just sit your pretty little fanny down here next to me and we'll talk about how you can interview (looks down) my good side.

VM: Oh be still my heart. The main question is what exactly are you doing at the Pay Per View? It was made clear that Vice President Erik Zieba put you on a forced vacation so that you can fix the problems in your life.......Kevin.

KP: (looking at her chest) Yeah?

VM: (lifts his chin so that he is looking at her face) My eyes are right here.

KP: Oh. Hey I'm still paying attention.

VM: O.K. what did I say then?

KP: You were talking about how you wanted to go on an exotic vaction with Good God and find out what is his true hidden secret talent.

VM: You just don't GET IT do you? You're not even supposed to be here.

KP: Hey I bought a ticket right before I went to the liquior store! The Vice Pissant can say what he wants but NO ONE can keep Good God out of a Pay Per View. I'm the money maker here and (looks at Vickie's Chest again) now looking I see I'm not the only money maker here.

VM: You're making me sick.

KP: O.K. I'll stop, but answer me one question baby.

VM: (disgusted) What?

KP: When you go home tonight and you take your clothes off and slip into your favorite nightie, or maybe you sleep naked, can you do Good God a favor and roll up your clothes and throw them to the end of your bed? I've got this mental image in my mind of what it would look like and if you could just take a picture of it....oh HELL I'll just take you home with me!

VM: You're making me sick. You need to sober up that's what you need to do!

KP: HELL NO! I'm out of here toots! Where's the beer garden at? Good God's buying!

VM: (watches him walk away) Please guys never again let me do an interview like that. It's such a waste to see that man in the condition he is in. He needs help. Back to you two at ringside.

BS: That's a shame.

MP: Yeah. She should be sitting here with me so that we can talk about some serious shagging after the show!

BS: My first day on the job and I already need a pay raise! We'll be right back with the next matchup between Commando vs. Sultan Rafique Bengal.

[A promo shows on the TV Screen promoting the MWC Website. Meet all the stars of the MWC and read what is currently going on behind the sceens.]


Sultan Rafique Bengal vs Commando w/Casey Taylor

(Cue Up: Turkish National Anthem.)

MB: Being led to the ring by Bobby Hart, hailing from Istanbul, Turkey, standing at 6'4", 249 lbs. Here is Sultan Rafique Bengal!

(Sultan comes to the ring to a moderate crowd cheer, slapping hands and dancing all around as he goes.)

MB: And his opponent....

(Cue Up: Welcome to the Jungle.)

MB: Hailing from Fort Bragg, North Carolina....weighing 268lbs and standing 6' 8" tall..... Here is Commando...

(Commando comes down to ring being led by Casey Taylor carrying a bag of weapons, to cheers with a hint of boos.)

MP: It seems no flashy entrance for commando, guess they all can't be like me!

BS: Here we go with another blood curdling match with Commando..

(Suddenly Turn The Page by Metallica erupts, and the crowd goes wild as President Harders walks down the aisle, Microphone in hand. He stops mid aisle.)

RH: Nick, Listen to me real good now. If Commando uses any weapons, any interferrence by his buddies, anything other than straight wrestling, you disqualify his a**.

(Big Nick nods, and Harders turns and leaves as Commando just stares at Harders the whole way. Big Nick rings the bell.)

BS: Sultan with a quick roll up....1....kick out.

MP: What was that bird thinking?

BS: Hey, a quick pinfall would look great on this rookie's record.

MP: Commando looks a little hot headed.

BS: I would be too, Commando turns around and clocks Sultan with a powerful lariat.

MP: Oh, Sultan down, and writhing baby!

BS: Commando picks up, and drops Sultan again with a ddt.

MP: This is just punishment baby!

BS: Commando off the ropes with a leg drop across the back of the head of Sultan.

MP: Commando picks up Sultan, sends him into the ropes. Backdrop....No! Sidekick by Sultan! Yeah Baby!

BS: Sultan follows nicely with a swinging neckbreaker into a boston crab.

MP: Is that a bit of jealousy I see on Commado's face baby?

BS: What are you talking about?

MP: Well, he has got to be royally ticked if he was bested by Harders and all that power. Right baby?

BS: I guess you can look at things that way... Oh, Commando pulled the leg of the Sultan back, breaking the hold. Sultan gets up quickly, only to be met with a standing side kick.

MP: Sultan isn't bugging, what a tough cat.

BS: Commado then wraps him up and delivers an overhead belly to belly, half nelson suplex.

MP: That put that cat out.

BS: Commando not fooling around, picks up Sultan and delivers the nose dive. Big Nick counts the pin....1....2......3!

Winner: Commando


MP: Thank god baby, let's get to Vizzy!

BS: I think that that was Commando sending a message to President Harders, he isn't going to take his crap.

MP; Well, he is the one who signs the checks.

BS: Whatever, let's just get to the next match, the X's vs the Skeleton Smashers.

MP: Oh, this one should be interesting.


(Cut to: Inside President Harders' office, where Harders and Mrs. Beyer sit behind a desk and VP Erik Zieba sits infront of the desk. All are slamming back drinks with the exception of the pregnant Mrs. Beyer.)


EZ: What?

RH: Let's make sure our little Lockey knows exactly what he is doing when the card is over.

EZ: What was it again?

RH: Make sure his dumb a** scrubs down the mat, disassembles the ring, loads the trucks and takes the ring to headquarters.

EZ: Ahh yes, let's toast to that!

(Erik Zieba and Harders raise there glasses in the air, and take big swigs.)

(Camera focuses back in on Brett Sanders.)

BS: Well we're ready for our next match which will be a return contest from the last HTO. Recently both teams have been rather quiet and.....

MP: They're just training baby. Geting ready for the action!

BS: I hope you're right. Let's go to the Mark Bravo in the ring.


X's vs the Skeleton Smashers

MB: Our next contest will be for one fall and there will be a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, Xtra and Xtreme, they are X's!

[Xtra and Xtreme come down the aisle, but there isn't much fan reaction there for them.]

MB: And their opponents. Here is Skullsmasher and Bonecrusher. They are The Skeletion Smashers!!!

[Skullsmasher and Bonecrusher come out and are met by the same quiet reaction.]

BS: Well this match is officially on its way and both teams look like they don't wanna be here.

MP: Well kick them out of the ring! Bring on the Main Event and the Age of Love!

BS: Well Boneruncher is in and he lunges for Xtreme, but he moves out of the way and he falls on his face. He's back up and Xtreme throws a standing drop kick his way, but Bonecruncher brushes it off and Xtreme falls to his face. Both men just look at eachother and they go to take in their respective partners. Skullsmasher and Xtra stare eachother down and go to the opposite ropes. Clash in the center and neither man goes down. Again off the ropes and the same result happens again. Listen to these fans booing these two teams.

MP: Are they even here?

BS: Who?

MP: The fans! I thought it was intermission myself.

BS: Well it should be. Now it's a test of strength from the two and neither is budging one bit. Oh this is too much. I've seen stand offs before, but this is unreal! Wait a minute! Someone is coming out from the lockroom area. It's Simply Stunning and they've got Steel Chairs by their side!

MP: Finally a team I can respect. From my motherland of jolly old England!

BS: Well they just slid into the ring and it's a CHAIRFEST! They're swinging those chairs and connecting on every shot!

MP: Get'em out of the ring boys!

BS: Well they have just cleared the ring and Michael Hardy is asking for the mic.

No Contest


(Michael Hardy picks up the mic and gestures to the crowd to let him speak.)

MH: I know we were not supposed to wrestle tonight, but when Simon and myself saw the pitiful display of tag team wrestling these 'teams' were serving up to the great fans of the MWC we had to come down and show them how to entertain and jack up a crowd.

(Crowd starts to cheer.)

SW: We know you people love to see great wrestling and lets face it these four losers were an embarrassment, so if you want to see some "Simply Stunning" tag team wrestling, make a little noise in the house tonight.

(Again the crowd cheers.)

SW: That's what we thought, so right now we openly challenge any tag team or combination of singles wrestlers to any type of tag match at the next card. That way we know the fans of the MWC will see some quality tag team wrestling.

MH: Now that we have 'introduced' ourselves to the tag team ranks, let the card continue because there is plenty more great action to see, now that this pitiful excuse for a match has ended somewhat abruptly. Fans , if you like what you're going to see, let me hear you one more time, thank you and good night.

(With that "Simply Stunning" leave to the crowds cheers and make their way up the aisle.)

BS: Well ususally I can't agree with actions like that, but those two teams brought it on and they deserved it!

MP: Did you see my boys work out there? They were 'smashing'!!

BS: I had to say something didn't I? We're gonna take a brake folks so take a look at what's coming up next from MWC!

(Cut to Mark Bavaro in the ring.)



ExE vs Justin Sane

MB: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall, with the one fall occuring anywhere in this building. Introducing first, here is E.....x.....E!

(ExE comes out to his music, he doesn't make it ten feet before Justin Sane comes from behind the curtain and levels him. The bell rings, indictaing the start of the match.)

BS: Jesus, what a way for ExE to get started?

MP: Yeah, I mean like thrown off the ramp right into a table that is sitting 6 feet below you, then crushing your noggin on the guardrail infront the rowdy fans.

BS: Umm.....yeah sure. Anyways, Justin goes to town on ExE, first into the concrete with a piledriver , then he drags him up and slams him back down with a powerbomb.

MP: Can someone please get the medics ready for this poor bird over here?

BS: Justin with a moonsault off of the guardrail.

MP: Jesus, I think ExE's ribs are crushed, groovy.

BS: That is just sick man, sick.

MP: It may be sick, but it is what sells. Gotta love the 90's.

BS: Anywhos, Justin has got ExE up, ouch! Tombstone, right onto the concrete.

MP: I think the bird's brain is leaking.

BS: Blood on the concrete, and ExE isn't moving. Not even one twitch.

MP: Justin goes for the mercy pin, 1......2......3!

MB: Your winner, Justin Sane!

Winner: Justin Sane


(Crowd is in awe as medics rush to ExE's aid and place him in a gourny. Cut to: HTO Promo)

BS: Well it's the time we've been waiting for...

MP: The Age of Love YEAH!

BS: Not that match! Next up it's Eddie Dean vs Crippler Cruise with Mercedes.

MP: Oh they'll be a tart in the house? I love it already.

BS: Take it away Mark.



'The Extremist' Eddie Dean vs 'Crippler' Cameron Cruise w/Mercedes Devon

MB: The next contest in MWC will be for the Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first...

[The arena goes dark and once again we hear someone on the microphone say "HIT THE MUSIC!" and "Crippler" Cameron Cruise's music comes on. Spotlights light up the curtain as Mercedes Devon comes out, dressed in an evening gown, followed by Crippler, arm in arm, dressed in wrestling tights with a towel over his shoulder. Reaching the ring Cameron drops to one knee and holds his arms out, presenting himself with Mercedes behind him. As this happens, pyro fireworks go off in the ring behind them]

MB: Being lead to the ring by Mercedes Devon. He is 'Crippler' Cameron Cruise! And his opponent...

(The lights in the arena go off as "Bombtrack" by Rage Against the Machine begins to play as the crowd hushes to the steady bass line. The drums are soon added, as the beat gets more intense, working up to a cymbal crash to which fireworks explode, and "The Extremist" Eddie Dean emerges from the curtain at the top of the ramp. He takes a second to gaze out into all of the fans that have gathered for this event before continuing down the path, which is lit up by various flickering figures of the word 'eXtreMisT.' Along with his usual attire of a pair of goggles, a set of breathe rights, and two streaks of red face paint running down both sides of his face, he has dyed his hair jet black and spiked it. Dean is wearing a long black trenchcoat and is carrying a trashcan in one hand, as he works the crowd to excitement. The crowd warms up for Dean and on the LockeTron his music video featuring match clips and movie stunts play for all to see. As the cymbals crash again, Dean throws his trashcan into the ring. He enters the ring with strobe lights. He seems to be enjoying himself, bouncing back and forth from each set of ropes. At the next cymbal crash, Dean leaps on to the second rope and starts running his hands along his waste to indicate he's there for a belt. After a few seconds, he does a backflip and lands gracefully on his feet. As the music dies down and the lights come back on, Eddie Dean lets out an "Ohhhyeahhhbabyyyy!" and arouses the crowd once more. A good portion of the fans is clearly behind this former BTR superstar for now. "The Extremist" then takes off his trenchcoat to reveal the neon green tights that he is wearing along with the MWC IC belt. He sets the trashcan outside of the ring by his corner, and gets to it.)

MB: He is the CURRENT Intercontinental Champion Ladies and gentlemen he is 'The Extremist' Eddie Dean!

BS: Well tongiht can either be glorybound for Cruise or just another nigth on the job for Dean. What do you think Mike?

MP: You're asking me?

BS: Yes I really wanna know this time.

MP: Well honestly....

BS: Oops the match started...

MP: Square!

BS: And these two just start off with a bang! Haymakers flying everywhere! One from Cruise and one from Dean. And it looks like Cruise is gonna get the upper hand in this one! He's backing Dean into the ropes and he is just laying into the Intercontinental champ! Cruise has Dean by the arm and whips him into the far side of the ropes. He tries for a clothesline, but Dean duckes. Off the ropes Cruise bends down and Dean leapfrogs oer Cruise. Off the ropes again and Cruise tries one of those haymakers, but Dean does a baseball slide in-between his legs. Cruise turns around is is met with a foot to the midsection and a IMPACT DDT! Well if that didn't get Cruise's attention then nothing will! Cruise is on the ground in a daze while Dean goes to the top rope. Of the rope and it's a Guillotine legdrop right on the man's neck! Well the IC champ hasn't lost a step.

MP: Excuse me Ms. Devon....Ms. Devon.

BS: She can't hear you Mike.

MP: Can't blame a swinger for trying.

BS: (laughing) You're killing me! Back to the action and since the opening of the match Dean has had his way with Cruise. Dean throws Cruise into the ropes again and Cruise ducks a clothesline. Cruise goes to one side of the ropes while Dean goes to the other side and..WHAT THE?? Mercedes just nailed Dean with the lid from his own trashcan. Dean cringes in pain and is met by a oncoming Cruise with a clothesline over the top rope! They both come crashing down to ringside. Cruise is the first one to his feet and he reaches for the other part of the garbage can and smashes Dean from behind. Did this just turn into a no DQ match or something?

MP: Ya gotta love it baby yeah! Everyone pulling out all the stops!

BS: And Cruise cracks him with that can again and down goes Dean. Cruise tosses the can to the side and whips Dean into the steel ringpost. WOW. You could hear that thud sound all the way here.

MP: Ms. Devon (finally gets her attention) YOU LOOK SMASHING BABY YEAH! (she smiles back) Oh yeah. She wants to shag me!

BS: How do you live with yourself?

MP: Lots of swinging and lots of shagging.

BS: Are you for real? Anyways. Cruise finally tosses Dean back into the ring and bodyslams him for good measure. He's going to the outside of the ring and heading towards the top rope. What is Cruise thinking now? He jumps off for a moonsault, but NO ONE'S THERE! Dean moved out just in the nick of time. He crawls over and turns over Cruise and tries for a three count. NO only two! Dean is the first one up. He picks up Cruise and whips him into the ring corner and he runs to one side of the ropes. Cruise comes bouncing out and Dean catches him. RUNNING BULLDOG! He goes for a cover...NO only a two count! Dean whips Cruise into the ropes again and ... There's a sleeper!!! Oh this could be it!

MP: He's gonna pass out during the party? What a square!

BS: Well it's not by his choice

MP: If he was a swinger he wouldn't be in that move!

BS: Do you do anything else besides swing or shag?

MP: Hmmm...nope. That's about it baby yeah!

BS: Well.....it looks like Cruise is about to fade out. The ref holds up his arm for one...two....th-NO! There is still life in Crusie! He raps his arms around the back of Dean's head and JAWBREAKER! Oh that's gotta hurt! Cruise picks up Dean and hooks him up for a running powerbomb. Now Dean might be out of it. Cruise is going to the top and he might try to finish him off now. He's leading with his head for a flying headbutt, but he is met by Dean into a FACE FIRST SLAM!!! OH MY GOD how did he catch him!!! And here's the rollup...ONE TWO THREE!!!! Eddie Dean is STILL your Intercontinental Champion!!

Winner and still MWC Intercontinental Champion

'The Extremist' Eddie Dean



BS: Who's her....OH GOOD GOD what is HE doing here?

[From out of the lockeroom area 'Good God' Kevin Powers, with drink in hand, makes his way out towards the ring. He stumbles in and calls for a mic.]

KP: O.K. you two it's time for you to leave. Good God is on the mic and I don't need you here. You're crampin my style!

[Dean leaves the ring while Devon helps Cruise back to his feet and they follow suit.]

KP: GOOD GOD IS IN...DA... RING!!!! How's everyone doin tonight? Everyone got that nice cold beverage they wanted for tonight?

(crowd cheers)

KP: That's what I'm talkin about! Ain't no party like a Good God Party cause a Good God Party don't stop. Well let's get this party going so VP EZ if you're in the back, and I know you are, bring your Corporate ASS OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!

[Turn the Page by Metallica starts up as Vice President Erik Zieba makes his way down to ringside. He gets in the ring and pulls out a microphone from inside his suit.]

EZ: You know Kevin. I could've SWORE I put you on vacation. What are you doing here?

KP: Just one thing. You can't tell me to do anything! I'm part of The Elite in the MWC! Locke LOVES me cause I'm Da Man! And you can't hold a candle to him or me so stuff it little boy cause you ain't nothing to Good God.

EZ: First of all, and it's most important, when you address me you make DAMN sure that there is some respect in your voice since I'M the one that pays your salary and I'm the one that HOLDS YOUR CONTRACT!

KP: What are you gonna do? Tear it up? You can't do it and you know it!

EZ: This is true. Locke Jr. knew exactly what he was doing and there is no way I can fire you from MWC, but I can do plenty other things.

KP: What are you gonna do? Good God is the one that puts people in those seats. Good God is the money maker in this business! What are you gonna do (reaches for his tie and flicks it) little boy?

EZ: Well I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do. First of all you are having some SERIOUS problems in your life right now. With Gina, Susan, and this recent drinking spree you're on. The FIRST thing I'm gonna do is force you to go to some meetings cause you need professional help big man.

KP: You can't do that! I just won't go!

EZ: Then you would be breaking your contract and I know you wouldn't want that now would you? In your contract it states in one of those 'sub-paragrahps' that if the management, that's me, needs to they can send wrestlers to doctors. And where I'm sending you there are PLENTY doctors! Second you will not wrestler at another MWC card until you have proven to me and President Harders that you are capabile of continuing your life clean and sober not drunk and stupid!

KP: Wha...

EZ: I'm not done yet. Finally since you seem to have all of this cash flow and after reading this little contract. Guess what else I can do. Since I, the management, told you, the worker, to go on a vacation, a lawful order, and you didn't, disobeying, I have NO CHOICE but to SUSPEND YOU WITHOUT PAY!


EZ: Guess what hot stuff...I just did, but don't worry because where you're going you won't need cash. Now we can either do this the simple way or the hard way. It's your choice.

KP: NO. I'm not leaving.

EZ: I thought you would choose this route. That's why I've got security to escort you out of here, by force if necessary, and into the vehicle that is waiting for you outside.

KP: You SON-OF-A.....

[Powers makes a move towards Zieba, but he sidesteps him and Powers bounces off the ropes. Before Powers can make another move towards the VP security has hit the ring and they are on top of Powers. After a few minutes security gets off of Powers and reveals he is now in handcuffs. Powers tries to fight, but the chains ain't movin and soon Powers is escorted out of the ring and into the backstage area where a ambulance is waiting for him.]

KP: Where are you taking me?

EZ: You're going to detox for your own good Kevin!

KP: I'll get you for this!

EZ: You'll thank me first. Take him out boys!

[They load Powers onto the ambulance and soon takes off.]

BS: Can you believe that? Powers is now suspended from MWC and is FORCED to see medical help!

MP: He just wanted to party baby. Is that such a crime?

BS: Powers took it to the next deadly level, but we'll try to keep you informed on this and other breaking situations. Coming up next is the much hyped battle between The Lunar Express and The Casanova Clique. That match is NEXT right here on MWC....it's SuperNova Time!



BS: Well we're back folks and we're being joined by our new report slash color commentator Victoria McCave. Welcome to the table Vickie.

VM: It's great to be here Brett...well almost. Mike what exactly are you looking at?

MP: (looking down at her legs) My God baby how long are they?

VM: I have long legs...so?

MP: I just have this idea on climbing a mountian all of a sudden. Vickie can I ask you a question?

VM: Sure what is it?


VM: You cheap rip-off wanna-be!

BS: O.K. kids settle down. Our next match is coming up and it promises to be one HELL of a match. On one side you have The Lunar Express, Galatic Grant and Stellar Stan, lead by William H Bradley III. They have been the tag champs before and after a heartbreaking loss they're back on the road to the gold.

VM: That's right Brett. Both of these tag teams look like they are in the best condition of their lives! Granted The Casanova Clique look impressive I really don't think they've been to the mountain before. The Lunar Express have and they look hungry to go there once more.

BS: On the other side of the ring you have The Casanova Clique which is comprised of Chip Allthat and Dale Johnson. Even though they haven't wrestled a match in MWC thus far they look VERY impressive!

VM: This is true Brett, but like I said Chip and Dale just don't look ready. If I was to pick I would have to go with The Lunar Express.

MP: Oh don't be a square baby! Those Chipmunks look ready go to the top. SHAGADELIC!

VM: Chipmunks? You're making me sick I swear!

MP: Do you wanna shag?

VM: NO!!!

BS: Anyway lets go to Mark Bravo for the introductions.


The Casanova Clique vs The Lunar Express w/William H. Bradley III

MB: This match is for one fall with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first. Making their debut into the MWC here is Chip Allthat and Dale Johnson....THE CASANOVA CLIQUE!!!

<"Hot Lava" by Perry Farrell and D.V.D.A. begins to play as Chip Allthat and Dale Johnson emerge from behind the curtain. Chip is wearing a purple singlet with "Casanova Clique" printed in white script on the back, and white calf-length boots. Dale is wearing long white tights with "Casanova Clique" printed in purple script on the rear, and purple calf-length boots. Both men wear pairs of Oakey sunglasses as well. Chip has a microphone and he begins speaking as they walk down the aisle.>

CA: That's right! Casanova Clique in the house! In just a few minutes, the world will know that we mean business and that the new team in town is a force to be reckoned with!

CA: Cut the music!

CA: Now I know all you ladies are dying to get your hands on us, and you will get your chance, but first I wanna talk to my all my dawgs in the house! Where my fellas at!? Huh!?

CA: All right, all right. You guys can pretend you hate us while your women dream about us. But ladies, here's a treat for you! Dale...let's show show 'em what they came to see!

BS: He's crawling in the right direction and he's almost there. Grant finally realizes what happened and he's trying to stop the tag, but it's too late cause CHIP IS IN THE HOUSE! Stan is down still reeling from that second rope spear and cannot help his partner. Grant into the ropes and he goes into the arms of Chip....Reverse atomic drop! He picks him back up...ANOTHER ONE! Now it's Chip into the ropes and he comes off with a flying dropkick! He goes for the cover.....but he's pulled off by Stan. What a stroke of luck there cause LE almost lost it.

VM: The Clique is on the comeback trail! I might have been wrong about them after all.

BS: And now Dale is back in he he's backed up Grant into the corner while Chip is with Stan in the other. Here comes the fist to the head! Again and again with the shots. And what's this. A hip thrust into their faces! They both jump down and whip LE towards eachother. Grant leapfrogs Stan and they meet The Clique with clotheslines. This match has been back and forth!

MP: Have I ever told you about....

VM: Shhutt!

MP: But I...

VM: Shhutt!

MP: Oh baby....

VM: And behind door number two there is a whole bunch of Shhutt waiting for you.

MP: Oh behave!

BS: You guys are too much! Grant goes to pick up Chip and ....LOW BLOW!!

MP: Must've been that trick elbow of his.

BS: Must have been. Now Chip is throwing punches into Grant next to the ropes and Grant is returning the favor. Back and forth! On the other end Dale and Stan have been doing the same thing. Stan now has Dale and is about to whip him into Chip and Grant....REVERSAL! And Grant comes crashing into Chip and Stan and they both fall to the outside of the ring. Grant is holding his head and trying to regain his composiure, but Dale is gonna take full advantage of this opening. Dale of the ropes and....HE CAUGHT HIM!!! He got him with a jumping neckbreaker! This could be it! One two.....NO!!! How the HELL did he kick out of that? Grant is trying to make his way back into the ring, but is dragged about by Chip and a quick clothesline! Chip picks him back up and whips him into the ringstairs. Grant is out! Meanwhile Dale and Stan are still slugging it out in the ring. Dale with the upper hand. Whips Grant into the ropes, ducks a clothesline and delievers a clothesline to a unsuspecting Chip!

VM: That's what happens when your mind isn't in the game.

MP: Oh baby my mind is all on your game. Wanna play twister?

VM: I think not.

BS: Chip is back on the outside and Stan is quick to attack! Meanwhile Grant is watching what is going on outside of the ring and isn't paying attention to Dale. Dale off the ropes while Grant finally turns around and .... SPEAR!!!! Dale goes for the cover and this could be it!! ONE TWO THREE!!!! The Casanova Clique pull off the upset, but it's not over yet!

Winner: The Casanova Clique


VM: I'm amazed I didn't think they had it in them.

MP: Oh .....

VM: Don't you even think it!

BS: Dale on the outside and he's helping out his partner attack Stan. Grant is finally back up and realizes what is going on. He runs to the opposite side of the ropes, he jumps and a FLYING CROSS BODY BLOCK on The Casanova Clique!!! And these four are continuing the fight on the outside of the ring! Other refs and officials are trying to pull them apart, but they're not giving a inch! Oh I think we've just seen the creation of a war here folks!

VM: But it's CC with the win and with that they would have to be considered contenders for the World Tag Title.

BS: Well we'll have to see. As they try to seperate the wrestlers let me just say thank you for doing some commentary with us Vickie and I hope that we can see you again soon.

VM: It was my pleasure, but next time can you keep your pet on a leash?


BS: Good luck on that. Coming up folks it's time for the big one. The MAIN EVENT COMING NEXT!!!

MP: Yeah baby, here comes Vizz to victory....smashing!




'The Mastero' Bryan Blair w/Contessa vs 'Daredevil' Mark Vizzack w/Sunshine vs 'Hurricane' Eddy Love w/Sweet Melissa

MB: Now is the time that we all have been waiting for...The triangle match for the World Heavy Weight Championship. It is every man for themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to wrestle!

(Cue up: Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love")

MB: Here comes the first challenger, hailing from what we know as the Love Boat, and being accompanied to the ring by Sweet Melissa....Here is Eddy Love!

(The lights go off in the arena. Ceiling fans kick on to give the feeling of wind blowing through the arena as the loud speakers begin to blare the sounds of high winds. Lightening begins flashing around the arena as thunder roars over the top of the wind. Cue Up "Whole Lotta Love" by Led Zeppelin as the wind fades and out from behind the backstage curtain pops Sweet Melissa dressed in solid black short sun dress. She turns facing the curtain holding her arms together while pointing as "Hurricane" Eddy Love comes through the curtain with his hair sprayed to perfection. Love is wearing a T-shirt that reads "I Break It, You Bought It" on the front and "what's not to LOVE about Hurricane Eddy" on the back. They come down the aisle and Melissa holds the ropes open while Eddy enters the ring, pulls the top rope then jogs to the other side of the ring and tugs on the other rope.)

BS: That is the most cocky individual I have ever seen, besides you.

MP: Who me? C'mon baby, you know I am smashing and I know you wanna shag me.

BS: Get outta here.

MB: The next challenger, who has had success everywhere he has been, and been hindered by the MWC, here is the Daredevil...Mark....Vizzack!

(Cue Up:"Smoke On the Water" - Deep Purple. The lights dim... and the crowd soars. There's no movement as of yet from the curtains... until the guitars KICK IN and fireworks explode ALL around the ring entrance... and two of the 'Forbidden' ones emerge. "Daredevil" Mark Vizzack, looking somewhat more haggard after 2 HARD matches this night, wears "BTR DAREDEVIL" tights, black boots, and a leather jacket. His hair, sprayed and dripping with water, is pulled into a short ponytail behind his head. Next to him is the incomparable Sunshine Del Payne. Her traditional pre-event shopping trip with Steve Radder's manager, Kelly. A small amount of makeup is on her face, as is a rather large smile. They do well to cover... Cover, not hide, the emissions of sadness that her eyes continue to project.They begin their slow walk to the ring, shaking/slapping the hands of any fans who were able to get close enough.)

MP: What a guy, very groovy.

BS: Probably the favorite of the evening.

MP: Oh, Blair is going down baby, yeah!

MB: Coming down the aisle, the MWC World Heavy Weight Champion, Here is Bryan Blair!

["Fireworks music" by Handel cued up as the lights go out again. A clear, white spotlight hits the curtain and out walks 'The Maestro' Bryan Blair. He is wearing proudly, the MWC World Heavyweight Championship. He walks through the curtain and as he makes his way down the aisle, a lighting cel throws music notes in various colors in the aisle for him to walk through. He climbs into the ring and then moves to the center of the ring, bowes low in that aristocratic way and up from the 4 corner posts shoots fireworks. The crowd responds in full. ]

MP: What a shagadelic opening for all three men.

BS: You ready for this action to start or what?

(bell rings)

BS: Well, things start off with Vizzack delivering a cross body block off the ropes onto Blair.

MP: Love grabs Vizz from behind, ddt.

BS: Blair up, and lays a drop kick on Love's head as he was still down with Vizzack. Blair, picks up Vizzack, shorrt arm clothesline.

MP: C'mon Vizz, you groovy guy, you.

BS: Love, planted by Blair with a side suplex. Then Blair turns his attention to Vizzack. He begins a series of punches.

MP: Vizz looks a little groggy.....what's this, yeah baby!

BS: Vizzack hitting back, right in the gut of Blair.

MP: Yeah Baby!

BS: Vizzack gaining the upper hand, off the ropes, russian leg sweep. Love gets up behind him and slaps on a sleeperhold.

MP: Vizzack with a jaw breaker leaving Eddy holding his mouth in the corner and whinning to Sweet Melissa, very shagadelic.

BS: Blair up, drop kick onto Vizzack. Vizzack, aided to his feet, sent into the ropes and comes off the second rope with a huricarana to Blair.

MP: Very groovy move baby.

BS: That Hurricarana sent Blair out to the floor, Vizzack goes after Love....Tornado DDT!

MP: Gotta Love Love being out cold.

BS: Shut up already, Vizzack goes after Blair on the outside.

MP: No baby, pin Love, he is done.

BS: Vizzack picks up Blair and sends him into the guardrail....not once...not twice....but three times.

MP: Oh, Vizz is a man on a mission. Groovy baby!

BS: Vizzack picks up Blair and drops him with a side suplex on the concrete.

(Just then....Eddie Dean comes from the back with a steel chair and nails Vizzack four times with the cahir.)

MP: What the hell is this? Dean just went square on Vizz?

BS: Dean has just nailed Vizzack, not once but four times, knocking the man unconscious.

MP: What the hell, the whole time, Big Nick is checking out sweet Melissa?

BS: Oh my, Dean is rolling Vizzack in the ring.

MP: No!!!!!!!

BS:Love drapes his arm across Vizzack. Big Nick turns around at the request of Melissa and counts...1.....2.....3!

MP: No!!!!!!!!

BS: This is a travesty, Love has just won the title!

(Eddie Dean makes it over to Blair as Love's music blasts. Eddy is starting to celebrate with the title in hand as the music is cut short. Cue up: Turn the Page by Metallica. President Harders and VP Erik Zieba walk down to the top of the aisleway. Zieba with mic in hand.)

EZ: Oh HELL NO!!!! This match is NOT gonna end like this. We were watching in the back and Dean, no matter what you may think, you are not apart of this match. Therefore it is in OUR best intrest that this match CONTINUES!!!!

(Love is on the ropes and can't believe what he has just heard. He starts yelling at VP Zieba and President Harders, and they both just smile at him. Vizz gets up behind him and rolls him up 1......2......3.....)

Winner and NEW MWC World Heavyweight Champion

'The Daredevil' Mark Vizzack


BS: Oh my folks, we have another new champion, all thanks to the new front office!

MP: Very Groovy Baby!

(Then Dean and Blair go wild and start to attack Vizzack from behind. They continue to beat on Vizzack with the aid of Love, until Lunar Express come down to ringside. Upon entering the ring, Love, Blair, Dean, and Lunar Express begin to stare each other down as LE helps up Vizzack.)

BS: Oh my, at least someone helped Vizzack out.

(Just then, as Vizzack gets to his feet, LE plants him.)

MP: This isn't groovy at all. LE has just turned on Vizzack.

BS: Someone get down here, it is 5 on one.

(Security comes running down to ringside and begin to break things up, VP Erik Zieba and President Harders come strolling out slowly behind them.)

MP: Finally, Yeah baby, help'em out!

(This goes on for about two minutes until the screen goes blank.)


(After the card, Little Locke is shown mopping the ring apron off as there is no one around him except for one rather large man.)

LL: Can I take a break here?

BM: No, President Harders wants us out of here in 2 hours. No get to work!

(Little Locke is shown mumbling under his breath as he continues to work.)
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